Mr. Qin, Your Mute Wife is a Full-Level Bigshot

Chapter 318 - Chapter 318: Double Standard Dog

Chapter 318: Double Standard Dog

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Gu Junyi was also the school hunk. However, he was a school tyrant and had always been arrogant and domineering. Everyone only dared to look at him from afar and did not dare to hang out with him.

If he ordered everyone not to say a certain name, no one would dare to utter that name.

Gu Junyi had been acting like a fierce wolf dog just now. After being kicked by Ye Caitang, he immediately became a puppy.

“Caitang, don’t misunderstand. What I’m talking about is love between friends.”

He explained softly as he leaned into Ye Caitang’s ear.

Ye Caitang frowned seriously.

“No, you should like me as an elder.”

Gu Junyi:

It wasn’t easy for his heart of glass to mend. Could she stop hitting him?

When everyone saw the interaction between Ye Caitang and Gu Junyi, they were suddenly dumbfounded and exclaimed,

“It’s over. The school tyrant is blind.”

“Do any of you know any famous ophthalmologist? Hurry up and introduce him to the school tyrant.”

“The school tyrant—this delinquent—is bound for prison in the future. Isn’t he a great match for a bum? It will save him from harming other good women.”

Gu Junyi suddenly cursed angrily,

“F*ck, who the f*ck scolded me?”

Everyone immediately changed their tune perfectly.

“But the school tyrant is really handsome and valiant. It’s really a loss to be with Ye Caitang—this idiot.”

Shi Luoyang looked at Ye Caitang mockingly.

“Ye Caitang, you’re getting increasingly more shameless. How dare you be friends with such a person?” “You’re degrading yourself.”

Ye Caitang snorted in anger.

“Shi Luoyang, in that case, Ye Muxue used to be closer to Gu Junyi and interacted with him frequently.”

“Ye Muxue degraded herself and was shameless earlier, right?”

Shi Luoyang was stunned.

Ye Caitang followed it up immediately,

“Ye Muxue is so depraved and shameless. Don’t you still treat her like a treasure?”

She laughed mockingly.

“I think people like you are the ones who are truly willing to degrade themselves. Disappointing and disgusting.”

Ye Muxue said agitatedly,

“You are spouting nonsense. I’m just a normal friend of Gu Junyi. I didn’t degrade myself. You’re talking rubbish.”

“Oh? Are you saying that your Shi Luoyang is a double standard dog?”

Ye Caitang asked mockingly.

Ye Muxue:

“…” A hint of embarrassment flashed across Shi Luoyang’s face. “Muxue is different from you. She’s innocent and untainted. She…’ Ye Caitang suddenly interrupted Shi Luoyang’s hogwash mockingly.

“Bug off. Every time I see you, I feel disgusted.”

Ye Muxue’s eyes reddened in grievance, and she looked like she was about to cry pitifully.

“Caitang, you…

“Yes, my Caitang is right. The sight of you can make us sick from anger even if we are not sick in the first place.”

Gu Junyi immediately agreed with Ye Caitang and interrupted Ye Muxue. He stood on Ye Caitang’s side and mocked Ye Muxue to his heart’s content.

“P*ss off quickly. Don’t stand here and disgust my Caitang.” Shi Luoyang’s face suddenly turned ashen.

Ye Muxue also felt humiliated. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Luoyang, since my sister is unwilling to go home, I’d better get Second Uncle to look for her personally. Let’s go.”

The onlookers looked at Ye Muxue’s pitiful appearance and started to gossip animatedly without knowing the truth.

“Look at how pitiful Ye Muxue is. She’s so delicate and aggrieved…”

“Look at Ye Caitang. She’s domineering, cold, and fierce.. I seriously suspect…”

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