Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 234 - Chapter 234: Yu Anwan, Come Back to Me!

Chapter 234: Yu Anwan, Come Back to Me!

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“What bet?” Yu Anwan furrowed her brow.

This time, Wen Jin was momentarily puzzled, and then he chuckled in exasperation. “Yu Anwan, so you’ve been playing me all along?”

Yu Anwan thought carefully for a moment and then suddenly realized something.

At the same time, Wen Jin’s phone vibrated. Yu Anwan didn’t attempt to eavesdrop, but Wen Jin’s caller ID was prominently displayed on the screen.

It was Lu Nanxin’s attending doctor.

Yu Anwan maintained her composure, and Wen Jin didn’t hesitate as he quickly answered the call.

Yu Anwan couldn’t hear the conversation, but by observing Wen Jin’s expression, she couldn’t help but sneeze. It seemed that the delicate Lu Nanxin was in an unstable condition. Even when she was stable, Lu Nanxin had a way of making things difficult.

Otherwise, how could it be that every year on New Year’s Eve, Lu Nanxin conveniently fell ill?

Yu Anwan felt that even her menstrual cycle wasn’t as predictable as Lu Nanxin’s illness.

When Wen Jin ended the call, Yu Anwan calmly spoke, “Wen Jin, that’s enough. Although I can’t fathom your motives, there’s nothing you can gain from me.”

Pausing for a moment, Yu Anwan fixed her gaze on Wen Jin. “Wen Jin, don’t treat me like a pawn. I have no interest in becoming a tool in your and Lu Nanxin’s games.”

She looked at Wen Jin seriously and continued, “I want custody of Zhanyan, but I’m not interested in getting entangled with you.”

Wen Jin, maintaining his composure, asked, “Do you think I’m treating you as a pawn?”

“Wen Jin,” Yu Anwan said with a faint smile. “You and Lu Nanxin are manipulating each other. You’re an astute person, so why would you let Lu Nanxin step all over you? Are you using me to balance the situation?” Wen Jin maintained his stoic silence as he gazed at Yu Anwan.

Seeing his lack of response, Yu Anwan smiled and shrugged it off.

Without another word, Yu Anwan exited the car.

As she stepped out, Wen Jin called out to her, “Yu Anwan, come back to me, and

I’ll add the perfume production line.”

“Why do you want me to return to your side, Wen Jin?” Yu Anwan’s expression held a hint of complexity.

“Perhaps I’m unwilling,” Wen Jin replied, his tone straightforward.

Unlike his earlier mixed signals, Wen Jin’s intentions were now unmistakably clear. His gaze was calmer as he looked at Yu Anwan once more.

“As for the other matters, I’ll handle them appropriately, and I won’t put you in a difficult position,” Wen Jin said, enunciating each word.

Yu Anwan was well aware of the “other matters” he mentioned, it was about Lu Nanxin.

While Yu Anwan was genuinely interested in the perfume production line, she simply smiled and calmly declined, “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” Her cold rejection dealt a heavy blow to Wen Jin’s self-esteem.

Wen Jin thought that Yu Anwan might agree, but she got out of the car gracefully, showing no intention of giving in.

Yu Anwan didn’t even spare a glance for Wen Jin.

Without looking back, she walked toward the villa.

Wen Jin’s gaze gradually darkened as he continued to watch Yu Anwan without blinking.

His gaze didn’t convey surrender but rather an unwavering determination.

Meanwhile, the phone on the dashboard continued to vibrate. Wen Jin picked it up, and the doctor’s urgent voice came through, “President Wen, please come over. Miss Lu’s condition is not stable.”

It was not that Lu Nanxin’s condition was unstable, but that he could not control Lu Nanxin at all.

Wen Jin didn’t say anything. He just hummed and hung up the phone. The car drove steadily in the direction of the hospital.

At the same time, in the villa, Yu Anwan naturally saw it.

She stood there quietly and watched. Of course, she knew where Wen Jin had gone.

Then, Yu Anwan smiled silently. If she believed Wen Jin’s words, then she would believe in Wen Jin’s evil.

Yu Anwan didn’t take Wen Jin’s matter to heart.

However, Yu Anwan felt a dull pain in her heart. There was an indescribable pressure and haste.

It was only when Yu Anwan’s phone vibrated that her thoughts were interrupted. She looked at the caller ID. It was Shen Xingyuan. Yu Anwan picked up without saying anything.

“Uncle,” Yu Anwan called out.

Shen Xingyuan did not speak immediately. Shen Xingyuan’s attitude made Yu Anwan quiet down, and an uneasy premonition followed.

“Did something happen?” Yu Anwan asked directly.

It was almost time for the Fragrance Banquet. Shen Xingyuan had already prepared an invitation for Yu Anwan. Yu Anwan only needed to concoct a single finished product and did not need to use a production line. Therefore, with a studio, there was not much of a problem.

However, Shen Xingyuan’s sudden call made Yu Anwan feel a little uneasy. “It’s a little troublesome.” Shen Xingyuan frowned and said, “I received news that the formula that Qingqiu concocted back then has already been leaked. The other party concocted the perfume before you did. Everyone in the industry is full of interest, so it’s not too surprising that this perfume will be the highlight of this year’s banquet.”

A formula that had already been recognized by the industry would shine at the banquet. The rest of the people were just there to make the formula. Shen Xingyuan’s understanding of Han Qingqiu was the reason why he had noticed the perfume the moment it came out.

He found it unbelievable.

Not only Shen Xingyuan, but even Yu Anwan was stunned. “Impossible…Mommy’s formula is with me.”

Yu Anwan had personally taken it out.

Han Qingqiu’s recipe was extremely difficult to concoct unless one was very familiar with Han Qingqiu. But even if one was familiar, if it was not complete, there would be mistakes.

Han Qingqiu didn’t record the last few recipes. He had only told Yu Anwan about them when they were chatting.

Yu Anwan couldn’t guarantee that she would be the same.

Now, Shen Xingyuan’s words naturally shocked Yu Anwan.

“Anwan, I checked before, but I couldn’t find any records. The surveillance cameras from that period were frozen.” Shen Xingyuan sighed. “If that’s the case, you’ll lose when the other party takes the lead without any evidence.”

Yu Anwan knew this.

First impressions were strongest.

Someone had already made this perfume famous in the industry.

Then, when Yu Anwan took it out at the banquet, the person who would be embarrassed would only be Yu Anwan and no one else.

At the thought of this, Yu Anwan’s expression was a little secretive.

There were indeed not many people who dared to provoke her.

Yu Anwan remained calm at the thought of this. After a moment of panic, she gradually calmed down..

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