Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

Chapter 721 - Chapter 721: A Pair of Withered Hands

Chapter 721: A Pair of Withered Hands

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Lucas didn’t believe in such things in the past. There were no ghosts or gods in this world, but now  he believed it. He had no choice but to believe it. He had seen it with his own eyes.

Amelia recited it again. This time, the wind was strong and surrounded her. William was stunned! F*ck! Impressive, awesome! He could actually learn such powerful spells?!

William immediately followed suit. However, other than the sound of insects, there was no sound of wind.

William: ” ” It must be because his tone was wrong when he recited it! These nine words had a certain arrangement pattern. Every word was separated by a few seconds. If the spell took effect according to a certain arrangement pattern, then as long as he calculated the time between Amelia’s words and the time she stopped, infinitely close to the time she took to recite these words, it would definitely be effective!

William calculated in his mind as he recalled Amelia’s expression and actions when she recited the nine-word mantra. Unknowingly, he was left behind. When he looked up, he realized that Amelia and Lucas were already so far away from him. They were climbing the mountain now. The two of them were almost disappearing into the mountain!

“Sister!” William hurriedly wanted to chase after her.

At this moment, a pair of bony hands landed on his shoulder.

William was shocked. He squinted his eyes stiffly and looked out of the corner of his eye. He saw charred and skinny fingers. The nails were all black. He instantly felt his blood run cold and his scalp was about to explode! There was a creaking sound behind him, as if someone was stepping on a tree branch and approaching him. William screamed and closed his eyes as he shouted, “Those who face the battle, march forward in formation! Those who face the battle, march forward in formation!” He shouted as he ran forward!

Suddenly, a hand grabbed him. William’s stomach tightened in fear, and he realized that he was about to pee!

Amelia panted and asked, “Brother William, what are you doing?” Just now, William was muttering behind them. Suddenly, he shouted and rushed forward, causing her and Brother Lucas to chase after him. It was not easy for them to catch up to him. Then, when they turned around, they realized that they had run somewhere. The path that had just gone up the mountain was no longer visible, and Alex and Honest, who were following behind, were gone.

Lucas’s heart tightened. “What do we do now?” he whispered.

Amelia shook her head. “It’s okay. My master is still here.”

Hearing that Amelia’s powerful master was still around, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief. William’s teeth were chattering as he trembled. “Sister, I was just grabbed by a charred skeleton hand ” Only then did he dare to turn his head to look at his shoulder. He did not know if it was an illusion, but he felt that his shoulder was cold.

Amelia patted him and comforted him. “We were behind you just now. There was nothing.”

Elmer looked around and said, “It’s because the dark energy here is too strong. When the dark energy landed on his shoulder, William hallucinated.”

The mountain was colder than the bottom of the mountain, and the wind blew past from time to time. It was impossible to see one’s fingers in front of one’s face on the mountain at night in the countryside. In the city’s park at night, even if there were no lights, one could see the light of the sky. However, this mountain was like the deep mountains in the countryside. It was dark, and the light of the surrounding buildings could not penetrate. General stopped running and stuck close to Amelia’s legs like he was waiting.

“Do you hear anything?” Lucas focused. William and Amelia immediately shut up and pricked up their ears to listen. There was no sound at all in the darkness, only the breathing of a few people, and the silence was even more terrifying. Under this layer of fear, there was a creaking sound from somewhere. Although William had never heard this sound before, he subconsciously heard the sound of nails digging into bones.

William swallowed. “Sister  Why don’t we come again during the day? It’s the same if we come during the day. Why don’t we come for nothing tomorrow?”

Amelia said reasonably, “Because Brother, you have to go to school tomorrow!”

William was speechless. He was about to say that he could skip class, but when he thought of Grandma’s ability to strike people with her bare hands, he shut up.

The creaking sound was still there. The few of them followed the sound.

In the dark soil, there was a cellar. There was a coffin buried in the cellar. The coffin lid was level with the soil floor. It was in the state of being buried but not completely buried.

Yinn followed an elder. When she saw the elder lift the coffin lid, she secretly took a look at the female corpse inside. To be precise, it should be the living dead. Her sister, who was beautiful back then, was now dark and thin, unrecognizable. Her limbs were nailed to the coffin lid, and something was squirming in her clothes and crawling rhythmically. Her eyes were open and staring straight ahead. If not for the occasional movement of her eyeballs, no one would be able to tell that she was a human.

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