Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

Chapter 663 - Chapter 663: Rescuing Cats

Chapter 663: Rescuing Cats


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The worker smiled. “Boss, I’m just joking. I won’t do it.” As he knocked the dead cats into the trash bag, he deftly drained the blood of the dying cats and threw them into the trash bag to tie them up. Some of the cats that had been sucked dry died upright, and some twitched. The trash bag trembled. They were used to it.

Tani patted the staff on the shoulder. “Get ready. Tomorrow, we’ll go out and rescue a group of stray cats come back.”

The staff nodded. “Okay, okay.”

The so-called rescuef was to go out and see where there were stray cats. He would catch those cats in the name of rescuing and lock them in this room. In order to stabilize their business, they would go out twice a month. Every time they caught a cat, the staff would get a commission of 300 yuan. Usually, he could catch more than a dozen cats at once. In other words, every time he went out to rescue, the staff would get a commission of about 3,000 yuan. Coupled with the commission of drawing blood, his monthly income would be stable above 10,000 yuan.

The staff thought that Tani was a good boss because even though there were so many cats, the monthly income from selling cat blood was only 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, but the boss gave him a salary of more than 10,000 yuan. If this was not a good boss, what was he called?

“l love rescuing too much,” the staff said with a grin.

Tani patted him on the shoulder. “Work hard. Get rich and marry a wife. You won’t have to worry about buying a house and a car!”

The staff member said gratefully, “Yes, yes!’

It could only be said that the word “rescue” was really ironic when used on them.

The evil ghost on Tani’s head struggled again, and its expression became even more painful. In the past, this was his paradise, and the entire studio was his host. Every time they discussed business and rescue, it was his happiest time, but now, he could not be happy.

The next day, Amelia was at home on the weekend, scrolling through short videos on Mrs. Walton’s phone.

Mrs. Walton reminded her, “Don’t look at it for too long, understand?”

Amelia said, “Yes, yes!’

Nir. Walton looked up and frowned. “Why are children playing with cell phones? Look at you. You always say that George and the others indulge Mia. Aren’t you the same?”

Mrs. Walton stared. “How can that be the same?”

Mr. Walton: “How is it different? I don’t know who said that if it were me, I would definitely not condone it like this…”

Mrs. Walton seemed to remember too. She coughed and changed the topic. “l wonder if George has finished his work and when he’ll be back.”

Mr. Walton watched the news as he said, “Didn’t he say he was going for half a month last time? He’s only been there for a few days. Have you gone senile?”

Mrs. Walton: She glared at Mr. Walton and said coldly, “Don’t eat lunch today.”

Mr. Walton looked up.

Amelia covered her mouth and giggled. “Grandpa, you’ve been scolded.”

Mr. Walton could not figure it out. “l didn’t say anything wrong, did l?”

Amelia tilted her head and counted with her fingers. “Eldest Uncle has been gone for more than a week. He’ll be back in five days. He hasn’t only been gone for a few days.”

Mr. Walton was enlightened. “It’s not that I’m wrong. A few days is just an adjective.” Who would take a casual conversation so seriously? Could it be that he had to say George had already been out for ten days and would be back in five days? Who would chat like that?

“Women are baffling,” Mr. Walton muttered under his breath.

Amelia ran upstairs with her phone. As she ran, she said, “Grandpa, I didn’t hear anything!’

Mr. Walton:

Amelia had asked William to help her search for short videos of stray cats and stray dogs, so the videos she was watching now were all about this topic.

William asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you searching for these videos?” After school started, William went to school every day. After school, he had to do his homework and attend tutoring classes. He could not go out with Amelia every day. He did not even know what happened to Amelia every day! He was supposed to be Mia’s favorite brother!

Amelia was engrossed in the video and waved her hand perfunctorily.

“Nothing, nothing.”

William was speechless. He was crying. His sister did not love him anymore! William went straight to Amelia’s side and watched her watch the video. At this moment, the cell phone video showed a person saying, “Fam, there’s no more cat food this month. There’s really no other way. Our relief station has already accommodated more than a hundred cats. We really can’t take them all. I can’t support so many cats with a month’s salary… Someone suggested that I sell things while livestreaming to earn money, but I’ve tried it before.. What should I do, fam…

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