Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3875 - Chapter 3875: Banquet

Chapter 3875: Banquet

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Hearing this, Feng Jiu softly called out, “Mu Chen, Mu Yue? Xuanyuan Muchen, Xuanyuan Mu Yue.” She looked at him and revealed a gentle smile, “That’s a good name.”

Xuanyuan MO Ze held her hand in one hand and the child in the other, saying, “Ah Jiu, MO Chen doesn’t have a child, I want our pair of children to recognise him as their righteous father, what do you think?”

Hearing these words, Feng Jiu’s heart was slightly shaken, she didn’t expect him to make such an arrangement. For a moment, unable to speak.

MO Chen died for their sake, she had always felt guilty in her heart, she had always felt indebted to him, if their children could recognise him as their righteous father, it would be more than good.

“Good.” Her eyes reddened and she nodded.

Xuanyuan MO Ze let go of her hand and caressed her face instead, saying, “You’re in your monthly period, don’t have too much emotional fluctuation, rest well, and don’t often lean and sit, just lie down more.”

Saying that, he took the other child from her arms and said, “You sleep! I’ll take the children to the outer room.”

“Hmm.” Feng Jiu responded and watched as he called Leng Shuang in to help carry the children away, only then did she lie down and close her eyes.

Although they immortal cultivators can not have to sit in the moonlight like ordinary women, but, under the premise of the conditions, naturally, it is good to have more nourishment, so that they will not fall into any disease roots in the future.

Perhaps the things that have been hanging in her heart have fallen, her whole body is very relaxed, not a moment later, she fell into a deep sleep.

Night gradually down, in the heart of the lake Little Manor of the lake laughter spread, wine and food on the table, Du Fan and other people sitting on the edge of the rest, Luo Yu grinned and said: “Today this wine is my collection of good wine for a long time, a moment you guys can drink a few more cups, I just happened to be the Little Manor at the heart of the lake birth of such a big happy event only to be able to take out to let you guys drink.”

“Hahahahahaha! OK! We will definitely drink more in a while, however, before we get drunk, you can’t get down first.” Du Fan laughed and patted his shoulder with one hand.

“With my drinking capacity, how could I possibly get down? You guys just watch! Tonight is when you all drink yourselves down, I will definitely still be sitting sober.” Luo Yu laughed and said, glancing outside, saying, “Why hasn’t this Qi Kang come yet? Is there so much going on in his City Lord’s Manor?”

On the side, Gu MO looked at the sky and said, “It’s only dark now, it’s still early!”

And at this time, Leng Hua who is walking towards the front yard hears the sound of knocking on the door, so he walks towards the gate, the subordinate has already invited the visitor in first, when he sees that it is Captain Jin Yifeng who has come, he smiles and goes forward, “Captain Jin, please come inside.”

“Young Master Leng.” Jin Yifeng cupped his fists and bowed, following him inside while saying, “I didn’t expect you all to give me an invitation, Jin is really flattered.

Leng Hua smiled gently and said, “Captain Jin is a man of faith and justice, and has also had a friendship with us, so if there is a great joy in the middle of the house, I would like to have fun with it.

As the two of them talked, they came inside to the front yard, looking at the people in the yard, Jin Yifeng saluted them, and then handed something to Leng Hua, saying, “A little gift to congratulate Madam Xuanyuan on the birth of her son.’

“Captain Jin is kind, I will thank Captain Jin on behalf of the Master.” Leng Hua said, accepting the things and storing them in the space.

“Captain Jin, come, come, sit.” Luo Yu beckoned and shouted, inviting him to sit down, saying, “We didn’t invite anyone else today, just you and Duan Yunhe of the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect…. Since we’re here today, we can let go of our drinks and not get drunk!”

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