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Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Master Zhan, Calm Down!


Fu Jiu

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Drama, Romance





Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Rating: 8.5/10 from 61 ratings

When Sang Xia bumps into her ex-boyfriend, he says furiously, “Sang Xia, there are so many women in the world. Call me a dog if I still like you!”

She turns around without any hesitation and suddenly, he barks from behind her.

The whole world knows how crazily in love Rong Zhan is with Sang Xia.

Someone asks, “Master Zhan, how does Sister-in-law deserve your love so shamelessly?”

Rong Zhan answers lazily, “Just that one reason…?”

He stares at a certain woman and laughs suddenly.

She's left speechless. F*ck, does this man have any shame?

This is an interesting and fun story of an all-powerful gangster boss shamelessly pursing his wife.