Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 627 - Chapter 627: Little Junior Sister, We Meet Again (2)

Chapter 627: Little Junior Sister, We Meet Again (2)


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Nan Yan stood before Qin Lu, but before she could prepare herself, Qin Lu suddenly reached out to touch her abdomen.

Instinctively, Nan Yan tried to step back to avoid his touch.

“Don’t move,” his deep voice echoed in her ears.

Her attempt to dodge halted, watching as he lifted her clothes, leaving her no choice but to reluctantly purse her lips. Her mind raced, trying to figure out how to placate this big shot.

Her skin was naturally fair, a chilly white complexion. Even minor bumps would leave obvious marks, taking a long time to fade without medication.

The bruise, the size of a bowl, stood out conspicuously against her skin.

As his chilly fingertips gently touched her, Qin Lu asked in a low voice, “Does it hurt?”

Nan Yan forced herself to remain calm, shaking her head. “No.” The next moment, Qin Lu pressed down.

The piercing pain nearly made Nan Yan want to kick him.

Damn it!

This man was truly despicable!

He was actually pressing on her wound!

“Qin Lu!” Nan Yan stepped back, creating some distance between them, feeling a bit annoyed.

However, as soon as she pushed away, an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her back.

Qin Lu leaned closer.

Nan Yan was starting to feel a bit frightened. Something was off about Qin Lu’s demeanor.

Had her injury affected his nerves?

This time, she didn’t dare to evade, standing stiffly in place, waiting to see what he would do.

He was kissing her injured area…

Nan Yan’s annoyance dissipated completely with his actions.

Instead, she felt guilty.

She had promised him not to get hurt.

But here she was, breaking her promise and keeping it from him.

It was understandable that he was now angry and concerned, leading to such behavior.

With gentle kisses on her injury, Qin Lu lightly caressed her wound again, furrowing his brows in concern. “Does it hurt?” This time, Nan Yan behaved, nodding. “Yes, it hurts.”

It really did hurt.

Qin Lu had only pressed lightly, but because the injury was severe, even a light touch caused intense pain.

Qin Lu’s face darkened. “You know it hurts. Will you dare to be reckless next time?”

Nan Yan:

To be honest, she didn’t care about such minor injuries.

But she felt that if she said so, Qin Lu would probably get even angrier.

Seeing that he was still upset, she obediently shook her head. “I won’t dare…” “Brother, don’t be angry. I’m fine now, and I’ve brought Nolan back as well…”

As long as the goal was achieved, it was enough.

Qin Lu glanced at her coldly and then walked away.

Nan Yan:

What was going on now?

Nan Yan sighed and sat on the sofa, waiting for him to return.

About half an hour later, Qin Lu came back from outside.

He was holding a bag in his hand.

Seeing the pharmacy logo on it, Nan Yan pursed her lips.

He had gone to buy medicine for her.

Actually, there was no need for him to go out specifically to buy medicine for her.

Tomorrow, she could go to the hospital herself and get more effective medication than what could be bought at the pharmacy.

Qin Lu placed the bag on the coffee table and took out the ointment from inside. “Pull your clothes up. I’ll help you apply the medicine.”


Nan Yan cooperatively lifted her clothes, exposing the injured area.

Qin Lu squeezed the ointment onto his fingertips and gently applied it to her wound.

The ointment was cool, containing menthol to alleviate pain.

After massaging it in, Qin Lu rubbed his palms together to warm them, using the warmth of his palms to help the medicine take effect better.

Nan Yan leaned against the back of the sofa, her gaze somewhat unfocused as she watched the man who had condescended to squat in front of her.

Oh no…

She was starting to feel more and more drawn to him….

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