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Chapter 262 - Chapter 262: An Yaoqing Looking for Trouble

Chapter 262: An Yaoqing Looking for Trouble

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Lu Lehua’s words didn’t satisfy Mrs. Tang.

“After all, Nan Yan is your own daughter. You must give us an explanation for this matter. My daughter cannot suffer such injustice in vain.”

Mrs. Tang held Tang Tang’s hand with a stern expression. “They still want to sue Tang Tang. Let me tell you, if they don’t withdraw the lawsuit, then your An family will pay the price!”

An Yaoqing panicked for a moment, then quickly said, “Mrs. Tang, rest assured, I will definitely make her withdraw the lawsuit. Miss Tang won’t be prosecuted!”

“It’s better be that way.”

Mrs. Tang left with a cold snort and didn’t stay at the An family for long. No matter how An Yaoqing and Lu Lehua tried to persuade her to stay, she left without looking back.

After Mrs. Tang and Tang Tang had left, Lu Lehua couldn’t control her emotions and angrily smashed the teacup she was holding on the ground.

“This wicked girl!” Lu Lehua’s expression was almost ferocious. “She is a disaster. We should never have brought her back in the first place!”

An Yaoqing also held back his anger and angrily adjusted his tie. “Let’s go to the old mansion!”

Today, he must send Nan Yan away. He couldn’t let her stay in Jin City any longer, or she would eventually ruin the An family.

Lu Lehua gritted her teeth. “Let’s go find that wicked girl!”

As the husband and wife walked out, they ran into the third son, An Siting, who was coming in their direction. Seeing their upset expressions, An Siting quickly asked, “Where are you two going?”

An Yaoqing angrily said, “We’re going to the old mansion.”

“But didn’t Grandfather say that he doesn’t welcome you there?” An Siting pointed out.

An Siting actually thought it might be best not to disturb Grandfather An. There were a couple of reasons for this. First, Grandfather An had no goodwill towards them at the moment and still held resentment in his heart. Second, there was deep-seated conflict between Nan Yan and their family, and she certainly didn’t want to see them over there.

It was clear that visiting would only make things worse, so why bother going?

An Siting didn’t have a favorable impression of his younger sister Nan Yan. He even had some disgust for her because of her interference in An Muyao’s affairs. However, after their last meeting in the hospital and a few subsequent encounters, he had seen a different side of Nan Yan that made him slightly reconsider his opinion.

Yet Nan Yan’s stubbornness and rebellion also made him feel that she didn’t quite fit in with the An family’s atmosphere.

“Nyan has provoked the Tang family in the Imperial City, and now the Tang family is waiting for our response. If we can’t satisfy them, the An family will face retaliation from the Tangs,” An Yaoqing explained angrily. “Even if Grandfather loves Nan Yan dearly, there should still be a limit. We can’t let her run wild anymore!”

An Siting remained silent, unsure of how to respond.

When it came to Nan Yan’s ability to offend people, it was truly awe-inspiring!

She didn’t just offend the prominent families in Jin City; she even dared to provoke one of the four major families in the Imperial City, the Tang family.

Could it be that she had an unlimited supply of courage?

An Siting walked over to the two of them and said, “I’ll go with you.”

“That’s fine. When the time comes, Siting, you can help persuade Grandfather,” An Yaoqing agreed.

The An family’s old mansion.

After finishing her call with Lin Zhiyan, Nan Yan checked the time and decided it was getting late. She intended to have Grandfather An, who was currently teaching Jiang Nai to play chess, go to bed.

Jiang Nai was intelligent and had a high aptitude for learning. Grandfather An had originally thought she was simply teaching her some basic chess knowledge, thinking she was casually interested.

Little did he know that this young girl was picking it up very quickly, demonstrating an ability to grasp the game’s intricacies. In just a few days, she could already play several rounds with him.

Of course, the main reason for this was that Grandfather An’s own chess skills were not particularly high.

In simpler terms, he was quite mediocre at it.

As Nan Yan observed two rounds of chess, she couldn’t help but ponder.

In a couple more days, it seemed that Grandfather An might no longer be a match for Jiang Nai…

After finishing one game, Tian Yi hurriedly went to tidy up the chessboard. As Jiang Nai and Nan Yan helped Grandfather An upstairs, the sound of a car engine could be heard from outside.

A hint of coldness flashed in Nan Yan’s eyes, but she didn’t pause in assisting Grandfather An up the stairs.

Grandfather An said, ” Nan Yan, go and see who’s here.”

Nyan calmly replied, “I’ll take you upstairs first. The visitor is here to see me.”

Although Grandfather An was physically weak, his mind was still sharp. He had seen the hot search trends today. Given that it involved the Tang family in the Imperial City and was related to Nyan, it was easy to guess who the visitor might be.

He had wanted to help Nan Yan with this matter, but it seemed that, according to Nan Yan’s intention, she wanted to handle it herself.


So be it.

Let Nan Yan handle it on her own. After all, she had Qin Lu as a strong support, and she was capable herself. There was no need to worry about her being bullied.

* *An Yaoqing, Lu Lehua, and An Siting, the three of them, entered the room.**

Seeing only Tian Yi tidying up the chessboard in the living room, An Yaoqing immediately asked, “Where’s my father? And where’s Nan Yan?”

After placing the neatly arranged chessboard under the coffee table, Tian Yi straightened up and replied, “Master An has gone to rest, and as for Miss Nan Yan, she’s upstairs. If you wish to see her, I can go and inform her, sir.”

An Yaoqing felt irritated and didn’t find Tian Yi’s attitude particularly respectful. He ordered, “Go and call Nan Yan down here!”

Tian Yi turned to go upstairs to fetch Nan Yan.

As for the three individuals downstairs, there was no one to attend to them.

Not even a servant to offer them tea or water.

However, they were not concerned about these matters at the moment. They were waiting anxiously.

* *Upstairs.**

After helping Grandfather An wash his face, brush his teeth, and prepare a basin of hot water with a foot-soaking herbal pouch, Nan Yan had him soak his feet.

“I’ll go downstairs to check first. Little Nai, you stay here and watch Grandfather soak his feet. He can soak for fifteen minutes.

Jiang Nai grinned, revealing her dimples. “Okay, big sister!”

As Nan Yan walked out, she coincidentally crossed paths with Tian Yi.

“Miss Nan Yan, Mr. and Mrs. An along with Third Young Master have arrived, and they seem to be in an aggressive mood, likely looking for trouble.” “Uncle Tian, be more confident and drop the ‘likely.”‘

Nan Yan sneered, “It appears my previous lesson to them wasn’t sufficient.” She wanted to make them believe they had no power over her.

“Uncle Tian, please take care of Grandfather. I’ll go downstairs to meet them.”

Tian Yi nodded, “Alright, Miss Nan Yan. Be careful, and if you need anything, just call out loudly.”

Nan Yan descended the stairs calmly.

Upon seeing her, An Yaoqing lost control and rushed toward her, raising his hand to slap her.

Nan Yan wasn’t one to passively endure a beating, not to mention that she had no intention of letting An Yaoqing off easily, even though he was technically her father by blood in this body.

If she were the original owner, she might have endured and evaded but not retaliated.

Unfortunately, she was Nan Yan!

Nan Yan seized An Yaqing’s hand and swiftly twisted it.

A bone-breaking sound accompanied his screams, echoing through the living room.

‘ Nan Yan! What are you doing?”

Lu Lehua widened her eyes, a look of disbelief on her face.

She never expected Nan Yan to lay hands on An Yaoqing!

Nan Yan glanced at her coldly, showing no mercy in her actions. She applied pressure on An Yaoqing’s wrist, nearly forcing him to kneel in front of her.

‘ Nan Yan!”

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