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Chapter 671 - Chapter 671: 64.[Intense battle! Destroy the number one Supreme God!]

Chapter 671: 64.[Intense battle! Destroy the number one Supreme God!]

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The three forces in his left hand, combined with his own power, turned into an indescribable light and shot over.

Chu Baihe had originally thought that there was no problem, but when Xia Ji’s power was unleashed, he immediately exploded.

As long as he was hit by this attack, even if he did not die, he would lose half his life.

Thus, he hurriedly retreated.

But this time, he suddenly realized that he could no longer retreat.

Chu Baihe made a prompt decision and pulled the red-robed woman beside him to block in front of him.

The red-robed Overgod was completely stunned, but instinctively, he could only do his best to resist.


The mighty red-robed Overgod instantly exploded into fireworks.

However, Chu Baihe also had time to buffer. He hurriedly raised his hand, and the entire ground shook and flipped up along with his hand. It transformed into an incomparably solid earthen-yellow giant fist that welcomed the remaining power.

After Xia Ji finished his attack, he no longer cared about the other side because he realized that Qiong Qi was coming at him again. The power of the two was no longer defined by fourteen realms. If there was a difference between the clouds and mud in each realm, then both were clouds.

Qiongqi’s twin sabers were like the sabers of ordinary warriors as they slashed at Xia Ji.

This blade was unavoidable.

But Xia Ji dodged it.

Because Xia Ji had been slapped by Bai Zhu, and then he had suddenly appeared more than 2,000 miles away.

He held the black saber, his body still burning with fighting spirit. When he reappeared in the forest in the autumn rain, Miao Miao and Little Su stared at him with wide eyes, not understanding why he had suddenly returned.

Xia Ji knew that this wasn’t Earth Evasion, and…The consumption of the Yin Yang Karma Wheel had been completely recovered.

It was as if he had returned to the state he was in a minute ago.

Xia Ji didn’t think too much about it. The battle was at a critical moment, so he shouted, “”Qi Jue!”

The old tree demon understood and hurriedly wrapped around Xia Ji’s ankle, sending him a thousand miles away with the Earth Evasion.

The moment Xia Ji appeared, he saw Qiong Qi and Chu Baihe chasing after Bai Zhu.

Bai Zhu’s left eye was dark, and his right eye was white. He was ‘flashing’ in the space in a weird way.

That’s right.

It was just a random flash.

It was a flash without any rules or trajectories.

It was precisely this flash that made Qiongqi and Chu Baihe unable to attack him for a moment.

Time seemed to slow down as soon as Xia Ji appeared. He maintained his third eye and continued to rush toward Qiong Qi.

Lust instinctively slashed.

Xia Ji’s left hand stuck to Chu Baihe’s slash. Then, he fused his Heavenly Snail Dual Realm Nine Flames Underworld Blade and attacked Chu Baihe.

How could Chu Baihe withstand this power? At this moment, he was already speechless.

As the number one Overgod in the Pantheon Court, his strength was definitely at the top of level 14. It could even be said that after more than 200 years of development, he was completely confident that he could fight against the monsters he had encountered before.

But now, he realized that he could not withstand the seemingly light slash of the enemy in front of him.

Chu Baihe was extremely certain that as long as he was hit by this saber, he would lose half his life.

The battle between the four was very strange, and it did not seem like the style of an expert at all.

The energy fluctuations, sonic booms, and earth-shaking were all gone.

It was like four ordinary Postnatal martial artists fighting each other…

However, their battle had been fast-forwarded thousands of times, and their powers contained extremely complicated levels.

Chu Baihe’s comprehensive ability was also very powerful, but how could he withstand Xia Ji’s grinding? It could be said that this was a three-on-one battle…

Xia Ji, Bai Zhu, and Qiong Qi were suppressing him.

No matter how much he fought, no matter how many trump cards he had, he would not be able to withstand it.

Qiong Qi didn’t believe it and just stared at Xia Jikan.

Why couldn’t he cut this person?

However, Xia Ji’s Yin Yang Karmic Wheel that had two traces of Dao Connotation added was extremely stable. All of Qiong Qi’s attacks were firmly stuck to him before he slashed at Chu Baihe…

Chu Baihe couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed the opportunity and shouted, “”Qiongqi, hit that woman.”

The Resentful Lord was very unhappy. He was originally formed from resentment, but now, he couldn’t even kill a human. He was very unhappy, so his resentment deepened. However, he still had a sense of battle. At this moment, he knew that the Yin Yang fish on this human man’s body was very strange. No matter how he attacked, he couldn’t break through his defense.

Thus, he swung his two sabers and slashed at Bai Zhu.

Bai Zhu also knew that although she could fight, she was still a little lacking in this level of competition.

Since he specialized in every field, he began to circle around Xia Ji.

Xia Ji was like a pillar.

the white candle runs around the pillar.

Qiong Qi chased after Bai Zhu.

These four people had very rich methods, and none of them could be killed in an instant.

However, there were no energy fluctuations in the battle between the four of them. It was completely a high-end fighting style that did not leak out at all. It was not the kind of child’s method that could shake the world with a raise of his hand.

In this battle, the strongest was obviously Xia Ji, the most durable was Qiong Qi, the most cunning was Bai Zhu, and the one with the most trump cards was obviously Chu Baihe.

Chu Baihe’s trump cards came one after another. He would add a trump card with almost every attack in order to suppress the situation. However, he really couldn’t take it anymore. His trump card library was rapidly shrinking. Looking at the other three…

Lust was no different from the beginning, and the other man and woman were no different.

Chu Baihe couldn’t help but pull away and maintain his composure. He said indifferently, “”You are a beautiful woman, why did you follow the thief? Why don’t you join my Divine Court? Your great cause is just around the corner.”

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