Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 298 - Chapter 298: 186. 1 1 m Proud of You

Chapter 298: 186. 1 1 m Proud of You

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One knife after another, Nian Ying had to either dodge or block.

If he dodged, he wouldn’t be able to use his saber, and his aura would be affected. If he blocked, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the power.

Xia Ji watched quietly. He knew that the aura was extremely important for those below the tenth realm. Once it was condensed, it would be the shadow of the ninth realm.

At this moment, Du Bai was like a furious bear. He let out a series of roars and slashed down with his blade, not giving his opponent any chance.

The sound of weapons colliding rang out continuously, like the sound of metal being hammered.


Suddenly, a loud shout sounded, ” Defeat!! ‘


The knife in Nian Ying’s hand was sent flying by Du Bai’s Upward Strike.

Just as Du Bai was about to place the long knife on Nian Ying’s neck, the girl suddenly moved like the wind. She had already ignored her own knife and her opponent’s knife. She moved forward at an extremely fast speed.

In an instant.

Du Bai’s blade missed because of his last moment of relaxation.

Nian Ying’s right hand was in the shape of a knife as she placed it on Du Bai’s neck.

“Thank you for letting me win. I’m still ninth.” The girl’s lips curled up.

The children’s laughter erupted around them.

Du Bai awkwardly maintained the posture of drawing his blade. He had lost…He was defeated because he had let his guard down at the last moment. He was defeated because he thought that his opponent had lost without his saber.

Pa, pa, pa!

Applause sounded.

Xia Ji didn’t expect these children to be able to engage in such a spiritual battle. He walked over from the corridor.

As soon as he arrived, the children who were far away from the crowd and the children who were holding knives hurriedly ran over. They surrounded him and looked at him with eager eyes. Then, they said respectfully, ‘Greetings, teacher.”

Xia Ji looked at the group of young children.

The five-hundred-year tribulation. A child at the beginning of the tribulation might become a true peerless expert in the future.

Thus, he smiled and said, ” It’s my fault for being negligent. Tomorrow morning, I’ll teach you the real Xuan technique. ‘

“Thank you, teacher.”

“Thank you, teacher.”

“Immortal, immortal…” Nian Ying waved her hands as if Mystery Sister had seen her idol.

As for the boy who had his head lowered and was holding the saber, he remained silent. Amidst the noise, he bowed deeply to the high and mighty immortal.

He was number one.

However, at this moment, he was only the first among the 99 people.

Xia Xiaosu arched her back and followed the black shadow into the dark corridor.

“Where is this?” asked Xia Xiaosu.

The black shadow stood at the side, its outline unclear.

However, Xia Xiaosu could somehow feel his encouragement. When she turned back, there was no path behind her. She made up her mind and gritted her teeth as she walked forward.

Taking a few steps forward, he actually directly walked out of the tunnel.

He seemed to have heard her footsteps.

In an instant, the candlelight gradually lit up, forming a coiled snake.

It shone on the thousands of giant figurines in the deep pit in front of him.

The human figurine was more than nine Zhang tall and was filled with power. It was lifelike and seemed to have a soul within it.

When these giant figurines saw her appearance, their eyes suddenly moved.

Xia Xiaosu was shocked and was about to retreat when all the giants fell to their knees.

No matter where they were, they all knelt down before the Empress.

The atmosphere was strangely solemn, revealing the vicissitudes of life accumulated in the long river of history.

The entire sealed and vast space echoed with the words “Long live my emperor”.

His voice gradually faded away.

Immediately after, there were countless shattering sounds.

Cracks appeared on the giant servant.

Ka ka, pa pa pa pa…

Soon, these giants began to shatter and turn into ruins.

It was as if they had waited for an unknown period of time just to shout out this sentence, just to let the ” my emperor ” they spoke of know their loyalty, which had never changed due to the growth of the years.

Xia Xiaosu didn’t know why, but she was suddenly moved. She didn’t know why, but her instincts drove her forward. She bowed deeply to the ruins in front of her and said, “I am proud of you..”

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