Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

Chapter vv 289 - 289 The Strange High Lords

Chapter vv 289 - 289 The Strange High Lords

Thanks to the two who had fought hard, I was able to focus on the analysis.

And so a few minutes later, I was finished analyzing the magic tool. I understood the structure and magic theory.

“I didn’t know about this method. They think of such terrible things.”

While it was incredibly advanced, once you understood it, you would be able to destroy it as well.

‘It will be sundown soon!’

Shia’s voice reached me telepathically.

It seemed that they had completely suppressed the embassy now.

As the thrall underlings had been turned into ash, there was nothing that the ambassador could do to resist Shia and Serulis.

‘I am going to destroy it now. And while the hole in the divine barrier should close up, you should still stay on your guard.’


‘We will be careful.’


After that, I carefully started to break the magic tool. I disassembled it in order, and completely halted its functions.

‘The hole should be closed up by now.’

In other words, this place was now under the divine protection once again.

That being said, I could not detect it myself.

The divine protection was like a miracle from the gods, which kept out the dark ones.

And so only dark ones would be able to feel its effect.



However, the effect on the two High Lords was intense.

They let out a pained scream as they fell to the ground.

The stronger you were, the stronger the effect.

If you were as weak as a goblin or thrall, you could still be active within the capital.

However, it became harder if you were a lesser. And once you were an arc, then it was impossible.

But Lords and High Lords were much more powerful, and so the pain was so strong that they could not even move.

“Good. So the divine protection has returned then.”

I sighed with relief as I saw the two High Lords scream.

“We made it just in time before sun down then.”

Shia said as she chopped off the High Lord’s head.

“Yes. Which is good, since they become more active during the night.”

Serulis thrust her sword into the heart of the other High Lord.

Shia was a veteran vampire hunter, but Serulis was also quite experienced at this point.

And so they had no problem finishing off a vampire.

Goran and Eric would have done the same. In other words, it was perfect.

However, the two High Lords did not turn into ash.

One had lost its head, while the other had its heart ripped out. And yet they continued to scream.

‘…What does this mean?’

Shia, a veteran vampire hunter, was confused.

‘I don’t know. Perhaps it is related to the fact that Lord Gerberga’s cry had no effect as well.’

Who knew what secrets these two vampires had left?

However, we could uncover those secrets after we had dealt the finishing blow.

The two High Lords were too far apart to take them down with one attack. And so I sent Serulis to the one that had its heart gouged out.

And then I put my hand on the other High Lord and activated Drain Touch.

“In any case, they should die after having the magic energy sucked out of them.”


The High Lord started to shrivel up in front of me.

And its screams became weaker.

As they were under the divine protection, they could not transform and run away.

They should become ash very soon. That was what I thought, but it did not happen that way.

But the two High Lords that had been screaming in pain, suddenly stopped and became silent.

“Have they died at last?”

Shia asked as she carefully observed the High Lord that had lost its head.

She held her sword ready, so that she could attack it at any moment.

Just then, the High Lord started to slowly disappear.

“Huh? It-it’s disappearing?”

Serulis was so surprised that she said this out loud, instead of using telepathy.

The High Lord was becoming semi-transparent. Its presence was getting thinner.

It wasn’t just the High Lord that I had used Drain Touch on, but the beheaded one as well.

They were both fading. Before I knew it, I could barely even see them.


Lord Gerberga cried immediately, but the High Lords did not turn into ash.

In other words, this transformation was different from the usual one, where vampires turned into mist or bats.


Before I could move, Grulf jumped forward.

And he attacked the beheaded High Lord that was on the ground near Shia.

And with his claws, he grabbed the body and tore into the head with his fangs.

“ARGH!! You dog! Get your beastly paws off of me”

The High Lord shouted.

And then the High Lord became clearly visible once again.

“A dark wraith. Serulis!”


I called out to Serulis, who was right next to me, and Serulis swiftly cut the High Lord with her sword.

“AAAAHHHH!! How is it that you can touch me!”

I was still using Drain Touch.

After being cut and having its magic drained, the High Lord was annihilated.

It didn’t disappear. Its life had ended and it was erased from existence.

“This sword is very special.”

Serulis said with a smile.

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