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Chapter 2199: Laughing at Others’ Misery

Chapter 2199: Laughing at Others’ Misery

Zu An was speechless.

It’s one thing if the late Fiend Emperor is mad at me, but this has nothing to do with the Dragon King! Is there something wrong with his head?

He calmed himself down and looked at the Skin-Flaying King. “I know who you are.”

The Skin-Flaying King raised his brows. “Oh? Do tell.”

Zu An sighed. “Zhao Han, you used to be someone who was at the top of the world. When did you suddenly become someone who hides behind half-truths?”

The late Fiend Emperor and the Dragon King were both shocked to hear that. This guy that was neither man nor demon was actually Zhao Han? It really was difficult to associate the Skin-Flaying King’s face, from which drops of blood trickled out from time to time, with the Zhao Han who had dominated an entire age.

The Skin-Flaying King choked. He opened his mouth and was about to retort, but the pride within him prevented him from doing so. In the end, he asked gravely, “When did you learn of my identity?”

As he spoke, the rotten flesh on his body gathered together, restoring his original appearance. Even though it used up a bit of energy, he didn’t want to keep displaying that disgusting and sorry appearance in front of these old enemies.

Zu An didn’t reply. It hadn’t been too hard to guess the answer, in truth. The Necropolis Emperor had said that these were ‘old friends’ who shared deep karma with him and were waiting for him here. Since the late Fiend Emperor and the Dragon King were both here, how could Zhao Han, the most important one, be missing?

He looked at him and said, “I really am quite curious. You used to be so proud and arrogant, dominating the world with the attitude of an invincible figure. When did you learn to start drama with gossip and sow dissent?”

The late Fiend Emperor and the Dragon King’s expressions became even stranger. They had actually faced Zhao Han as an opponent far longer than Zu An and understood this man’s pride well. His current behavior really was a bit unexpected.

The Skin-Flaying King, no, Zhao Han gritted his teeth and said, “Anyone would change after experiencing the skin-flaying torture day after day.”

The late Fiend Emperor shared in his lament. “That’s right. Because I killed too many people in my past life, I've been in the Knife Mountain Hell this whole time. I need to climb mountains of knives and seas of flame day after day. It truly is horrible.”

The Dragon King sighed. “Meanwhile, because I was too lustful, I was thrown into the Frozen Mountain Hell. Day after day, I have to endure the torture of freezing. It's so cold there that even one's soul feels as if it’ll be frozen solid.”

The others looked at Zu An. “Just which hell did you enter? Hurry and tell us so we can feel better.”

The Dragon King speculated, “You’ve stolen others’ foundations and dominated their wives. I believe that you should have been put in the Deep Fryer Hell and been boiled in hot oil day after day.”

The late Fiend Emperor didn’t agree. “His tongue is so wicked and he's so good at arguing and deception, so I think he had to be in the Tongue-Ripping Hell. His tongue deserves to be ripped out nine times every day.”

Zhao Han sneered. “This little bastard has committed far worse crimes than that. In my opinion, only the Continuous Hell would suffice. He deserves to suffer every single torture in Hell one after another without any interruptions in between.”

The late Fiend Emperor nodded. “That’s right, this guy ought to go to the Continuous Hell!”

He clearly knew that the Continuous Hell was the most painful of the eighteen layers of Hell.

The Dragon King was a bit surprised. “Isn’t the Continuous Hell a bit too much?”

Zhao Han retorted with a cold snort, “What, do you like the fact that he’s playing with your wife?”

“What did you say?” The Dragon King stared at him furiously.

“I'm just telling it as it is,” Zhao Han said indifferently.

The late Fiend Emperor was also staring at the Dragon King with an unhappy look.

Is there something wrong with this guy’s head? He’s actually speaking up for Zu An?

Zu An coughed lightly and said, “Sorry to disappoint all of you, but I wasn't in any hell. I already told you, I'm a Naihe Oblivion Ferryman.”

“What?!” The three of them stared daggers at him.

Does this make any sense? Someone this shameless actually didn’t need to suffer in the Hells?

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for +666 +666 +666...

You have successfully trolled the late Fiend Emperor for +666 +666 +666...

You have successfully trolled Dragon King Ao Yong for +666 +666 +666...

Zhao Han snapped out of his daze and asked, “Do you all think this is fair? This guy has toyed with your wives and reaped what he hasn't sown. Now is the time to get revenge!”

The Dragon King suddenly said with a sneer, “You can forget about trying to provoke us. Why aren’t you going at him yourself?”

Zhao Han remained calm. “I don’t share a deep grudge with him the way you all do.”

“Is that so?” The Dragon King suddenly snickered. “The late Fiend Emperor is one thing, since he died the earliest, but I know about you. You’ve been having the time of your life talking about how he messed around with the Second Empress and even... the Mermaid Queen. But what about your own empress?”

Zhao Han’s face darkened. His brows firmly locked together.

“He's not only the Fiend races' regent, but also the regent of the humans! Since he dared to act against the Second Empress, do you think hed let that beautiful empress in your human Imperial Palace go?” The Dragon King had a huge smile on his face as he spoke. “I asked around about this before. Even though there' no concrete proof, the chance of them having had an affair is almost a hundred percent.”

He didn’t know about everything else, but he was an expert at stealing others’ wives himself. It was naturally easy enough for him to guess Zu An’s intentions.

The late Fiend Emperor’s eyes also lit up. “That’s right, that empress of yours has such an incredible figure. Besides, for the sake of preserving your lifespan, you always practiced restraint and neglected her. Her pent-up desires could be sensed all the way from my Fiend races' territory! She might still have had some misgivings when you were still alive, but there would be none of that left after. Zu An is younger than you, more handsome than you, and knows how to pamper women. If the fiery Empress Liu met him, it would be like heavenly thunder bringing forth earthly flames, creating sparks instantly!”

At first, when he learned that Zu An had played with his wife, losing his own self-respect was one thing, but losing face in front of these two old enemies was another. But now, even Zhao Han had suffered the same fate as him. Why did he suddenly no longer feel as uncomfortable?

I even feel a bit happy...

Pah, what kind of thoughts are these?!

I need to add more fuel to the flames.

He added, “Right, I heard that idiot son of yours has a pretty wife, but she hasn’t let that fool touch her. She clearly looks down on him. She didn’t cherish her purity for so many years only to offer it up to Zu An, did she?”

The Dragon King also picked up on what was happening and said with a smile, “That’s right. I heard that in the past, there was even quite a commotion in the capital. The crown princess and that kid Zu An had some kind of scandal and even asked the libationer to testify. Doesn’t that mean they were already together even before that? Zhao Han, you were so strong all your life, but both your wife and daughter-in-law ended up servicing another man. Isn’t that far more miserable than our situations?”

The late Fiend Emperor nodded enthusiastically. The smile on his face was so big the corners of his mouth almost ripped open. Even though he knew that his own situation was quite tragic, seeing his arch-nemesis in an even worse position made him feel even happier.

Zhao Han’s eyelids twitched furiously. He actually knew about Liu Ning and Zu An’s affairs, because Zu An really was too despicable. That kid had used those extremely destructive words to provoke him during their fight as well. As for Zu An's relationship with Linglong, he had already guessed what was happening a long time ago. The fact that his split soul inside the crown prince’s body had gone missing after they went into the secret dungeon already explained many things.

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But the damned Fiend Emperor and Dragon King...! What kind of a situation are we in right now? And yet they’re still laughing at the misfortune of others!

The expressions of the countless souls in the underworld were really strange. They were here to watch an extraordinary fight, but why did it now seem like a gathering of victims?

Even so, that youngster really is quite something. Many people have heard about those three ghost kings’ deeds when they were alive. Did this guy really steal all three of their wives?!

Many of the departed spirits became even more excited. Even though they didn’t see a ferocious showdown on the stage, this kind of drama seemed pretty interesting too. They even continued to heckle the combatants in a rowdy manner so they could hear even more outrageous things.

Of course, that wasn’t what everyone present was thinking. Within Tragedy City, there was a headless soul who was holding his head in his arms. He watched the scene in the sky above, and after a while, he sighed deeply and said, “Brother Zu really is amazing!”

Below the Bridge of Helplessness, there was a cool and aloof woman who was watching as well. Her red lips opened several times, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

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