Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 4286 - Chapter 4286: Under the 4285 riot zone

Chapter 4286: Under the 4285 riot zone

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“Is this the riot zone? The energy it is emitting is really terrifying!”

Wang Xian looked at the glowing area in front of him from afar. He was shocked.

With his strength, he could feel a palpitating power from it!

One could imagine how terrifying this place was!

“This riot zone is very famous in the Justice Alliance and the evil sequence faction!”

Wang Xian mumbled.

This place was still very far away from the nine-origin universe.

Especially before the apocalypse, without a teleportation formation, it would be too difficult to find this place.

Moreover, there was no map of this area in the nine-origin universe.

He pondered in his heart. However, Wang Xian knew that the fallen Shadow Demon Emperor and the rest knew that there was a special place in another region of the chaos.

A large number of powerful experts were gathered in that region.

Wang Xian did not ask in detail about the specific location.

However, he knew that the six paths universe would give birth to the ultimate treasure of Tianyuan. It was spread out in that region!

“Let’s take a look at this chaotic region first and see if we can find the other fragments of the star field. If we can obtain other fortuitous encounters, we can do so too!”

Wang Xian smiled and continued to fly forward.

The closer he got to the riot zone, the more powerful disciples there were.

When Wang Xian arrived at the front of the riot zone, he saw groups of powerful disciples!

Some of the disciples in the ruler realm were divided into different camps. There were at least a few thousand rulers in each camp.

Most of them were masters of level five and above.

Powerhouses in the Tianyuan blessed realm could be seen almost everywhere here!

This made Wang Xian slightly amazed!

With a glance, there were at least a hundred Tianyuan blessed realm powerhouses. What kind of concept was this?

Even if a powerhouse of the Great Dao level arrived, they would be surrounded and attacked to death if they incurred the wrath of the public!

Perhaps even a terrifying existence at the chaos level would have to flee in panic when faced with the siege of over a hundred Tianyuan blessed realm powerhouses!

“Most of them are the strong disciples of the Justice Alliance. There is a powerful energy fluctuation here. The cultivation effect is comparable to a top-notch grotto-heaven blessed land in the Universe!”

Wang Xian sensed the energy in front of him and thought to himself.

It was similar to where the tree of chaos was located.

The effect of cultivating here was very good.

This naturally caused many strong cultivators to bring their disciples here to cultivate!

Wang Xian flew over and scanned his surroundings.

At the surrounding locations, some of the strong practitioners’disciples also swept a glance at him and didn’t pay too much attention to it.

This place was very bustling. There were also some strong practitioners’disciples who were doing business there and setting up stalls to sell their goods!

Wang Xian swept his gaze over. With a move of his palm, he took out the treasure map.

Looking at the information on the treasure map, his body moved and flew towards the location inside!

There was a route on the treasure map. According to the information on the map, he would be able to obtain treasures if he followed this route deep inside.

Wang Xian was skeptical about the authenticity of the treasure map.

The treasure map was obviously made by other powerhouses.

If the treasure map was made by powerhouses, why didn’t he enter to obtain opportunities and treasures?

Furthermore, there were many elemental gods in this chaotic region. The powerful elemental gods couldn’t even be approached by an expert of the Great Dao level.

Furthermore, why didn’t the black-robed elder go over to search for treasures after obtaining the treasure map?

These were all suspicious points.

Therefore, Wang Xian wouldn’t believe this so-called treasure map 100% .

However, it wasn’t a big deal to look at it according to the route above!

Wang Xian looked at the route and flew in One Direction!

A few hours later, they arrived at the edge and looked at the riot area ahead!

In front of them, there was a gray light!

In the distance, there were red and black lights.

They were the two elemental gods.

The two elemental gods were very close to each other, but there was no major battle.

They hovered there quietly, slowly absorbing the surrounding energy.

Wang Xian flew straight ahead for more than ten days.

The deeper he went, the more majestic the energy became.

This area was much larger than a universe.

It would take at least a few decades to a hundred years to fly into the inner area!

There was no danger at the periphery of the riot zone.

There were many strong disciples flying around.

Some of them were riding on powerful mythical beasts, and some were riding on technological spaceships.

It was very magical!

“Eh, there’s actually a palace.”

After flying for more than a month, Wang Xian actually saw a palace.

Some factions had established a temporary stronghold here!

He swept his gaze around and continued flying forward.

After flying for a few more days, an elemental god appeared in his line of sight.

This was a fire elemental god. It was emitting a fiery red light, illuminating an area.

“A control-level elemental god.”

The elemental god King Immortal had seen it before. However, the elemental god he had seen that time was not that powerful.

A weak elemental god could be controlled and used to create treasures.

However, once the Elemental God reached the level of heavenly creation, it was almost an uncontrollable existence.

There was a way to make use of such a powerful elemental god.

That was to fight it and break it into other fragments.

In short, the Elemental God was a rare treasure for the strong.

The elemental God here was actually floating here and was not taken away by the strong.

There must be a special reason for this.

Wang Xian took out his heaven’s origin communicator and checked the specific information regarding the riot zone!

“Elemental Balance?”

Very soon, Wang Xian got a result from some information on the Heaven’s origin communicator.

Elemental balance!

There were more than 30 elemental gods in this riot zone.

From the initial stage of the Heaven’s origin creation realm to the Great Dao realm, there were all of them.

And in the center, there were four to five Great Dao realm gods.

Other than these four to five Great Dao realm gods, there might be even more terrifying elemental gods.

Here, the elemental gods maintained a kind of balance. Once the balance was broken, the various elemental gods would engage in a terrifying battle.

At that time, if more than thirty elemental gods were to engage in a battle, then this place would turn into a terrifying existence.

Even experts at the Great Dao level would find it hard to get close to it!

Therefore, no one dared to touch the elemental gods here.

In addition, if cultivators of the same attribute were to enter the elemental god for cultivation, the number could not be too many.

Although the Elemental God could enter the elemental god for cultivation when it was peaceful.

However, if it absorbed too much energy, it would cause a riot and cause it to attack indiscriminately.

Wang Xian nodded his head slightly.

Apart from the Elemental God, Wang Xian received another piece of information.

At the center of the riot.

Deep in the center of the riot was a vast area.

It contained all kinds of noisy energy. Upon entering, one would be corroded by all kinds of energy.

At the same time, under such circumstances, treasures would be born.

But to get treasures, it’s too dangerous!

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