I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

Chapter 701 - Chapter 701 699. Reshuffling the Cards

Chapter 701 699. Reshuffling the Cards

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Endless bloody rain and wind enveloped the surrounding void. The Demon Venerable’s surging demonic power seemed endless.

“Old Devil Tang, you’ve known about the Jun Tian Ge for a long time?” “Looks like I’m still a step too late. I need to prepare a few more moves,” the Demon Venerable muttered to himself.

Demonic winds began to billow back into the Mountain and Sea Realm.

Amidst the mountains was a vast sea, which occupied more than half of the Mountain and Sea Realm.

This sea was called the Huangshen Sea. There were no other demons living in the sea. This place only belonged to one master, the Demon Venerable.

A bloody storm engulfed the sea. A vortex appeared in the middle of the sea and rapidly expanded.

The demonic wind fell into it, and the Huangshen Sea returned to its calm state.

After a while, a giant single-winged horse stepped into the void and came to the Huangshen Sea from the distant continent. It was Feng Ang, who had received the summon of the Demon Venerable.

After Feng Ang bowed to the Huangshen Sea, he descended into the sea and arrived outside a palace. He waited quietly outside the palace.

“Go and find the descendant of the Fu family who came out of the mortal world and bring him back to me.” The Demon Venerable’s voice came from the palace.

“I will obey the orders of the Supreme Mountain.” Feng Ang lowered his head.

The Fu Clan mentioned by the Demon Venerable referred to the Renhuang, Fu Tianjun, who ruled the mortal world before Demon Venerable Tang Tianhai.

His true name had been lost in the history of the mortal world, and very few people knew about it.

Feng Ang had been ordered to enter the Human Emperor’s Mausoleum in the Mortal World. He had learned some secrets from the Demon Venerable, so he knew the name of the Human Emperor. He knew that the Fu family descendant mentioned by the Demon Venerable was Xu Ruotong, who had just left the Mortal World.

Feng Ang still lacked clues as to where to find Xu Ruotong, but since the Demon Venerable had given the order, he had to carry it out.

Feng Ang left, and demonic winds rose and fell in the underwater palace.

” Back then, when that sword inexplicably fell into the mortal world, I didn’t pay attention to it. Now, it seems that I was careless. ” The Demon Venerable was a little frustrated.

Feng Ang left the Huangshen Sea, leaving the Mountain and Sea Realm. Frowning, he flapped his wings and shot through the air.

With his Supreme Martial Artist’s temper, since he had given such an order, there must be a way to accomplish it. However, in order to keep a low profile and not attract the attention of the other Supreme Martial Artists, he had instructed Feng Ang to come here.

But how could he complete this task?

Feng Ang pondered as he disappeared into the void.

In the Mortal World, Chen Luoyang brought Ying Qingqing back.

“Did something dangerous happen just now?” Ying Qingqing asked Chen Luoyang.

Chen Luoyang narrowed his eyes and pondered as he replied, “”Yes, someone is watching.”

Ying Qingqing exhaled slowly.

She wasn’t sure how strong Chen Luoyang was, but since he could bring her to roam the void of the Outer Realm, he was at least at the Supreme Realm.

To be able to make Chen Luoyang return home immediately, the other party must be a realm sovereign like the Demon Venerable, right?

Why did the other party suddenly pay attention to the Mingguang Ancient Sword?

“Today’s matter will end here. I will report to my master and let him decide.” Chen Luoyang brought Ying Qingqing back to the Dark Grotto-heaven. “”Rest first.”

“Alright.” Ying Qingqing nodded.

Chen Luoyang glanced at her before he left. ” You seem to be more relaxed than before. Actually, don’t you want to search for that sword? ”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s a little … Hesitation.” Ying Qingqing pursed her lips and sighed softly.”I don’t know what will happen or what the consequences will be.”

” I don’t remember. ” Chen Luoyang left. ” It doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. ”

Ying Qingqing looked at his back with a complicated expression.

Chen Luoyang walked out of Ying Qingqing’s place and entered the hall where the Demon Venerable’s remains were.

Chen Luoyang stood in the main hall and faced the Demon Venerable’s remains. Chen Luoyang didn’t speak.

He held the Jun Tian Spear in his hand and his fingertips brushed across the blade.

His previous judgment was correct. The Demon Venerable’s desire for the Jun Tian Ge had nothing to do with the treasure itself. He wanted to use the Jun Tian Ge to find something else.

Even if the so-called practice was true, the practice was to further search for clues.

What was he looking for?

Was he just looking for the Mingguang Ancient Sword that was related to Ying Qingqing?

Or was it something else?

This Jun Tian Ge pointed in two directions. On one side was the Mingguang Ancient Sword. What about the other side? Could it be what the Demon Venerable really wanted?

Then, was there a connection between this ancient sword and that thing?

Chen Luoyang pondered endlessly.

Today’s matter had both advantages and disadvantages.

He confirmed that Ying Qingqing could use the Jun Tian Ge to find the Mingguang Ancient Sword.

He confirmed that the Jun Tian Ge was the key to finding something.

At the same time, he confirmed that the Demon Venerable had been secretly watching. The other party would notice the Jun Tian Ge’s slight movement.

On the other hand, if the Demon Venerable had not noticed the Mingguang Ancient Sword before today, then he should have sensed that the ancient sword had other mysteries, and it was very likely to be related to his real goal.

At the same time, the Demon Venerable might have other ideas.

Originally, the Demon Venerable might not have participated in the battle between the Demon Lord and Young Master Tian. Instead, he could take advantage of everyone’s attention to find what he wanted without any fear.

But now, he probably realized that he still needed the Jun Tian Ge, or rather, Ying Qingqing and the ancient sword to guide him.

This way, when the Demon Lord and Young Master Tian fought, the Demon Lord might wait for an opportunity to strike.

However, since the other party had a request, there was room for maneuver. This might be a place that could be used.

Chen Luoyang pondered for a while before putting away the Jun Tian Ge. He sat cross-legged in front of the Demon Venerable’s remains and cultivated quietly.

The smoke in the mortal world had yet to completely dissipate.

The civil war in the Wilderness was still going on. The surrounding Blue Dragon Island and Ancient God Clan started to stir up trouble in the Wilderness.

In the land of the Old Qin, the resistance army led by Leng Ji wasn’t as active as before, but they didn’t submit to the Demon Emperor Chen Luoyang.

The former Western Qin Imperial Li Clan continued to encircle and annihilate them.

Even if there was no civil strife, this vast land would not be peaceful.

Although the people of the Misery Sea no longer coveted it, there were still others watching.

In the south, there was the Ancient Gods Clan, whose power had never expanded before.

On the north side was the Black Water Palace, which had finally thought of expanding.

Therefore, Qin was sandwiched in the middle, and the pressure was no less than before.

The only fortunate thing was that the Demon Emperor had issued a ban that martial artists were not allowed to harm the people in their fights. This finally allowed the people living on this land to breathe a sigh of relief.

However, the change of the king’s flag on the city wall, today your family’s administrative order, tomorrow my family’s tax collection, still made people full of bitterness.

Hence, if the Great Qin wanted to settle down, it still needed time.

Of course, they were better than the neighbors.

In the land of Guzhou, the Blood River Branch had first swept through the Sky River Branch and slaughtered them. The Sky River Branch had experienced one of the darkest moments in history, comparable to the time when the two generations of Blood River Patriarchs, Boundless Blood and Kunlun Blood, had run amok together.

The tables had turned. When Xue Cangqiong died a few years ago, the Blood River Inheritor was killed everywhere. Now, it was their arch-enemy’s turn to experience it.

The Sky River Descendants were even worse off. They didn’t have the Blood River Lineage’s Blood Sea as an escape route.

The Heavenly River was miserable, and the original Eastern Zhou royal family, the Xu family, was also having a hard time.

Although they had sought forgiveness from the Demon Emperor Chen Luoyang and wouldn’t end up exterminated, it was inevitable that the other factions would join forces to suppress their living space and seize the territory of the Zhou Dynasty.

What gave Madam Xu a headache was that they were now really taking revenge.

The Wei Clan was the first to take the lead.

Without Wei Ling, only Wei Chaoran and Wei Zheng were left. Before Wei Zheng reached the eighteenth level, the Xu family could still fight.

Of the original Xu royal family, the King of Fengning, Xu Qizhen, had fallen, leaving only the King of Qingjiang, Xu Mo. However, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty’s Zhenyuan General, Hu Gang, had joined forces with Xu Mo to make the Wei family helpless.

But unfortunately, other than the Wei Family, there was also the sacred land of Taoism, the Green Bull Temple, which had returned to the land of Zhou.

While they were paying close attention to the land of Old Qin and maintaining close contact with the Li Clan’s core member, Li Gucheng, they were also returning to the land of Old Zhou on a large scale.

After all, this was their base camp. Even though it had been swept clean by the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, it had only been a few years. The foundation was still there and they could recover.

Other than the fact that the Abbey Dean, Esteemed Green Bull, had left the Mortal World, the Green Bull Abbey was still a true holy land with many Dao Sect Martial Saints.

Compared to the Wei family, which only had Wei Chaoran and Wei Zheng, the pressure the Green Bull Temple gave the Xu family was even greater.

Moreover, there was also Yan Ranshan in the north, who was also ambitious and wanted to go south. The losses they suffered in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty were now being paid back.

Of course, the Xu family of Zhou was not fighting alone.

The Extreme North Heavenly Lake, which had also lost its Sect Leader, had banded together with the Xu Clan to warm up, greatly reducing the pressure on them.

On the other side, with the tacit approval of the Heavenly Phoenix, Xian Tian Palace, which had finally submitted to the Demon Empress, had finally returned.

Now was the time for the forces in the Mortal World to reshuffle. If they seized the opportunity and continued to seal the mountain, they would be sailing against the current. If they did not advance, they would be retreating. It would be difficult for them to make a comeback in the future.

Compared to the Misery Sea, Xian Tian Palace still had the Heavenly Phoenix residing in the palace. At the very least, they would be able to retreat and defend. Thus, they would not let go of the opportunity in front of them.

What made them feel a little awkward was that the Gu Chu Land around Xian Tian Palace had been annexed by the Ancient Gods Clan and was now the territory of the Ancient Gods Clan.

On one hand, the Ancient Gods Clan had the newly risen giant, ” He Sen “. On the other hand, this was a faction that Chen Luoyang was born in. Xian Tian Palace couldn’t compete with them, so their target was the land of Zhou. They hoped to negotiate with the Ancient Gods Clan to open up a route that would connect the southern part of Zhou to the original sphere of influence of Xian Tian Palace.

Even though there was suspicion of them taking advantage of the situation, with the idea of joining forces with the weak to fight against the strong, Xian Tian Palace formed a line with the Xu Clan and the Extreme North Heavenly Lake.

Under such a crisis, the Xu Clan could only pinch their nose and accept it.

As a result, the pressure on them was greatly reduced. They used the Sealed Sky City as a pivot to fight against the Green Bull Temple, Yan Ranshan, and the Wei Clan.

Afraid of the Demon Emperor’s thoughts, everyone was relatively restrained in their fights, but the land of Guzhou still became the most lively place in the mortal world.

This was all thanks to ” He Sen ” and the Azure Dragon Island Lord who were busy supervising the battle in Luoyang City. Otherwise, the battle in the Red Dust World would have been even more intense if a Martial Honor had come.

After Luoyang City was completed, all of this could come to an end.

Outside of Luoyang, the Darknorth Swordmaster, Zhu Ran, was completely unconcerned about the changes in the mortal world.’Mad Emperor’ Bie Donglai was busy reuniting with his wife, so he was also too lazy to care about the mortal world.

The other demonic giant, the new Blood River Patriarch, Xue Antian, had mysteriously gone silent after breaking through the Sky River Mountain Gate.

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