I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

Chapter 699 - Chapter 699: 697. A New Era

Chapter 699: 697. A New Era

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Everyone around Chen Luoyang said in unison, “”This subordinate will remember the emperor’s teachings.”

Then, a few light balls appeared above Chen Luoyang’s head.

Inside the ball of light were pages of books with words such as ” stillness “, ” fire “, and ” life ” written on them.

When everyone below saw this, they all understood.

These were the legendary Tomes of Arcane.

“Those who are loyal and capable will have the opportunity to borrow the Tomes of Arcane.” Chen Luoyang pointed at the Demon Heavenly Book and said, “”We humans have no use for this page, but my master has made an agreement with the Mountain and Sea Realm to lend them the ‘Demon’ Heavenly Book. In exchange, you can use this opportunity to get a chance to read the Heavenly Book of the Mountain and Sea Realm.”

He glanced at everyone. ” There are many inheritances in the mortal world. You can choose the one that suits you the most. As long as you make a contribution, anything is possible. ”

Everyone lowered their heads.

Chen Luoyang continued to instruct. ” Later on, every family will receive a list. Prepare everything on it for me and send it to Luoyang City. ”

No one dared to raise any objections, and everyone agreed respectfully.

Chen Luoyang wasn’t in a hurry to plunder and enjoy. He only had a portion of the items on the list that he needed. What was important was to divide the large amount of resources.

Just like when the Divine Lands was unified, the resources of the entire Divine Lands were integrated, which led to a huge leap in the Ancient Gods Clan. Many people achieved breakthroughs after obtaining the resources and treasures that were once scarce.

Now that Chen Luoyang had unified the mortal world, he was doing the same thing. However, the people who benefited weren’t limited to the Ancient Gods Clan alone. Instead, they were the seedlings he had chosen from the various clans.

Of course, Chen Luoyang was confident that he didn’t have the mood to deal with the details.

Su Wei, as his butler, had already left his post as the Chief of the Xuanwu Palace of the Ancient Gods Clan. He was no longer responsible for the Ancient Gods Clan. Instead, he became his personal butler and continued to be responsible for him.

Unlike the Demon Venerable who ruled by doing nothing and did not leave his disciples and servants, Chen Mou was now in the mortal world and gradually detached from the Ancient Gods Clan and other forces. He wanted to rule the mortal world. He did not intend to do everything himself.

After that, he would stay in Luoyang City, so he naturally needed capable people to take charge of the specific matters.

Except for the Ancient Gods Clan, they would transfer manpower from other families.

These people had to gradually break away from the influence of their original forces, and they needed to have a strong will to rise.

It didn’t matter if they had ambitions. This Chen was the most convenient person for them to realize their ambitions. The more this was the case, the more loyal they were to the new ruler and not the original sect forces.

The Green Bull Temple’s Zhao Rimian, Yan Ranshan’s Bai Feng, and other candidates who had been prepared earlier were naturally selected at this time.

With the current situation in the world of mortals, there was no need to keep them in their original sects as spies to monitor them. They could just be transferred to the subordinates.

The resources of the mortal world were gathered in Chen’s hands, and he had an invisible grip on the lifeblood of others.

Chen Luoyang would slowly temper the future leaders of these sects, and the crazy abbot was just the beginning.

The integration of the resources of the mortal world would help in the emergence of more young experts, just like in the Divine Lands.

Chen Luoyang wasn’t afraid of the various Holy Lands constantly having new titans rise up.

With Ye Tianmo’s example, these people would improve even faster than him.

On the contrary, Chen Luoyang was secretly worried that the new experts in the mortal world wouldn’t emerge quickly enough.

After all, a warrior’s martial arts cultivation was not something that could be accumulated just by accumulating resources. Heart, confidence, and willpower were very important, and the higher the cultivation, the more so.

It had to be said that Chen Luoyang’s powerful rise had swept through the mortal world and unified the world. From then on, there would be an additional ruler above everyone’s head, which dealt a heavy blow to the morale of the martial artists in the world.

It had been more than four thousand years since the reign of the Human Emperor, and no one in the mortal world had experienced that era. Everyone had grown up under the Demon Lord’s rule of inaction. They had to adapt to the current situation and adjust their mentality to the way the creatures of the Mountain and Sea Realm, Xihe Realm, and the other realms had adapted to the pressure of the gods above their heads. It would take time to adapt.

Not to mention the next generation, it was unknown how many people in the current generation could adapt to the changes of the times.

Chen Luoyang’s strength was enough to leave a shadow in many people’s hearts.

It was one thing for everyone to express their submission now, but when they calmed down and cultivated, the potential influence might appear again.

There was an old saying that went like this: the more you think about it, the angrier you become. The more you think about it, the more you lose. This was human nature.

The higher the cultivation of a martial artist, the more so.

This kind of damage to one’s mental state was difficult to make up for with the abundance of material resources, especially when one was about to cross the natural chasm to break through the Life and Death Hidden Latch from the Martial Saint Realm to the Martial Venerable Realm. It might become a real life-threatening problem.

Regarding this, I won’t take responsibility. I will still give everyone the opportunity. Whoever can break through the encirclement will depend on fate.

After greeting the representatives of the various clans and dispersing, Chen Luoyang took out the Bitter Sea Demonic Shield, the Grand Reincarnation Plate, and the Nirvana Bell, the three supreme treasures of the Devil Buddha lineage.

The round and crazy breathing of the new abbot of the Boundless Temple suddenly became hurried.

“Three days.” Chen Luoyang said indifferently.

Eccentric Abbot Yuan prostrated himself before Chen Luoyang. Then, he focused his mind and sat cross-legged in front of the three supreme treasures, seemingly in a meditative state.

Chen Luoyang sat opposite him on the other side and placed his attention on the Devil Buddha’s treasures.

With the addition of the Grand Reincarnation Disc that contained the power concept of the eighth move, the Tathagata Devil’s Palm, the Eternal Reincarnation, Chen Luoyang felt that the feeling he had when he looked at the Abina Bell was completely different.

A unique path gradually took shape before his eyes and continued to extend. It was as if he had stepped into the Prison of All Fiends and would never turn back.

After watching for a while, Chen Luoyang turned his gaze to the young monk and saw that his body was trembling non-stop. His face was alternating between white and black.

If it was Abbot Fa Kong, it might not have been like this. It was still too early for Crazy Yuan to comprehend the ANirvana Bell with his current cultivation.

The three supreme treasures even influenced each other. The young monk saw that the Bitter Sea Demonic Shield and the Great Reincarnation Plate were different from before, affecting his soul and body.

Chen Luoyang calmly glanced at him.

When he came into contact with Chen Luoyang’s gaze, the crazed demon monk seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. His voice wasn’t loud, and the chaos in his body was instantly washed away. The chaos was brought back to order, and he wasn’t injured at all.

After the Epilatic Demon Monk calmed down, he worshiped Chen Luoyang with a guilty expression.”Thank you for saving me, World Venerable One.”

“Do what you can.” Chen Luoyang’s tone was calm.

“Yes.” Crazy Yuan replied.

He did not dare to look at the Ainirvana Bell again. Instead, he turned his attention back to the Bitter Sea Demonic Shield and the Grand Reincarnation Plate, feeling the new changes that they had undergone because of the Ainirvana Bell.

The round, crazed Demon Monk quieted down while Chen Luoyang continued to look at the three Demon Buddha treasures.

When he saw these three items, Chen Luoyang recalled that the Heavenly Buddha had suddenly descended upon the mortal world and visited the Dark Grotto-heaven where the Demon Venerable resided.

In the mortal world, the Heavenly Buddha would only listen to the news of the conflicts between Chen Luoyang, Ye Tianmo, Xu Ruotong, Abbot Puhui, and the others. He wouldn’t interfere.

The reason why he suddenly came was because of the nine forms of the Buddha’s Palm appearing in the mortal world.

Chen Luoyang had expected that he would bring the Nirvana Bell back to the mortal world. However, he had originally thought that the other party would use the mirror’s ‘pop-up window’ to flick him. In the end, he actually came to visit him personally.

The tenth move, Ten Thousand Demon Dynasty, had yet to be seen, but they had already mobilized so many people. The importance that Saha World placed on this matter had exceeded their expectations. Perhaps there was another mystery behind it.

Of course, the day of the battle between the Demon Venerable and the Heavenly Young Lord was approaching, and the Heavenly Buddha had come to check out the Demon Venerable.

In the end, he coincidentally found out that he was not in the Dark Grotto-heaven at that time. The news was leaked, and it was not good for him to return to his master’s cave abode to heal. He could only find another place.

Perhaps the Heavenly Buddha didn’t have the heart to do anything, but the abbot of the western paradise, Puhui, had asked him if Chen Luoyang was in the Supreme Immortal’s Cave. It was even more impossible for him to help Chen Luoyang conceal the truth, so he naturally spoke the truth.

However, this was more or less a layer of karma. After Chen Luoyang destroyed the western paradise, the Heavenly Buddha didn’t extend his hand to save him. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to speak in front of the Demon Venerable.

Chen Luoyang had left some leeway for him to destroy the western paradise and not the other Buddhist inheritances in the mortal world. He didn’t have any plans to start an all-out war with the Saha Realm.

The other party didn’t either, so the matter came to an end for now.

But there was definitely a follow-up.

Even if there wasn’t the problem with the western paradise, the Heavenly Buddha had personally visited the mortal world. Regarding the issue of the Devil Buddha’s successor, Chen Luoyang had used the tone of a Supremacy to give the other party a soft nail. Naturally, there would be more entanglements in the future.

Chen Luoyang looked at the three Devil Buddha’s treasures before him as he pondered.

From the perspective of current interests and the comparison of strength between the two sides, selling the Devil Buddha lineage to the Heavenly Buddha seemed to be the most beneficial.

However, he felt that there were some mysteries that he had not fully comprehended.

He had already thought of what the crazy abbot had thought of.

Just as he came to this world and was active in the Divine Lands, the other party unexpectedly obtained the Great Reincarnation Plate and the eighth move of the Buddha’s Palm reappeared in the human world. Was it really just a coincidence?

Chen Luoyang pondered with rapt attention.

Chen Chuhua…Alright, it could also be Blood Phoenix, An Chen, Ji Tianqiong, or anyone else. She was right.

As his cultivation and strength increased, some things became clearer and clearer in Chen Luoyang’s heart.

However, the fog in front of him had yet to completely dissipate. Many things were ambiguous, making him unable to confirm them.

Just like what he had told Chen Chuhua, a one-sided truth was not the truth. It might even be more misleading. The more you knew, the less you should make a judgment.

Three days later, when the time was up, the round and crazy abbot broke through to the peak of the 18th Martial Saint Realm in front of Chen Luoyang.

He thanked Chen Luoyang once again before returning to the Bitter Sea’s Boundless Temple and announcing that the Bitter Sea had sealed off the mountain. He would enter seclusion and cultivate bitterly from that day onwards in order to launch an assault on the Martial Honor powerhouse as soon as possible.

Chen Luoyang kept the three Devil Buddha treasures and took out other items.

A pearl and a copper plate.

They were the Thousand Soul Pearl from Yan Ranshan and the treasures from the East Zhou Empire.

He placed the Thousand Soul Pearl in the groove in the center of the copper plate. The size was just right and it fit perfectly.

After the two combined, the Thousand Soul Pearl flashed slightly, and the copper plate began to rotate automatically.

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