I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

Chapter 641 - Chapter 641: 639. Each With Their Own ulterior motives

Chapter 641: 639. Each With Their Own ulterior motives


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Antian Xue’s words confused the people from Blood River behind him.

Taoist Banhai?

Who was that?

When Chen Luoyang created Daoist Banhai’s avatar, the Blood River Lineage had already retreated into the Blood Sea.

Therefore, none of the Blood River warriors present had heard of Daoist


However, Shen Tianzhao’s eyes turned cold when he heard that. “”You were the one who guided me into the Blood Sea?”

Hearing this, the other Blood River warriors were shocked.

Although they still did not understand why, they were certain of one thing after connecting the conversation between Xue Antian and Shen Tianzhao.

Dark Sky Blood had connections with the people outside the Blood Sea. They were colluding with each other. They might be plotting something.

This was the reason why Shen Tianzhao suddenly entered the Blood Sea.

However, just as everyone thought about this and before they could speak, a torrential blood light surged in front of them, turning into a vast blood river that engulfed them.

Facing Shen Tianzhao, Antian Xue did not turn around. However, he attacked mercilessly and suddenly. He was insidious and ruthless.

The mournful sword light whistled through the air and caught the other people in the blood river off guard. They were trapped in the secret treasure and had nowhere to run. They could not block it and were instantly swallowed up, leaving behind only resentment and resentment.

Shen Tianzhao looked at Xue Antian’s attack expressionlessly. He neither stopped nor helped.

Shen Tianzhao only spoke after all the remaining Blood River warriors had died.

“Alright, it’s our turn now.”

His tone was calm. ” How can we not talk about Daoist Banhai first? As for you, I thank you for guiding me into the Blood Sea. I don’t care what you’re planning in private, because to me, coming here is to destroy the Blood River Inheritance. You and them are the same. ‘

Antian Xue smiled at Shen Tianzhao.

The sword radiance around him surged and turned into a boundless blood-red color.

The blood light surged up like the sky, boundless and imposing.

The blood-red light sank and turned into a roaring sea of blood. The sound of the waves was mournful and mournful.

In the middle, a blood-red celestial river streaked across the sky. It was filled with boundless hatred, piercing through the sky and connecting the past and the present.

A blood phoenix circled around the blood river and let out a long cry that made one’s heart palpitate.

Shen Tianzhao looked at Xue Antian and nodded, ‘”‘ Other than the three great sword arts of the Blood River, you’ve also mastered the Heaven’s Blood Art of the Blood Common People. You’re indeed extraordinary to have four great sword arts. You’re the strongest among the Blood River descendants, but why haven’t I seen you in the mortal world before? ‘

Even though he was full of praise, Shen Tianzhao’s expression remained calm. His sword will only grew stronger and stronger.

A blood-red sun surged in all directions, as if it could crush the world. It did not give in to Dark Sky Blood’s sword essence.

“I’m afraid you’re not weaker than Old Demon Blood River.” “But so what?” Shen Tianzhao said coldly.

The two terrifying sword essences that stirred up the blood sea collided head-on.

Compared to Shen Tianzhao, who was overflowing with killing intent, the direct descendant of Blood River was much gentler.

The tall and thin young man remained calm and collected. The smile on his face did not fade as he looked at Shen Tianzhao.

Shen Tianzhao was like a cold blade, emotionless as he stared at his opponent, ready to strike.

Suddenly, he frowned.


Shen Tianzhao’s eyes were filled with uncertainty.

Antian Xue smiled.

Another unique sword intent was emitted from his body.

It was darker, colder, and more ominous than the Blood River Sword Technique!

The cold sword intent even froze the blood in the surrounding blood sea.

It was as if the gates of Hell were slowly opening.

. Nether Sword Technique, Nether Sword?” Shen Tianzhao’s eyes flashed. His expression was unfriendly, but he did not attack immediately.

He was not surprised that the Blood River Inheritor knew the Nether Sword Technique.

After all, the Blood River Branch had been trying their best to collect and study the Netherspirit Sword Technique.

However, the Nether Sword, the Annihilation Sword, and the Absolute Sword were all fine, but the Nether Sword should be an exception.

The Blood River Lineage had never mastered the Dark Sword.

Otherwise, Patriarch Blood River might not have died in the final battle, and the Blood River Division would not have hidden in the Blood Sea.

After that, they would live in seclusion in the Blood Sea, so it should be impossible for them to collect the Underworld Sword.

Especially when Shen Tianzhao observed carefully, he felt that Antian Xue’s sword was similar to the Dark Sword that Yan Mingkong had learned.

Back then, Tian He had also hunted down Yan Mingkong. Shen Tianzhao, the first descendant of Tian He, had not participated in it personally, but he had some understanding of it.

It was precisely because of this that he was particularly concerned about this.

As far as he knew, the origin of the Underworld Sword that Yan Mingkong had was a mystery, and she was the only one who knew it. What was up with this mysterious Blood River Swordsman?

Shen Tianzhao’s gaze turned dark.

This was his first time facing the Underworld Sword.

As a genius in swordsmanship, he had another focus of attention.

The opened door to Hell seemed to lead to the real underworld, to the world of the dead.

He seemed to see the dead Madam Poisonous Dragon waving at him.

However, he was not sure if it was an illusion or reality.

Shen Tianzhao’s heart seemed to have been touched.

However, he did not show it on his face. Instead, he became more and more solemn.

“There shouldn’t be any Underworld Sword in the Blood River.” Shen Tianzhao stared at Xue Antian in front of him. His sword intent and killing intent were even more intense, making people’s hearts tremble.

Although Chen Luoyang’s incarnation, Dark Sky Blood, was also surrounded by sword intent, he remained calm.” This is the sword technique of the Yellow

Springs. Naturally, it comes from the Yellow Springs World. ‘

” If the ancestor had not fallen, I would have given it to him as his disciple. Unfortunately, I was just a little bit short.

Are you trying to say that you are not the Blood River Descendant, but a chess piece buried in the mortal world by the Netherworld World? ” Shen Tianzhao sneered.

“You can think whatever you want.” “So what if I’m the direct descendant of Blood River?” The tall and thin youth spread his hands. You might not be my match.”

His tone was calm, as if he was stating an ordinary matter, a truth that everyone knew.

Shen Tianzhao’s emotions did not waver either. He said indifferently, ‘”‘Then what are you waiting for?”

‘ Because I have to admit that you’re a good fighter. It’s not easy for me to defeat you, but you’re different from the Old Demon Blood River. You’ll be a good helper. I’m not a warlike person, ” said Antian Xue calmly. ” I have a better choice. There’s no need to fight.

“But in my eyes, you’re no different from Blood River Old Monster,” Shen Tianzhao scoffed.

“Wrong.” Xue Antian raised a finger and shook it gently, “”What he doesn’t have, I have.”

The sword wills of the blood river around him began to dissipate, and the cold and murderous sword wills of the Underworld Sword became stronger and stronger.

‘ Slaughtering the Blood River is your current goal. But after that, where do you plan to go? ” Without waiting for Shen Tianzhao’s reply, Antian Xue continued, Let’s not talk about the fact that you can’t exterminate the Blood River Lineage. While you are pursuing this goal, you will betray the Heavenly River.

You will have to face Yun Jichong’s wrath and be attacked from both sides. Shouldn’t you prepare something for yourself? ‘

It was difficult to cross the chasm between a Martial Saint and a Martial Honor, and it was even more difficult to cross the life and death stage. Since ancient times, countless geniuses had been stumped.

Even someone as talented as Shen Tianzhao didn’t dare to say that he would definitely pass.

But if he accumulated more, the hope would grow.

The profundity of the Nether Sword Technique was unparalleled in the world of sword arts, and its effects were needless to mention.

Shen Tianzhao seemed unmoved. ” You said it yourself. My goal is the Blood

River. Are you going to teach me the Nether Swordsmanship? ‘

” Of course, the wider the spread of the Twelve Nether Swords in the human world, the better, especially for a sword genius like you. ” Antian Xue did not mind. ” Personally, I need time to break through the Martial Honored Heavenly Chasm just like you. I need time to tidy up the Blood River and help me. Bring the Blood River back to the mortal world with me. ‘

” Neither of us can do anything to the other right now. Why don’t we work together to our advantage? Let’s see who can cross that natural chasm first, or we can compete after we have both mastered the sword path.

Xue Antian spoke frankly, but Shen Tianzhao remained calm.

However, he keenly caught the peculiarity in the other party’s wording.

Yu Gong…

Who was this so-called public and private for?

Was the other party deliberately setting him up, or did he really have other intentions?

Netherworld World, the World of the Dead…

Shen Tianzhao’s mind was in turmoil, but his face remained expressionless. In the end, you want me to join the Blood River, just like Blood River Patriarch.

Xue Antian raised a finger again and shook it gently, ‘”You’re the one working with me, not the Blood River.

My master’s original plan was that there were no two suns in the sky. Since there was me, why would there be you?

However, our cooperation is the most beneficial for both sides, because our enemies are not just each other.”

Shen Tianzhao remained silent.

Antian Xue didn’t say anything else. The two of them faced each other from afar. Their sword wills collided, and their sharpness didn’t decrease.

After a long time, Shen Tianzhao finally broke the silence.

” As you said, I will cooperate with you, but I will not help the Blood River. 1 won’t touch them now, but I may change my mind at any time,” he said quietly.

“Deal.” Antian Xue smiled and condensed his blood into an ice sword, then threw it to Shen Tianzhao.

Shen Tianzhao did not seem to doubt it at all. He took it casually and tried to figure out the sword intent within.

However, he didn’t start cultivating immediately. Instead, he began to consider finding an opportunity to return to the mortal world and find Yan Mingkong.

Now that he had personally witnessed the uniqueness of the Underworld Sword, he immediately began to pay attention to the things that he didn’t care about before.

Xue Antian, who was Chen Luoyang’s incarnation, smiled.

Recently, he had gained new insights into the Nether Sword Technique, but he also had new concerns. He would let Test Item No. 2 help him figure out its depth first.

The other party might have thought of looking for Yan Mingkong.

Ha . . .

It would be a ghost if he could find it.

The two of them had their own thoughts as they shuttled through the blood sea.

The battle continued.

Old Demon Blood River was wreaking havoc.

Suddenly, a powerful sword light appeared in the sky and blocked Blood River’s attack for everyone.

Both sides were shocked.

This was because Antian Xue had reached the peak of the Martial Saint Realm in the eighteenth realm. He was extremely powerful and seemed to be even stronger than the Old Demon Blood River.

The Old Fiend Blood River was bewildered. Just as he was about to rally, Antian Xue wiped the blade of his sword calmly.

“Do it.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the blood-red sun rose. Shen Tianzhao appeared behind the Old Fiend Blood River expressionlessly.

Everyone’s eyes widened..

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