I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

Chapter 587 - Chapter 587: 585. Reincarnated Demon God (1)

Chapter 587: 585. Reincarnated Demon God (1)

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Through the white jade bottle in his mind, Chen Luoyang successfully extracted information about Lian Bu Yi’s life.

Chen Luoyang was slightly surprised by the results.

When Lian Buyi was still a baby, the person who baptized her was Jiang Yi, the former leader of the Ancient Gods Clan.

How did Sect Master Jiang know the secret technique of the Northern Wei Imperial Family?

Putting aside the fact that none of the experts who had fought with Jiang Yi previously had noticed that he possessed the red dragon aura of the Northern Wei royal bloodline, there was also no red dragon aura when Chen Luoyang had used the Demon Venerable’s remains to wipe out the other party in the Dark Grotto -heaven.

Jiang Yi should not have the bloodline of the Northern Wei Imperial Family.

In that case, where did he learn the secret technique to enhance the baptism by chance?

Theoretically speaking, this secret technique was only effective on people who possessed the red dragon aura, but it did not require people who also possessed the red dragon aura to use it.

However, as a secret technique of the Northern Wei royal family, even after the fall of Northern Wei many years ago, this secret technique had never been spread in the mortal world.

In everyone’s impression, this technique had been lost with the fall of the Northern Wei Dynasty and the decline of the royal family.

Now, it seemed that Jiang Yi had learned this secret technique, but he was not sure how he had learned it.

From Lian Buyi’s life experience, it could be seen that Jiang Yi secretly took care of her a lot.

However, there were still many mysteries about Jiang Yi.

Chen Luoyang’s expression was calm as he looked at Lian Buyi. “”What do you think of Northern Wei now?”

“There is no real feeling to speak of.” Lian Buyi replied, “From … The previous Sect Master told me that I am a descendant of Northern Wei, but other than that, I haven’t come into contact with any other members of the tribe.”

” I once went north to Northern Wei’s old territory, ” she recalled. ” I couldn’t see any traces of Northern Wei there. ‘

Chen Luoyang browsed through her life experiences and knew that she wasn’t lying.

For Lian Buyi, the Ancient Gods Clan’s mark on her body was far from the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Even the red dragon qi in her body was not of much help to her cultivation and she could not unleash it.

Jiang Yi had baptized her, but she could not see any effect at the moment. It was more like a precaution to avoid missing her childhood.

Back in the Dark Grotto-heaven, between Jiang Yi and the former Palace Lord of the Black Water Palace, one of them might have survived.

Relatively speaking, Chen Luoyang was more suspicious of Jiang Yi.

He originally thought that Lian Buyi might be a backup plan for Jiang Yi’s rebirth, but now it seemed that this was not the case…

“Has Senior Jiang talked to you about Northern Wei?” Chen Luoyang looked at Lian Buyi and asked.

Lian Buyi shook his head. ” I didn’t say much. I just wanted to help me conceal my dragon energy.

Chen Luoyang nodded slightly. After looking at the other party for a moment, he said, “”our Divine Sect is a place where all rivers run into the sea. Although your background is special, as long as you are loyal to the Divine Sect, the Divine Sect will tolerate you. Remember that the past is the past and the future is the future. It will not affect your future at all. You are the most suitable candidate for the Chief of Azure Dragon Hall.”

Lian Buyi bowed to Chen Luoyang and said, will follow Cult Master’s teachings. Thank you for your kindness, Cult Master.”

Chen Luoyang’s fingers tapped lightly on the armrest of his chair. ‘”‘Senior Jiang’s whereabouts are still unknown, and it’s hard to tell if he’s dead or alive. We still need to do our best to find him. You don’t need to avoid suspicion and pay more attention.”

“Yes, I will obey Cult Master’s orders.” Lian Buyi replied.

At this moment, Zhang Tianheng asked to see him.

Chen Luoyang ordered him to come in. After Zhang Tianheng entered the main hall, he bowed to Chen Luoyang and said, “”Reporting to Cult Master, the main altar has mostly been tidied up. The damaged areas have already been repaired.”

After a short pause, he continued to report, “”Previously, when the Manhuang tribe king invaded, many buildings in the headquarters were destroyed. The situation was chaotic, causing some prisoners to escape, including…Yan Mingkong.”

Lian Butong and Elder Gao, who were standing at the side, heard this. They did not say anything, but they frowned.

They had heard of Yan Mingkong and knew that he was the same as Chen Luoyang, Su Ye, and Zhang Tianheng. They were all from the Divine Lands and had extraordinary talent in the Martial Dao.

This woman left the sect in the Divine Lands and later roamed the mortal world. In the end, a few months ago, she was captured by Chen Luoyang in the Wilderness and brought back to the Ancient Gods Clan’s headquarters. In front of everyone, she was stripped of her martial arts cultivation and imprisoned.

However, the problem was that, as far as they knew, Yan Mingkong had not only inherited the Ancient Gods Clan’s martial arts, but also cultivated the Nether Sword Technique.

Chen Luoyang didn’t seem to have crippled his Nether Sword Technique cultivation. Therefore, even though Yan Mingkong was severely injured, he still retained his Martial Saint cultivation.

If Yan Mingkong could adjust to the changes in his body, then her current strength could not be underestimated.

It could even be said that only a handful of people in the entire Ancient Gods Clan could defeat her.

After all, it was rumored that she had defeated Blood River Elder Xue Yeyu, who was at the 17th level.

Even though they were both at the 17th realm, Elder Gao did not dare to say that he could definitely defeat Xue Yeyu, who was also an elder of the Holy Land.

When Chen Luoyang heard Zhang Tianheng’s report, he was very calm.

This was exactly what he wanted to see. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Yan Mingkong leave so easily.

“I’ll leave the pursuit to Azure Dragon.” Chen Luoyang casually instructed, “”However, the first priority is still to find out where Senior Jiang is.”

“Yes, Sect Master.” Lian Buyi bowed.

“Cult Master, we must be wary of this woman secretly plotting to assassinate our people and take revenge.” Elder Gao was a little worried. ” That won’t happen. ” Chen Luoyang smiled. ” She only has one target. ‘ This person is you…Elder Gao understood and nodded silently.

“Reporting to Cult Master, after tidying up, we discovered a strange thing.” Zhang Tianheng continued.

“Speak.” Chen Luoyang’s fingers tapped lightly on the armrest of the chair.

“Yes.” Zhang Tianheng glanced at Elder Gao and reported, “”Cult Master, Elder He is also missing.”

The sound of Chen Luoyang’s fingers tapping on the armrest of the chair came to an abrupt halt.

Lian Bu Yi and Elder Gao were stunned.

The so-called Elder He was called He Sen, also known as ” Absent Sun “. He was one of the four peak Martial Saints of the Ancient Gods Clan, on par with Zheng Chi, Peng Feng, and Du Qiming.

In this era, he was the person with the highest attainments in the Sky-Stealing Sun -Shifting Grand Magic in the Ancient Gods Clan, except for the former Hierarch Jiang Yi.

The Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Technique was extremely difficult to cultivate. Before Chen Luoyang cultivated it, there were only three people in the current world who had cultivated this technique.

Apart from Jiang Yi and Lin Yan, there was Elder He Sen.

This old man had been cultivating in seclusion ten years ago and had never come out of seclusion.

Today, the tribe leader had come to invade, and it was the arrival of a powerhouse. Therefore, the entire Ancient Gods Clan had been hoping to invite the former Sect Leader, Jiang Yi, to come out of seclusion. In the end, Jiang Yi wasn’t in the headquarters at all. It was all thanks to Chen Luoyang’s timely return that he managed to turn the tide and defeat the tribe leader.

Under the pressure of the tribe leader, a large number of buildings and cave abodes in the headquarters had collapsed and been destroyed.

After that, when the people of Ancient Gods Clan checked and sorted out, they found that Elder He’s cave dwelling was also damaged.

Everyone was worried that Elder He, who was in seclusion, would be disturbed and injured. They hurriedly went forward to check, but they were all shocked.

The cave abode was empty.

Zhang Tianheng and the others were shocked and quickly searched the surroundings, but they found nothing.

Not only was Jiang Yi, who was supposed to be in seclusion, not in the headquarters, but Elder He, who was also supposed to be in seclusion, was also missing.

“I’ve searched inside and out, but I can’t find Elder He. Moreover, there’s no trace of blood or battle.” Zhang Tianheng reported. ” Although the cave abode suffered external damage, the interior is clean and tidy. There’s nothing unusual. Other than the damage caused by the tribe leader today, there’s no other damage.

Elder Gao took a deep breath. ” Senior Brother He, it seems like you’ve come out of seclusion long ago. Then, you left quietly. ‘

But why did he do that?

Where was he now?

Elder Gao’s heart was heavy. Too many strange things had happened in the sect, making him worried.

The Ancient Gods Clan was in a precarious situation.

They had finally managed to repel the tribe leader’s attack, and a new generation elite like Chen Luoyang had appeared. However, their own big shot had gone missing.

At the same time, with Zheng Chi’s rebellion and He Sen’s disappearance, half of the four eighteenth level grand elders were gone.

Not counting the deaths of Lin Yan, Hou Jingfei, and the rest, the four hall masters had changed almost every time…

Lian Buyi didn’t say anything, but his expression was also solemn.

“Dong dong dong dong…”

At this moment, the sound of Chen Luoyang’s fingers tapping on the armrest of the chair rang out once again.

“Pass down my order. All disciples of our sect, other than Senior Jiang, also search for Elder He’s whereabouts.” Chen Luoyang said indifferently, ” Elder He might have some unspeakable difficulties, or he might have his own plans. I hope that he can contact the headquarters as soon as possible. If he doesn’t return for a long time and there’s no news, he will also be punished for leaving the sect.

“We will obey Cult Master’s orders.” The three people below answered respectfully.

Chen Luoyang waved his hand and they retreated together.

Cult Master Chen was the only one left in the Sacred Palace.

In the silence, laughter rang out.

Chen Luoyang shook his head and couldn’t help but laugh. ” As expected, you survived.’Reincarnated Godfiend.’ Hur hur. There is indeed a wrong name, but there is no wrong nickname. ”

Cha Jiang Yi himself had used up too much of the nectar in the white jade bottle, but Cha Hesen was different.

The pitiful Elder He had lost his life because of Sect Master Jiang when he was in seclusion, and his life experiences and information had also come to an end.

It was self-evident who the missing “Elder He” was.

Chen Luoyang leaned back on the chair and the smile on his face slowly disappeared. “Then, what did you rely on to survive the Demon Lord’s molt? ” Chen Luoyang’s fingers tapped lightly on the armrest of the chair.

According to what Zheng Chi had said that day, Jiang Yi was a person with wisdom and had preserved his memories of his previous life. Could this have anything to do with this?

Could it be that his knowledge of the Northern Wei Dynasty’s secret method of strengthening the baptism came from his wisdom?

So, he was a member of the Northern Wei royal family in his previous life?

Speaking of which, since it was confirmed that Jiang Yi survived, then the one who died back then was the former Palace Lord of the Black Water Palace, Ling Cang.

Now, the old palace lord of the Black Water Absolute Palace, Ji Tianqiong, had been reinstated. He could also be sure that it was him and not Ling Cang.

The page of the Heavenly Book that Ling Cang had obtained was most likely in Ji Tianqiong’s hands.

What about the black coffin?

Where was Chen Chuhua?

Chen Luoyang frowned slightly as he pondered..

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