I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

Chapter 282 - Chapter 282: 281. I’m Forcing Him to Face Me!

Chapter 282: 281. I’m Forcing Him to Face Me!

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Looking at Master Dao Origin, Li Yanjing’s eyes revealed sadness.

However, his movements didn’t stop at all. Instead, the Ksitigarbha

Bodhisattva statue faced Chen Luoyang and Houtu Xiang.

Ten glowing treasure wheels suddenly flew out of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s body!

The ten treasure wheels formed a suppressive force that caused Chen Luoyang’s Empress Earth Form to slow down.


At this moment, Chen Luoyang could vaguely sense that in this underground world, Li Yanjing, who had transformed into Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and spun the ten wheels and ten vows, seemed to have signs of turning from a guest to a master.

At the same time, Yang Xuan of the Heavenly River Lineage and Cheng Qiyuan, the Third Prince of South Chu, also attacked Chen Luoyang.

Chen Luoyang looked at the young man in monk robes and smiled.

Form Hou Earth crossed her fists and shattered the ten treasure wheels in front of her chest with the power to split the world. At the same time, she retreated and disappeared into the darkness again.

Yang Xuan and Cheng Qiyuan were only half a step slower and could only watch as Chen Luoyang disappeared.

“Even faster!” Yang Xuan’s face was ashen.

The young man in monk robes, Li Yanjing, called for the others to approach the three of them.” Not only is it disadvantageous for us here, but he’s also taking advantage of us. Not only is the power of ‘Houtu’ in the Divine Martial Devil Fist multiplied, but his movement also seems to ignore the distance between us. ‘

The Third Prince of South Chu, Cheng Qiyuan, looked around vigilantly. “”What exactly is this place?”

While the righteous path people were vigilant, the demonic path people felt even more uncomfortable.

They could only choose to join Li Yanjing, Yang Xuan, and Cheng Qiyuan. Chen Luoyang, who appeared and disappeared unpredictably and whose strength had soared, was now the common enemy of everyone.

Everyone was trapped in this mysterious underground world. If there was any internal strife, the happiest person would undoubtedly be Chen Luoyang.

Before entering the mortal world, everyone thought that such a powerful lineup should be able to easily capture a person at the fourteenth realm. It was really making a mountain out of a molehill by putting in such a huge effort.

The righteous path’s plan was to get rid of Chen Luoyang while preventing the Red Dust Ancient Gods Sect from interfering. They would also find an opportunity to get rid of Misery, Blood River, and the other demonic path members that had descended upon the Divine Lands.

The opponent that the demonic path people were most wary of wasn’t Chen Luoyang, but the righteous path like the Heavenly River, Western Paradise, and South Chu.

They even had the idea of taking advantage of the time when the righteous path was dealing with Chen Luoyang to make a profit in the Divine Lands before leaving.

But no matter what they were thinking, everyone seemed to have reached a consensus.

At the very least, Chen Luoyang was dead.

It was hard to say about the other variables, but this matter was beyond doubt.

But now, everyone had stepped into the pit together and could not climb out for a long time.

Nothing had happened to Chen Fan. He was full of vigor and vitality. He had even stolen the lives of the three people on their side.

What was worse was that no one seemed to be able to find a proper way to deal with it.

If they couldn’t reverse the situation, then the result would be that even more people would die at Chen Luoyang’s hands.

Under such circumstances, even if Yang Xuan, who was the most stubborn, didn’t save the people of the Demon Dao, he wouldn’t target them for the time being. Instead, he would focus all his attention on Chen Luoyang.

Elder Long of the Dark Imperial Palace approached the three balls of light in the distance.

Usually, he would find the people of the righteous path an eyesore, but now, he could only lower his head. Who asked the demonic path to not have a person who could stand against Chen Luoyang?

However, at this moment, a silent blade reached his back.

Elder Long’s back was instantly hit by the hidden Shadow Moon.

However, Chen Luoyang raised his eyebrows slightly.

This was because he felt that his blade had not hit the actual target.

It was as if he had only struck a phantom.

Elder Long’s body was cut in half, but he turned into two black shadows.

One of the black shadows revealed Great Elder Long’s appearance once again, while the other black shadow seemed to have merged with the surrounding black fog and swept toward Chen Luoyang!

Grand Elder Long’s face paled slightly, but his gaze was cold.

In the darkness of this underground world, although his cultivation base was suppressed, the Dark Shadow Freedom Art of the Dark Emperor Hall was similar to the Mahayana Ksitigarbha Ten Chakra Scripture of the western paradise. He could borrow some strength from it.

There were all kinds of martial arts in the world.

Some martial arts could often play an unexpected role under special circumstances.

At this moment, First Elder Long was borrowing his ultimate technique to avoid Chen Luoyang’s traceless assassination attack. At the same time, he was also counterattacking.

Chen Luoyang’s Hou Tu Xiang shattered the black shadow that was sweeping towards him with a punch.

However, with the previous three examples, First Elder Long was clearly more prepared.

The black shadow shattered, and in the extreme darkness, an extreme brilliance appeared!

This light was extremely bright. In an instant, it was almost as bright as Yang Xuan’s sword light and Cheng Qiyuan’s flame.

Its power might not be comparable to those two, but this extreme light power concept was just right to shine in the current environment.

The ultimate technique of the Dark Imperial Palace, the Finger of Extreme Darkness, Light of Extreme Darkness!

In the extreme darkness, there was extreme light.

Although it was just a little bit of light, it turned the boundless darkness into endless light.

The two sides were so close that the radiance even illuminated Chen Luoyang’s face.

The resplendent pillar of light completely enveloped Chen Luoyang and Minister Hou Tu.

Chen Luoyang didn’t mind. He continued to use the Indestructible Godfiend Body to resist First Elder Long’s Extreme Darkness Finger. He didn’t waste any time and forcefully killed this opponent.

After receiving the power of the underground world, Minister Hou Tu punched at Elder Long.

First Elder Long turned into a shadow and tried to escape.

However, the heavy power of Houtu was comparable to Zhurong in this aspect.

The huge fist produced a strong gravitational force that pulled Elder Long in.

Then, the terrifying fist hit Elder Long.

First Elder Long used the Shadow Freedom Technique to try his best to neutralize the power of Hou Tu’s Fist.

However, this attack was much stronger than the Shadow Moon Blade attack just now.

No matter how skilled Elder Long was, he wouldn’t be beaten until he vomited blood.

However, this Old Devil was truly tenacious and vicious. Even though he was heavily injured, he still transformed into a shadow to restrain Chen Luoyang’s Form of Earth.

At the same time, after Chen Luoyang used the Indestructible Godfiend Body to resist Great Elder Long’s Extreme Darkness Finger, another blood shadow appeared behind him.

First Elder Long’s attack was clearly a cover for this person!

It was a young man dressed in blood-red clothes.

The direct descendant of the Blood River, the Lonely Blood Village!

A pair of jade-white hands pressed onto the dark golden Godfiend Image that enveloped Chen Luoyang.

The palms of his hands were red.

It was dark and deep, vast and evil.

It was like a bottomless sea of blood on both sides.

A massive corrosive force was emitted from the palms, intending to disintegrate Chen Luoyang’s Indestructible Celestial Demon Body!

Threads of dark golden light scattered from the God-Devil Form and were sucked into the blood ocean in the Lone Blood Village’s palms.

The Indestructible Fiendgod Body was all-rounded and had almost no weaknesses.

The western paradise, the South Chu Empire, and the other major powers had never given up on researching the method to break through the formation.

However, if he had to find a strong enemy or even a nemesis for the Immortal Body of Gods and Demons, the first one to bear the brunt would be the Ancient Gods Clan’s own Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Skill.

One of the main reasons why this absolute art could be on par with the Godfiend Blood was that it could face the Indestructible Godfiend Body head-on.

The defense of the Undying Godfiend Body was the foundation of Godfiend blood.

If this defense wasn’t stable, then the Divine Martial Devil Fist’s attack couldn’t be unrestrained.

Everything in the world had its own principles.

It was different from the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Grand Magic, but the

Limitless Blood Sea, which had similar effects, could also have the same effect.

At this moment, the Lone Blood Village had borrowed Great Elder Long’s cover to successfully obtain an opportunity to absorb Chen Luoyang’s force.

Chen Luoyang’s expression remained calm when faced with this vicious sneak attack as though he was looking at a mosquito.

Then, the Lone Blood Village discovered that even though they had stolen a large amount of Chen Luoyang’s strength, the other party’s strength didn’t decrease at all. It was as though it was endless.



But wasn’t this too thick?

No matter how strong you are, no matter how strong your recovery ability is, there should be a loss and then a replenishment, right?

What was going on?

The Lone Blood Village was stunned, but at the same time, they also became ruthless.

He didn’t let go of his hand and retreat conservatively. Instead, he was determined to walk down this path to the end and used all his strength to urge his Limitless Blood Sea to extract Chen Luoyang’s strength.

I will only get stronger as I fight, and the power of the Limitless Blood Sea will also get stronger. It all depends on whether you can hold on!

The Lone Blood Village gritted their teeth.

The biggest reason for him to persevere was that the three great experts of the western paradise, Li Yanjing, Heavenly River, Yang Xuan, and South Chu, Cheng Qiyuan, had already pounced towards Chen Luoyang.

Chen Luoyang’s expression didn’t change. He seemed to turn a blind eye to the ‘blood-sucking’ Lone Blood Village.

He punched out with both fists.

Three consecutive moves of “Houtu” were used to deal with Li Yanjing and the other two.

Li Yanjing and Cheng Qiyuan stopped to fight.

Yang Xuan’s sword momentum did not stop, and it was extremely fierce.

He risked his injuries to continue slashing at Chen Luoyang!

The stars shattered like the Milky Way, and the starlight scattered in all directions.

However, the resplendent sword light that was like a galaxy continued to charge toward Chen Luoyang.

Facing this sword, Chen Luoyang had the same feeling as when he faced Li Yanjing’s monk staff.

In terms of attack power and destructive power, he was probably above the young man.

It gave off the feeling that if they were not in the underground world created by this mysterious talisman decree, this sword would have pierced through the Divine Lands ‘sky like a galaxy falling to the ground. It would also pierce through the earth and bring about the apocalypse to this world.

Chen Luoyang smiled when he saw this.

His right hand was still Houtu, but his left hand had changed into a fist stance.

A tall god with a human face, tiger claws, white hair, a snake on his left ear, and two dragons appeared.

It was Rushou!

The moment Rushou appeared, Yang Xuan’s sword momentum was immediately affected and was no longer stable.

The direct disciple of the Heavenly River shouted and instantly stabilized his sword momentum.

Unlike ” Houtu ” who had obtained the blessing of this world, Chen Luoyang’s Rushou ” was still at the fourteenth realm, so its influence on Yang Xuan, who was at the fifteenth realm, was limited.

However, Chen Luoyang had only paused for a moment before he seized the opportunity and punched the heavily injured Great Elder Long to death!

Then, he retreated once again, disappearing into the boundless darkness along with the Lone Blood Village..

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