I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

Chapter 725 - Chapter 725: Indeed, I… Have a Little Network in the Flame Domain (1)

Chapter 725: Indeed, I… Have a Little Network in the Flame Domain (1)

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[49 hours, 21 minutes and 29 seconds before Fallen Abyss Descends]

“Yuuko! Yuuko, where are you? Big… Did everyone see a little girl who was so tall and wearing a light-colored floral dress? She’s our daughter. She was clearly here just now…”

“Yuuko! Yuuko, where did you go! I’m about to board the ship! Yuuko! Stop fooling around and come back!

Shinai Island was located on the map of the Thousand Islands in the shape of the moon. The small island at the edge of the moon was also the first area to be evacuated.

At this moment, at the edge of the dock, an anxious couple was constantly turning their heads to look around while shouting loudly.

There were many bags of belongings beside them. Such a configuration was common among the residents of Shinai Island who were escaping.

Looking at the current situation, it was probably because the evacuation was too rushed and sudden that the couple really did not have the energy to look after the child when they were carrying the luggage. In the end, when they turned around, they found that their daughter was gone.


“Hey! Stop screaming! Yes, I’m talking about you!” A burly man with an impatient face interrupted the couple.

His burly body walked in front of the couple, crossed his arms, and snorted coldly.

“Are you guys going on board or not? There were still many people waiting behind the ship. Everyone knew that it was a race against time. Those sea monsters could come at any time!”

“But…But our daughter…” The husband looked at the burly man’s burly body and fierce expression. He was a little afraid, but he still resisted the urge to ask for more time.

Unfortunately, the burly man interrupted him.

“Hehe, since you’ve lost your daughter and you’re still so worried, then stay and wait for the next batch of ships. We’ll go up first!”

“No, I can’t! Wait, wait a minute!”

The number of ships in the Three Courts was limited, and they could only pick up people in batches. As for the order, it was random. The couple was lucky to get the last few seats in the first batch of ships. If they didn’t board now, who knew when they would have to wait for the next trip. It was even hard to say if there would be a next trip.

“Get lost! Don’t block the way!” Unfortunately, the burly man did not seem to stop. Or rather, this was his original goal.

After kicking down the husband who was blocking the way, he ignored the wife’s cries and wanted to take over the couple’s boat with a few subordinates.

Fortunately, at this moment…

“What are you doing? Stop, you guys! Do you want to cut the line?!”

Just as the brawny man was thinking this, he saw a group of fully armed foreigners from the corner of his eye.

When the players arrived at the scene and understood the situation, they immediately sent people to help the couple find their daughter.

With the help of the system, the players were very familiar with this kind of search mission. Soon, they found a little girl with her hands and feet tied and a towel covering her mouth in a warehouse near the dock. Her eyes were full of tears.

Obviously, this was not an ordinary case of getting lost. Someone had done this deliberately.

Realizing this, the players hurriedly sent the little girl back. The couple saw their daughter and cried on the spot. As expected, the little girl pointed out on the spot that the criminal who had kidnapped her while her parents were not paying attention was the burly man.

When the brawny man and his party saw that their plan had been exposed, they wanted to escape. Unfortunately, with the current strength of the players, they were more than enough to deal with the villains. They were brought to justice in a few moves.

“Thank you, thank you so much! I’m really sorry. In the past, I always treated you as refugees, outsiders who wanted to seize our hometown. I was very xenophobic towards you, but now I know that I was wrong. You’re all good people, very good people. If it weren’t for you today, Yuuko… The best child, she may be the best child Wuwuwu…”

The couple sobbed as they thanked the players.

It was obvious that the brawny man’s plan was to lose their daughter and make them give up their precious boat position, then he would naturally take over.

If it were any other person from the Three Supreme Executors, they wouldn’t have the time to help find the child in such an emergency. They wouldn’t have the patience to think about the tricks involved. It was no wonder that the couple thanked him so much.

“Big brother…Crab… You guys are Yuuko’s band, band heroes!”The little loli also gratefully hugged the stranger brother who had saved her from the dark warehouse with her chubby little hands.

For a moment, the player’s face turned red.

After the Six Paths Robe’s request and the Fox-faced Witch’s intervention, the players temporarily listened to the orders of the Three Executors and cooperated with them to evacuate the Thousand Islands citizens.

However, rather than saying that they were cooperating, it was more accurate to say that the players were the main force.

Not only did they fulfill their duties, but they were also extremely fair and honest.

Some high-ranking officials wanted to bribe the players, hoping that the players would provide them with convenience. If it was the Three Pursuing, they might have done it in secret. For example, they would sell the supplies and use the boats that were supposed to save their lives to store the furniture and antiques of the rich. For example, they would extort money and not arrange the boats unless they paid enough money…

However, the unfavorable methods of these wealthy businessmen and nobles in the past were met with a wall on the foreigners ‘side. It was as if these foreigners were really stupid. Not only did they not accept this obvious win-win benefit, but they even reported and arrested them, treating the threats of these nobles as a joke.

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