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Chapter 571 - Chapter 571: Conflict… Aura

Chapter 571: Conflict… Aura

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The mermaid princesses were carried away. Their fate was to become Meredith’s playthings. Perhaps when he got tired of them, he would give them to his subordinates.

This was very common in the Ossaide Dimension. Although civilization had developed to a high level, this society did not even care about the lives of the lower-class residents, let alone protecting the human rights of the indigenous creatures of the other dimension.

It was not illegal to treat intelligent creatures as ingredients in the Ossaide Plane.

The reason why the Azure Planet’s people did not have the same miserable state as the mermaid princess was because they were in the Southern


On the one hand, it was because the humans and Ossaids were very similar in appearance. On the other hand, it was also because there was nothing special about the flesh and blood of the humans.

” Lord Meredith,” Mathilda stepped forward and said,” I wonder which family’s son will be able to take the lead in this genius selection battle. Do you have a candidate in mind?””

Apart from a few batches, the final winners of the genius battles were basically all disciples of large families.

After all, regardless of talent, the influence of the family on a young expert’s growth was very far-reaching.

Meredith smiled.” Our Gabriel Clan doesn’t have any outstanding missions this year. What about your Cecil Clan?”

This was just a humble remark. He couldn’t possibly praise his clansmen right away, right?

Mathilda was Yemen clear in her heart, but she couldn’t say anything at this time. She couldn’t say that her Cecil descendants were very strong, right?

Although this was the truth in his opinion, it would probably cause Lord Meredith to be unhappy.

Just as the atmosphere was a little cold, a commotion suddenly broke out in the outside world.

Meredith drank his wine indifferently. At his current position, some small things were not enough to move him.

“Lord Meredith, I will go out and deal with this. These people dare to disturb Lord’s banquet, they deserve to die! ”

Mathilda stormed out in a rage. She still dared to cause trouble at this time. She was completely disrespecting him and the Cecil Clan!

At the city gate, Yang Xi was helplessly looking at the little female dragon baring her teeth and glaring at a white-haired girl.

The group behind her was a group of people from the Alfonso family.

It turned out that when Yang Xi’s group of five entered the city, the clansmen of Alfonso Clan had a misunderstanding when they saw Needham’s group of five on Sabrina’s dragon. They thought that their clansmen were kidnapped and attacked the fairy dragon.

They couldn’t be blamed for being so impulsive. After the battle with the Blackscreen Demon Sparrow, Needham and the other two weren’t in a good state. They looked like they had been ravaged.

After all, even Needham, who was a priest, had almost overdrawn his strength in the battle.

Therefore, he only treated their injuries simply and did not carry out any in-depth treatment. He planned to come to Yellow Wind City to let his clan’s experts treat them so that they would not fall ill.

However, she had not imagined that this white-haired girl could be so hot-tempered as she punched Sabrina so hard that she almost passed out.

If Yang Xi hadn’t stabilized himself, they might have been affected on the dragon’s back.

“This little girl’s strength is actually not inferior to Sabrina’s. She’s probably the leader of the Alfonso family. ”

“What are they thinking? They let such a hot-tempered guy lead the team. If they provoke an expert, they might be wiped out. ”

However, the probability of this happening was still very small. There were not many experts in Muyang Region who had comprehended more than 7% of the Laws.

The reason why Yang Xi was able to see it one after another was not only because he happened to encounter the muzzle of a gun, but also because of this genius selection competition.

The leaders of the other families were probably also experts of this level. Of course, there might be an even stronger existence in the dark. Who knew?

” What are you doing?!!”

With a big bump on her head, Sabrina’s eyes were full of fury. Apparently, she was on the verge of going berserk.

The white-haired girl snorted coldly and took the trio away from Yang Xi’s side.” You two have guts. You even dare to bully my boss’s disciple!””

It sounded like she was still with Master Damon.

“When did I bully them?!! ”

Sabrina successfully went berserk as her body expanded by one punch.

She didn’t know if it was because she was angry or because she felt wronged.

She and Lord Chen Long had obviously gone to save these three little fellows, and they had even split their peacock legs! !!

This white-haired man actually dared to slander her!

“Don’t tell me…’

The white-haired girl wanted to continue the confrontation, but she was pulled back by Aphra, who had just been rescued.

Behind him, Needham and Peter anxiously explained, “”Sir Lin Dong, they are our saviors. You are mistaken! ”

” Yes, yes!!!”

“Uh… Did I make a mistake?” The white-haired girl pointed at herself and said,” Did I misunderstand them?”

Awkward feelings surged into his heart, and the Alfonso family’s 4th rank powerhouse, Linsay’s expression collapsed.

This, this, this…How should this end!

The Alfonso family, who had originally planned to fight Yang Xi and the others valiantly, was also somewhat embarrassed.

This time, the Alfonso family had lost a lot of face.

“That…This…” The white-haired girl’s face was red, and she was a little uneasy.

She didn’t have the domineering aura that she had just now.

“Go to hell!”

Sabrina would not stand it anymore. Her only thought was to tear this white-haired girl who slapped her face into pieces.

The dragon claw brought with it a terrifying pressure as it clawed at the white-haired girl’s face.

The spectators all felt their hearts palpitate. One could imagine how much pressure Lin Dong had to bear when facing Sabrina’s claw.

“You… Don’t do it! Let’s talk things out!”

Helplessly, Linsay pulled out his heavy sword and used the back of the sword to block the little female dragon’s hateful claw.

Feeling that she was in the wrong, she didn’t even aim her light element at Sabrina. She just tilted her sword downward in a defensive posture, trying to get rid of this power.

However, the little female dragon did not hold back at all.

Her physical strength was enough to catch Yang Xilian, let alone the white-haired girl who was of similar strength.

Without any suspense, this fourth step Holy Knight of the Alfonso Family was sent flying like a cannonball.

Without any pause, the expensive array on the city wall only lit up.

When the dust settled, everyone could even see the scene in the city through the layers of holes.

The white-haired girl fell from the trunk of the ” Great Elven Tree “, the landmark building of Yellow Wind City. If it wasn’t for the Great Elven Tree that had strengthened countless forest magic, she might have flown for a long time.

Even someone as strong as her felt a pain in her internal organs. She coughed a few times, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

“This Faerie Dragon is so powerful!”

The flames of war burned in the white-haired Lin Dong’s heart. It had been a long time since she had met such an evenly matched opponent.

As for the others, she was either unable to beat him or she was unable to beat him.

Apparently, Sabrina had lost her mind. She suddenly rose into the air and rushed towards Linsay at a higher speed.

Lin Dong felt that she had already returned the punch. Now that her opponent had launched another attack, she would not just stand there and take a beating.

The battle between the two Type 4 experts was about to break out, causing the geniuses from all over Muyang Region to be unable to take their eyes off it.

Most of them came from small families, and among them, there were only a few more powerful patriarchs whose strength was at the upper stage of tier 4.

If there was no special reason, a powerhouse of this level would not easily attack.

The white-haired Lin and the fairy Long Sha Bai Lin could be said to be the weirdos in this category.

And these two weirdos actually bumped into each other.

“Wow, so a Tier 4 battle is so exciting? Could it be that the ones I saw before were all fake tier 4?”

“Hehe, where did this country bumpkin come from? Don’t you know that every 1% difference in comprehension of the fourth step is a huge difference in strength? This kind of battle between high-stage Tier 4 experts was naturally different from those early-stage experts. If the two of them continued to fight, even Yellow Wind City might be destroyed in this battle. ”

“This paladin is a lord of the Alfonso family, and this powerhouse with the

Fairy Dragon bloodline should be a subordinate of Lord Meredith, right?”

In the crowd, some knowledgeable onlookers revealed the identities of the two.

This time, the onlookers became even more excited.

The confrontation between several overlord-level big families had always been something that small families liked to see.

After all, their actions in their respective territories were too overbearing, and there were many small families who had been bullied.

Seeing them fight each other was like seeing dogs fighting each other.

These two female Type 4 experts had only exchanged a few blows and easily cleared out an empty space within Yellow Wind City.

It was unknown which unlucky alchemy material shops had suffered heavy losses.

However, with the way the overlord families acted, their losses should be compensated.

After all, to a major force of this level, reputation was much more important than a few coins.

Sabrina didn’t gain any advantage when she fought with Linsay.

Paladins, in the Alfonso family’s system, were known for their rough skin and thick flesh.

Not to mention that Lin Dong was an outstanding practitioner of Paladin’s

Meditation. Although she couldn’t match Sabrina who had the bloodline of Faerie Dragon in terms of strength, with the support of light element, they could fight each other hand-to-hand.

Yang Xi was itching to join the battle.

“Lord Carmen, hurry up and stop the two of them. If they continue fighting, it won’t be good if something happens!”

Aphra begged.

Even though she was nominally the master of the day, the seed of the day, Lord Damon, but in her daily life, the one who taught her the most, was still this Lord Linsay who had a temper as bad as a stinking stone.

The reason why Lyndsey was so angry was because he saw the damage to Aphra’s armor. It was obvious that it had been destroyed by the enemy in a playful manner.

This kind of ” super short battle skirt ” with bare thighs might be a kind of teasing and evil interest.

She was right about this.

The Blackscreen Demon Sparrow, who was wrapped in negative emotions, was indeed playing with Aphra and destroyed her armor and battle skirt.

After all, it had eaten many experts and absorbed their negative emotions.

Among the negative emotions, lust was one of the stronger ones.

Yang Xi shook his head.” I’m sorry. With my strength, I can’t stop the two of them for the time being. ”

With his strength, he could definitely organize a fight between Lin dsay and the little female dragon, but that didn’t fit his current ” Carmen ” persona.

He was waiting to use Carmen’s identity to get close to Meredith and catch him off guard.

If he was exposed for such a “small matter”, the gains would not make up for the losses.

Besides, he had beaten Sabrina much harder than Lin Dong before he used the Bewitching Power Upanishad.

Sabrina was still alive and kicking.

As for whether or not Alfonso’s family’s Linsay could take it, what did it have to do with Yang Xi?

Speaking of which, Yang Xi hated this kind of guy who didn’t know his place.

It was good to teach her a lesson. She shouldn’t always rely on her strength to cause trouble.

Yang Xi did not make a move, but Mathilda, who had rushed over, was furious. She only wanted to twist the heads of the two troublemakers off.

These two fellows dared to attack in front of the Great Spirit Tree, showing no respect for the Cecil Clan at all.

However, he was the organizer of this competition after all, so he was familiar with the leader of the Alfonso family.

“This Lin Dong really doesn’t know his place. Can he fight at this time and

“Her opponent looks a little familiar! ”

Mathilda didn’t remember Sabrina’s identity at this moment. After all, Sabrina was not on the list of people who came to Yellow Wind City this time.

However, he soon noticed Yang Xi, who was watching the show in the crowd.

“That Ent is Lord Meredith’s most capable subordinate, Brother Carmen! ‘This pink dragon is indeed Sabrina the Fairy Dragon. It’s as brainless as the rumors

He hurriedly flew to Yang’s side,” Brother Carmen, you’d better stop your companion. Otherwise, Sabrina would have to suffer a bit if her family blamed her.

Although Yang Xi didn’t know this guy, he didn’t reveal any flaws.” Brother, you saw it too. These two women are extremely fierce. With our strength, we’ll have to pay a price if we want to block them. ”

‘ How can this be good!!!”

Mathilda was no longer as relaxed as she was when she presented the twin mermaid princesses. She was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

Yang Xi chuckled.” Lord Meredith should be here, right?” With his strength, he could definitely stop these two fools from continuing to fight. ”

This sentence reminded Mathilda.

Just now, he had fallen into the habit of thinking and only wanted to resolve the matter as soon as possible so as not to affect Lord Meredith’s enjoyment of the banquet.

But wasn’t the one causing trouble his subordinates?

He had the obligation to make a move!

Mathilda, who felt that she was no longer sticky, heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly flew into the city.

In a short while, a towering aura rose from the inner city.

Meredith released a part of her qi, which was enough for Sabrina to stop.

Yang Xi looked at the pillar of light that shot into the sky and felt a chill in his heart. This Meredith really had some skills.

Just this bit of aura that leaked out was completely different from the usual stinky fish and rotten prawns.


Yang Xi’s heart was burning with fighting spirit!

His goal for coming to the Ossaide Dimension was finally close to being achieved.

After the battle in the Southern Continent, he had become much stronger.. He had to properly meet an empyrean seed!

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