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Chapter 262 - Chapter 262: 261 The so-called genius is just like this (2in-I chapter)

Chapter 262: 261 The so-called genius is just like this (2in-I chapter)

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The raindrops landed on the hard surface of the arena, and they actually sank into it as if they were passing through tofu. It was bottomless!

This penetrative power was not much weaker than Si Yu’s Water Metal Cannon, but it lacked the final explosive effect.

However, Yang Xi’s Wave Breaking Sea Splitting Kick was even more powerful under the amplification of his grade S internal strength!

It was just a small kick, but the sharpness of it made all the audience’s hair stand on end, as if Yang Xi’s leg was a razor that had been polished to the extreme!

Even the bystanders had the illusion that there was a knife on their back. Tantai Yao, who was facing this move directly, had a huge change in expression. A feeling of difficulty rose in her heart.


“This guy was only ranked 30th on the Four Seas Ranking a few days ago. After taking that leveling-type ability drug, doesn’t he have time to digest the power he just obtained?”

At this moment, her moves were already used up. If she dodged, it would only leave Yang Xi with an empty spot. Not only would she be injured, but she would also lose face. This was the result that Tantai Yao did not want!

Therefore, she gritted her teeth and, at the cost of the backlash, raised her sword and blocked Yang Xi’s kick at the critical moment!


The sound produced by the collision was completely different from the sound of a foot colliding with a sword.

It was more like two sharp weapons clashing. The sharp sound made people want to cover their ears!

The Rain Flower Sword was bent at a 120-degree angle by Yang Xi’s move. Thanks to the sword aura that gushed out of its body, the power of the Wave Breaking Sea Kick bypassed Tantai Yao and slashed diagonally towards the arena.

Yang Xi stepped on the body of the Yuhua sword and used the recoil to gracefully flip over and land on the ground. His hands were still behind his back as he looked at Tantai Yao who was half-kneeling on the ground with a smile.

This woman’s soul tool was not bad, and her attack methods were also very strange. However, Yang Xi had S-class internal strength and moves, and he also had third-tier spiritual power to cheat. He also had the seventh sense Vermilion Bird to provide ” big data ” support behind him. The rain flowers seemed to be numerous, but all the trajectories were predicted by Vermilion Bird with a single glance.

Coupled with Mei Hui’s upgraded Mystic Trace Plum Blossom Steps, these raindrops that could smash into a person’s body were easily resolved by Yang



A dividing line appeared behind Tantai Yao. Smoke and dust rose everywhere. Two smooth slopes appeared on the stage as if it had been cut by a high-pressure water knife. Only a small path slightly wider than Tantai Yao remained!


Tantai Yao’s face was bloodshot. It was the trace of energy that she had just released.

Smelling the faint scent of blood on her nose, Tantai Yao spat out a mouthful of blood. This was the backlash from forcefully straightening the Rainflower Sword.

She felt a lingering fear. If the Rain Flower Sword had not blocked this kick, she would have been cut in half.

She touched the white mark on her soul tool sword. This was the second time her soul tool had been damaged. The last time something like this happened was when she fought with the number one person among the younger generation of the Freedom Alliance, Ouyang Xuan.

The damage to the soul tool this time would probably require him to use his own strength to nourish it for half a month before it could recover.

Looking unwillingly at the special ability medicine on the stage, Tantai Yao withdrew her soul tool, cupped her hands, flipped off the stage, and returned to the Tantai family’s stands without saying a word.

Ning glanced at the area that Yang Xi had destroyed, and he put away his underestimation.

“I’m afraid that under the effect of the leveling-up ability drug, Yang Xi’s strength is no longer below mine! ”

Yang Xi smiled and said,” If there’s anyone else who wants to challenge me, come up quickly. The effect of the ability medicine is very short. You can’t wait any longer.

Everyone turned their gazes towards Chris and Ji Ning. Amongst the youths present, only the two of them had the qualifications to go up on stage.

Chris was still chatting with his little sister, as if he was here to join in the fun.

Ning cursed to himself. In the end, he still couldn’t bear to give up on the ability medicine. He leapt onto the arena.

“Yang Xi, hitting a woman isn’t a skill. It’s better to let our men from the four seas fight you! ”

Ning’s words were clearly meant to provoke Tantai Yao. He knew that this woman hated it when others said such things.

As expected, when he said this, not only Tantai Yao, but even Ji Yourong and the other girls all looked at him with displeased gazes.

Ning didn’t care at all about the unfriendly gazes of the women.

Yang Xi was a little speechless. He decided to get rid of this guy as soon as possible. ”

Ning let out a cold snort, then activated his Inherited Ability [Flying Fire Thunderbolt]. A streak of fiery light exploded out from behind him, and he instantly crossed several meters. He stepped on the flames, and with lightning in his hands, he swung his fist towards Yang Xi’s chest.

Yang Xi didn’t use any movement techniques to dodge Ning’s menacing attack. Instead, he circulated his inner qi and used the [Dragon Subduing Devil Hand] technique to grab Ning’s wrist. Although his hand was numb from the

lightning, he still couldn’t move.

Using her shoulder as a pivot, she threw him to the ground.

Ning, who had lost his balance, didn’t panic in the slightest. He stomped down with both feet, causing a ball of fire to explode out from beneath his feet. He actually managed to forcibly stop himself from falling. Lightning energy erupted from his hands, transforming his fist into a claw as he viciously clawed towards Yang Xi’s heart.

Yang Xi responded calmly, channeling his inner qi into his hands and grabbing Ning’s claw that was flashing with lightning.

The internal strength and the lightning were mutually offset, and the situation was in a deadlock!

“This is Ji Ning’s killer move, the Thunderlight Heart-ripping Claw!” someone below the stage couldn’t help but exclaim.”Back then, he used this exact same move to rip out the heart of an S-class beast while being protected by two S -class Adepts! ”

“How can the power of this lightning force be so strong? It’s simply impossible to open one’s eyes!”

“The Ji Ning in the video on the Four Seas Rankings wasn’t this powerful. Could it be that in the past six months, he’s made another breakthrough?”

There were quite a few experts in the crowd, so there was naturally no lack of people who knew what was good for them. They immediately saw how much Ning had improved.

“With his current age, he has already broken through to [S] class. I’m afraid he can also compete for the top ten positions on the Four Seas Ranking! ”

“The Ji family has produced a monster!”

The words of the many experts beside him made the Ji family members reveal smug expressions. How could their Ji family’s Saint Child be compared to a country bumpkin like Yang Xi who had appeared out of nowhere?

No matter how much the Judgement Organization invested in him, it could not compare to the talent of the pure-blooded heir of the four seas ‘great clans.

“Brother Yang is in danger!” Yin Hai revealed a worried expression. Although Ji Ning was arrogant and domineering, his strength was indeed outstanding.

Qian Miaomiao had once commented that if Ji Ning was willing to calm down and focus on developing his own special ability, then the Freedom Alliance’s sea region would definitely produce a genius who wouldn’t lose to him or Ouyang Xuan.

‘ Brother Yang Xi!” Qian Duoduo said unhappily.” Brother Yang Xi will never lose in the battle of the younger generation!””

Yin Hai didn’t refute him. He just shook his head in a pessimistic manner. In this world, there were only a few people who were invincible among their peers like Qian Miaomiao.

Although Yang Xi was strong, he was still a level below!

The internal force and the lightning force melted each other. Yang Xi felt his hands go numb. He did not expect that although this kid had a foul mouth, his strength was not bad. At least he was much stronger than the Necromancer.

Was this the strength of the best of the younger generation in the four seas?

But… That was it.

With a thought, Yang Xi threw a part of the remaining dark energy into the navy plus-folding special ability bead.

This was something that he had only discovered in the Four Seas region. The difference in dark energy between S-class and SS-class was even greater than the difference in dark energy between F-class and S-class.

Therefore, the difference between an ordinary S-class expert and a Sequence expert was extremely huge. The difference between the experts at the back of the Sequence and the experts in the top 30 of the Sequence could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Ning had quite a bit of dark energy in his possession, even amongst S class experts. Most likely, he had around two thousand units of dark energy more than ordinary S class experts, but Yang Xi had at least a few thousand units of dark energy on him. It wouldn’t take long for him to beat this kid up.

Thus, under Ning’s incredulous gaze, Yang Xi’s internal energy once again increased explosively. He was now twenty percent stronger than when he had just taken the ability medicine!

“You… You’ve also hidden your strength!”

Ning felt as if he had discovered some incredible secret. Before Yang Xi had taken the ability medicine, he had already become as powerful as Ning!

The power that he was currently unleashing was probably enhanced by the ability potion!

” You’re so cunning!!!”

Ning let out a furious roar of unwillingness. His heart-ripping thunderclaw was crushed, and his wrist was gripped tightly by Yang Xi.


Yang Xi’s internal energy was about to crush Ning’s wrist bones. Ning couldn’t help but howl in pain, and with a fierce determination, he sent a flaming whip kick towards Yang Xi’s lower body.

F ** k, a leg that would end one’s bloodline?

No matter how good Yang Xi’s temper was, he was furious. He no longer held back and broke his calf bone. Then, he used a grapple to pin him down on the ring.

Not waiting for Ning to spit out any dirty words, he knocked him unconscious with a knee strike, then casually threw him off the stage.

This scene happened in a flash.

Just a second ago, everyone was still lamenting that the Freedom Alliance’s sea region was about to give birth to another super genius. However, in the next second, he was crushed under Yang Xi’s feet and thrown off the stage like trash.

The entire venue quieted down.

Only Tantai Yao laughed loudly. ”

Originally, after being defeated by Yang Xi. Tantai Yao didn’t have a good

impression of him, but when she saw how ruthless and decisive he had been

when he attacked Ning, her impression of Yang Xi changed.

He took a closer look at Yang Xi’s appearance. He had star-like eyebrows, sword-like eyes, and a face full of righteousness. He was many times more pleasing to the eye than Ning.

Tantai Yao couldn’t help but think, If all the men in the four seas were as handsome as him, why would there be so many troubles?”

The Ji clansmen dejectedly moved Ning away. Ennea Monkey and Vermilion Bird were on the stage, holding the fort. They didn’t dare to say anything.

In addition, the replay on the big screen was very clear. It was because Ning’s attack had been too underhanded that Yang Xi had broken his leg. They weren’t in the right for this matter; it was best for them to leave as soon as possible.

“Honored guests, brother Ji Ning is simply too powerful; I can’t hold back. I hope everyone can forgive me. ”

“Is there anyone else who wants to try?”

As soon as Yang Xi finished speaking, everyone’s eyes turned to Chris.

In fact, the reason why Yang Xi insisted on competing was to test Chris.

After all, when he had descended on Arthur, he had ” personally ” witnessed Chris ‘Spirit Power, which was suspected to be at least Tier 3!

In other words, his strength was very likely to be the highest among the people present except Yang Xi!

Even Nie Xiaoguan, Sequence No. 65, was no match for him.

There must be something wrong with this guy. Yang Xi even planned to deliberately lose the ability drug to him so that he could legitimately put the activated ability bead on him.

Even if this guy hid his strength and lost to him, Yang Xi would still put a sealed ability bead into his body.

In short, as long as this guy fought with Yang Xi, Yang Xi would place the “Ability Bead Locator” on him.

Yang Xi felt that it was worth it to waste an F-class ability bead on a Type 3 expert.

Yang Xi said to Chris,” Brother Green is the only expert on the Four Seas Ranking. Why don’t you come up and give it a try?” He couldn’t possibly let us take the ability medicine ourselves! ”

Below the stage, Qian Duoduo wished that Chris would not go up. If there were more superpower potions, she might be able to get them if she acted coquettishly.

After all, she was still a peripheral member of Judge!

Chris suddenly asked his sister beside him,” Victoria, do you want this Starry Sky Cloak?”

Victoria looked at the introduction of the Starry Sky Potion on the big screen. How could she not want this ability?

But when she thought back to Ning’s miserable state, she still shook her head.”Brother, forget it. You guys will protect me anyway!”

“Haha, it seems that Victoria City wants to try flying by itself?”

He touched Victoria’s blonde hair lovingly.” I’ll go up and try, but I might not win it for you! ”

He didn’t seem to use much strength, but with a light leap, he landed on the stage.

It seemed to be floating down slowly.

Chris’s ability was the Bloodline [Bloody Viscount], a branch of the Blood Clan bloodline. While his body was strong, he also had extraordinary magic abilities. His weakness was that he was afraid of garlic and Holy Light.

The attributes of the God of Light Gloves restrained him a little.

Knowing Chris’s background, Yang Xi didn’t dare to treat him the same as the previous two. He immediately put on his S-class two-star soul device.

The audience watching the live broadcast felt a little strange.

“He clearly defeated Tantai Yao, who was ranked sixteenth on the Four Seas Ranking, and Ji Ning, who was ranked twentieth. Why is Yang Xi so cautious when facing Chris, who is ranked twenty-seventh? You even used your superpower equipment?”

“Idiot, how long has it been since Chris last made a move? His ranking was set a few years ago; perhaps he has hidden himself even more deeply than Ji

“The people in front must be the Freedom Alliance’s water fickle friends, right?

Do you think the Freedom Alliance’s Sea Area is the number one among the Four Great Sea Areas? All of them hid so deeply? Are you saying that the geniuses in our Hero Sea who are ranked at the top of the Four Seas Ranking are all unworthy?”

“I, Tie Xue Hai, am not convinced!”

“Uh, the weak roar of the Chaotic Sea Area, you guys continue…”

“Stop arguing. There is restraint between ability users. The Bloody Viscount, who has magic, still has a certain advantage over Yang Xi. It is understandable for Yang Xi to be cautious. He might want to win this battle without any mistakes and save some expenses for the Judgement Organization! ”

The bullet comments were very noisy, but the scene quieted down in the atmosphere of the confrontation between the two young powerhouses.

Yang Xi took off his microphone and used a voice that only the two of them could hear. He probed,”Lord Vermillion Bird told me to be careful of you. It seems that you have hidden a lot of strength, right?”

Chris looked thoughtfully at Vermilion Bird, who was wearing a dark gold mask.

He was even more certain that the spiritual energy that appeared in the family came from this mysterious person.

Had the Green family been targeted?

Judgement Organization…He really hid his abilities well!

I can’t expose my strength, otherwise, I’m afraid that Ennea Monkey and this

mysterious Vermilion Bird won’t be able to resist!

Chris smiled and said, “Lord Vermillion Bird is too kind. I hope Brother Yang can enlighten me!””

Originally, he wanted to win a potion for Victoria City to play with. Now, he decided to lose normally.

What a pity…He had wanted to study the composition of the Esper Ability Potion!

Yang Xi did not say anything else. Under the surge of internal strength, he threw a punch at Chris!

No matter what this guy was thinking, he should take the opportunity to bury the ability bead first..

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