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Chapter 1771 - 1771 Undercurrent Surges

1771 Undercurrent Surges

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Yanjing, General Staff Department’s courtyard.

Lu Beichen sat in the courtyard drinking tea. Not far away, he could hear the sound of training on the field.

Liang Xianghe sat opposite him, drinking tea and playing chess.

“Are we just going to leave Lin Yi alone, Chief?” Liang Xianghe said.

“I have a lot of things on my hands and don’t have time to bother with him.” Lu Beichen said.

“What’s going on over there? 1 heard that there’s a problem with their business?”

While playing chess, Liang Xianghe briefly told Lu Beichen about what had happened in Panem.

“If that’s the case, it’s a little strange. Those people from the management bureau are deliberately targeting Lin Yi.”

“I know, right? 1 have a feeling that there’s something fishy going on.” “But Lingyun Group hasn’t really made a big move internationally yet The people who had conflicts with them in the past have all been dealt with Moreover, I can’t figure out what kind of force could compel the Canal Authority to act in such a manner.”

“It’s indeed a little strange.” Lu Beichen pondered.

“There are two possibilities.” Liang Xianghe analyzed calmly.

“First, the Canal Authority acted according to the rules and then withheld the goods.”

“If that’s the case, with Lin Yi’s ability, he can handle it himself.” Lu Beichen said.

“After all, those guys will always follow the money. As long as the money is in place, there’s no issue that can’t be solved. Most importantly, after dragging it out for so long, although they have reason and evidence, it’s still suspicious for this matter to still remain open.”

“Then only the second possibility can hold true. There’s a mastermind behind this.” Liang Xianghe said.

“Almost all of Lin Yi’s businesses are in Huaxia. Even if the photolithography machine and chip projects open up a portion of the international market, they don’t pose a threat to international capital. If someone is really behind this I suspect that they might be from Huaxia.”

Lu Beichen was about to place his piece when his hand suddenly paused.

“Are you suspecting the Wang family?”

“I don’t really want to suspect them either, but it seems like there’s really no one else besides them.”

“Wang Mian’s leg was broken by Lin Yi and he’s now a cripple. They have a motive for this.” Lu Beichen said.

“However, after the incident last year, the Wang family’s power is not as great as before. Do they really have the guts to do such a thing?”

“This is also what I suspect. It feels a little contradictory.” Liang Xianghe said. “Wang Mian’s leg was broken, and the Wang family has become the laughing stock of the other families. However, they did not retaliate or respond It’s as if they have accepted their fate. This is not in line with Wang Tingshan’s personality.”

“I understand what you mean. That’s why I’ve been following the Wang family’s movements since the newyear. However, they’ve continued to follow the rules and didn’t do anything out of line. After such a long time, things still look calm. This is quite intriguing.”

Liang Xianghe didn’t say anything. This evaluation seemed accurate.

The two of them could not figure out the truth of this matter.


Just as the atmosphere was in a deadlock, Lu Beichen’s guard jogged over with a phone in his hand.

“Chief, it’s a call.”

Looking at the name on it, he realized that it was Liu Hong. Lu Beichen quickly picked up the call.

“Chief, are you in the courtyard? 1 have something urgent to report to you. I’ll be there soon.”

“I’m here. Come over.”


A few minutes after hanging up, Liu Hong stopped his car in front of Lu Beichen.

“What’s the matter? It sounds urgent.”

“According to reliable sources, some forces outside the country are moving towards Panem. They might have discovered traces of Bass ores. Otherwise, it would not have caused such a huge commotion.”

“They’re all going to Panem?!”

Hearing this news, the two of them could not sit still.

Because Lin Yi was over there!

Seeing that Lu Beichen and Liang Xianghe’s expressions were not quite right Liu Hong probed,

“Chief, did something happen?”

“Lin Yi and Team 1 are both in Panem.”

Liu Hong.”???”

This news came as a surprise to him.

“Could he have heard the news in advance?”

Liu Hong knew Lin Yi well. He knew that Lin Yi’s movements were unpredictable. It wouldn’t be strange if he went to Panem himself.

However, it was very strange that the entire Team 1 had also gone there. “He went to Panem to deal with personal issues. He had nothing to do with this.”

Lu Beichen replied nonchalantly because his thoughts were occupied by another matter.

He and Liang Xianghe were both thinking about a problem.

The other forces had all rushed to Panem. Could it be related to the conflict between Lin Yi and the Management Bureau?

“Chief? How should we handle this matter?” Liu Hong probed.

“Should we send Team 2 and Team 3 to help?”

“Not for now.” Lu Beichen said.

“The news from overseas hasn’t been confirmed yet. There’s no need to make a big fuss. Lin Yi is still dealing with his private matters. If you send Team 2 and Team 3 over, with Lin Yi’s fearless personality, he might just burn the whole place down.”

“Then do you want to wait and see?”

Lu Beichen nodded and played with the chess piece in his hand. “Tell Lin Yi about this and let him prepare.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it.”

After reporting to Lu Beichen about the movements outside the country, Liu Hong drove away.

However, their expressions were not very good.

‘Chief, do you think these matters are connected?”

“Based on past experience, there shouldn’t be any connection.” Lu Beichen said.

“The people abroad, they act with strong intentions: terrorism, money, and minerals,” said Lu Beichen, summing up the possible motives.

Liang Xianghe nodded in agreement.

“Of those three motives, Lin Yi only fits one, but the amount of money involved isn’t significant enough for these people to mobilize such efforts; it might just be a coincidence.”

“If that’s the case, then the problem isn’t too serious,” Liang Xianghe remarked:

“With so many days passed, the issues concerning his company have probably been mostly resolved. They can seamlessly transition to the next task and, at the same time, get some practice for one of the teams.”

Panem City, Lin Yi’s phone rang at one in the morning.

He picked up the phone and was about to scold the caller when he realized that the person who called was not He Yuanyuan.

“It’s early in the morning. It’s very immoral to call at this time!”

“Kid, don’t sleep yet. I have something serious to tell you.” Liu Hong said seriously.

“According to reliable sources, a large number of foreigners have arrived in Panem City. Pay attention to their movements. If you have any information, contact me immediately..”

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