Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

Chapter 706 - Chapter 706 Chapter 703-despised (1)

Chapter 706 Chapter 703-despised (1)

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“I’ve heard of it.” Xia qingchen calmly replied.

The smile on Wang hai’s face deepened. the Wang family of jingxi is not talented. However, we are favored by the tingxue house. They are planning to give us a secret medicine to sell in Liangzhou city.

The Prince of Liang had heard of the revered status of the snow listening tower.

How many forces wanted to cooperate with the tingxue house but were rejected?

The Wang family of the Jing West region had been lucky enough to win his approval, and it had taken the Wang family a lot of connections, money, and resources to do so.

“Oh.” “Has the snow listening tower already agreed?” Xia qingchen was expressionless.

“We’re still negotiating, but it should be soon,” Wang hai said proudly.

you’re from the Jing West Wang family, right? well, I’ll remember that. Xia qingchen calmly spoke.

The tingxue house would report to him about the cooperation in Liangzhou city and ask him to make the final decision.

By then, he would put the Jing West Wang family on the list of potential partners.

Wang hai had no idea that his words, which were slightly targeted, had completely wiped out the efforts of the Wang family in the first half of the year.

“You should remember this so that you can act according to your ability in the future.” Wang hai did not hide his warning.

“Wang hai, what do you mean?” Zhao yunshi’s eyes were cold as she scoffed.

He had actually warned his friend in person!

Wang hai smiled and said, ” don’t be so excited. I’m just teaching him how to survive in Liangzhou city. After all, our city is not a small place like the sky moon Ridge.

Sister Xin and sister Li walked over. The latter frowned slightly. yunshi, how can you speak to brother hai like that? why aren’t you apologizing? ”

yunshi, why are you so unreasonable? quickly apologize to brother hai! sister Xin also sided with her.

Zhao yunshi’s heart was filled with hatred!

It was obviously Wang hai who was maliciously bullying her, but he wanted her to apologize!

Wasn’t she just trying to curry favor with Wang hai and look down on her Zhao family?

Wang hai lowered his hand and tried to smooth things over.”What are you saying? how can I make her apologize? It’s fine as long as she can understand me more in the future.”

Wang hai was satisfied when he saw Zhao yunshi’s anger about to flare up, but she had no choice but to hold it in.

Zhao yunshi would only obediently agree to be his concubine if she knew how powerful the Jing clan was.


Zhao yunshi’s hands, which were resting on her legs, were clenched into fists.

People were weak and looked down upon everywhere!

“Big sister Xin, big sister Li, can you make an exception and recommend us to join the Skyfire society?” She lowered her head and said quietly.

She just wanted to end this meeting as soon as possible so that she would no longer be embarrassed, hurt, and humiliated.

“You just came and you’re leaving?” Big sister Xin smiled. let’s sit a little longer. We haven’t had enough fun with our demon pets.

Sister Li sat next to Wang hai and picked up the teacup elegantly. “The battlefield is worth ten million Liang Yuan. Although it is not a lot of money, we can’t waste it.”

After a pause, sister Li looked at Wang hai affectionately and smiled. “Big brother hai, didn’t you bring your demon pet, the Overlord?”

Wang hai laughed and said,”how can I not come?” Knowing that I’m coming to treasure Fey Pagoda, the Overlord made a fuss and wanted to follow me. ”

He clapped his hands, and a crisp sound came from the tunnel behind him.

He looked up.

A fiery red demonic Wolf with its neck raised proudly strode in leisurely.

It was covered in a thin, transparent golden silk coat with round Jade rings embedded in it.

Its long red fur was neatly combed, and it was as soft as the wind.

Most importantly, he wore a purple crystal the size of a fist on his forehead. It continuously released spiritual Qi to supply the demon Wolf’s cultivation.

As soon as he appeared, the light of treasures shone in all directions, and he was unusually noble.

Sister Xin and sister Li’s eyes lit up. the Overlord is even more beautiful than before. He’s so different from ordinary demon pets.

The two girls were very fond of him. They went forward and stroked the Overlord’s soft and smooth hair, praising him.

of course, ” sister Xin said enviously. the Overlord spent billions of Liang Yuan on his demon pet. How can ordinary demon pets compare? ”

The two of them treated the Overlord and grudgy with completely different attitudes!

“Where’s your demon pet?” Wang hai asked with a smile. Let’s get them together.”

“Alright!” “Since our Masters are having a gathering, the demon pets should also be having a gathering!” Sister Li agreed.

The two of them whistled, and two female demon pets ran out from the sand pile in the depths of the garden.

One of them was a snow-white Rabbit. It was agile, cute, and very lively.

The other one was a rare little pink fox. Its steps were light and its posture graceful.

The haughty Overlord’s eyes glowed green when he saw the two female demon pets. He paddled on the ground restlessly with his hooves.

A head that was raised high up quickly fell down and cast a kind look at the two female demon pets.

moon immortal, God Qiu, come here. I’ll introduce you. Big sister Xin waved her hand and pointed at the demon Wolf. “This is the Overlord, you’ve met him before.”

The moon immortal was a little white Rabbit while God Qiu was a pink little fox.

The two of them looked at the Overlord with a hint of envy.

Who didn’t know the famous Overlord in the demon pet world of Liang province?

A super demon pet that had cost billions of Liang Yuan from the purchase to the training. As a demon pet, they could only be envious.

A year ago, at a certain large-scale demon pet exchange, they had once seen the tyrant from afar.

Just once, he was shocked by the mighty, noble, and luxurious overlord.

He didn’t expect to see her up close today.

“Little Sisters, how are you?” The Overlord greeted him very politely.

The moon immortal and God Qiu looked away shyly and said, “”Hello, brother overlord.”

Seeing that they had a harmonious relationship, Wang hai smiled and said, “”Overlord, play with them.”

He paused for a moment and looked at Zhao yunshi. and yunshi’s Xiao Hong. You two are old acquaintances.

In the past, when the two families were preparing for a marriage Alliance, the two sides often met, so they were naturally familiar with each other’s demon pets.

The Overlord understood tacitly and immediately greeted Xiao Hong politely, “”Little red, long time no see. I’ve missed you so much.”

Xiao Hong arrogantly raised its neck and ignored him.

As Zhao yunshi’s demon pet, he had to have a stand!

Wang hai smiled, not minding it. He suddenly saw the dog under Xia qingchen’s feet and said, “”Where is young master Xia’s demon pet? Could it be this one?”

Grudgy was sleeping with its eyes closed. It raised its eyelids lazily.”What’s the matter? which strand of fur on your Lord dog’s body doesn’t look like a demon pet?”

As he was speaking, he suddenly caught sight of a pink figure in his opened eyes.

Her eyes immediately focused, and she suddenly got up. She looked at the little pink fox without blinking, and her eyes were filled with amazement.

It spread its hooves and ran over with a smile. Hello, little sister Fox. I am dugu yibai. I am very honored to meet you.

Although it didn’t get a beautiful female dog, this female Fox really moved grudgy.

The little pink fox, who was also God Qiu, was very unhappy to be interrupted when she was having an affectionate conversation with the Overlord.

It rolled its eyes and said to grudgy indifferently, “”Didn’t your master teach you not to interrupt others?”

Grudgy raised its neck, shook its dog fur that it thought was soft, and said politely, ” little sister Fox is as beautiful as the moon in the sky. She’s rare in the demon world. I wonder if you would give me the honor …

Before he could finish his words, God Qiu turned around and hid behind the Overlord. He frowned and said, “”Brother Overlord, this Dirty Dog is so annoying.”

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