Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

Chapter 704 - Chapter 704: Chapter 701-superior (1)

Chapter 704: Chapter 701-superior (1)

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“There are! And there are a lot of them!” Xia qingchen’s eyes flickered with a dangerous arc.

His patience had reached its limit. Grudgy would not tolerate it anymore if it dared to say another word.

“Haha, how can I, dugu Yi, not attend such a Grand meeting of the demon race?” Grudgy said with a solemn face,”we demons should be of the same breath and branch and communicate with each other!”

“Lord Chen, give me the time it takes to brew a cup of tea!” Grudgy immediately took out an ivory comb from the bell on its neck and combed its dog hair in front of the mirror.

Then, she put on a golden Cape.

A cool breeze blew, and the dog’s fur stretched out. The cloak fluttered in the wind, and it looked particularly majestic.

let’s go. Xia qingchen loosened his fist. remember to communicate well with him.

However, he didn’t know that he had avoided a punch. He said very seriously, ” master Chen, grudgy is a very polite, civilized, and clean demon pet. It will definitely be friendly.

Xia qingchen shook his head. At that time, he mustn’t lose face for him!

Outside the camp, Zhao yunshi was leading a beautiful red demonic horse. She stared at grudgy with a stunned look in her eyes.”This is your demon pet?”

Her eyes were filled with suspicion. No matter how she looked at grudgy, it was just an ordinary little dog.

Grudgy raised its dog paw and tidied the neatly arranged dog fur on its head. It said calmly and elegantly, “”Dugu yibai greets the young lady of the human race.”

Uh …

“It’s really a demon pet?” Zhao yunshi was surprised.

How would she know that grudgy was indeed a mutt? it was just that Xia qingchen had evolved it before, forcefully turning it from a beast into a demonic beast.

“I’m sure!” Grudgy’s tone was gentle and calm. if the human clan’s young lady has any needs along the way, dugu yibai is willing to help.

Zhao yunshi felt helpless. Her friends would probably laugh at her if she brought such an unpresentable demon pet out.

However, everything was just a formality.

Since those friends were willing to come forward, they would still give them invitations on her account.

The two of them set out in casual clothes and entered Liangzhou city with their respective demon pets.

The location of the meeting was a place specially prepared for Fey beasts, called treasure Fey Pagoda.

The building had all sorts of services for demonic beasts, such as recuperation, massage, teaching, and so on.

Of course, the price was extremely high.

Especially the massage, depending on the size of the demonic beast, the strength of its bones and muscles, the lowest massage would cost ten million Liang Yuan.

The so-called Liang currency was the currency that could be used in the entire Liang territory.

Its value was equivalent to sky-moon dollars.

“My friends are all on the battlefield.” Zhao yunshi led the way. She was very familiar with this place.

The demonic horse behind him was particularly excited after arriving at this place and kept neighing in excitement.

Only grudgy had a disdainful look.

Zhao yunshi turned around to look at it, and grudgy immediately changed its words with a refined look. but he has a noble soul.

Zhao yunshi furrowed her brows. This dog looked very serious on the surface, but it gave her a very bad feeling.

don’t talk nonsense later. The demon pets of my friends are very precious. They were all bought and trained at a high price. One of them was said to have cost billions. Zhao yunshi said.

Even she herself was speechless when she said it.

A few billion Liang Yuan was an astronomical figure to her.

Although the Zhao family didn’t lack this money, it was impossible to use it to train a demon pet.

However, what made Zhao yunshi feel strange was that regardless of Xia qingchen or grudgy, they didn’t move at all.

It was as if the words ‘several billion’ had no effect on them.

Alright, they must have been shocked, but they were pretending to be calm, right?

This man and dog were really good at acting!

The two of them came to the depths of the first floor of the loft. After walking through a long and dazzling corridor, the view in front of them suddenly opened up.

A fragrant garden with tender grass came into view.

The spiritual energy inside was overbearing, almost on par with the martial tower!

Two elegantly dressed noble ladies were leisurely leaning against luxurious chairs and drinking.

They talked and laughed elegantly, showing the demeanor of socialites.

When they saw Zhao yunshi approaching, the two women waved their hands elegantly. “Yunshi, you’re here.”

Zhao yunshi held her demon pet’s hand and brought Xia qingchen forward.

She was very cold in front of outsiders, but she smiled. “Big sister Xin, big sister Li!”

The two of them had smiles on their faces. The first thing they looked at wasn’t Xia qingchen but Zhao yunshi’s demonic horse.

“Your little red seems to have lost some weight!” Big sister Xin sized him up.

Zhao yunshi stroked Xiao Hong’s soft fur and said, ” you’ve been training in the military camp all day. How can you not be thin? ”

Sister Li put down her teacup gracefully and said, “”Yunshi, why don’t you let Xiao Hong recuperate a few more times? That will be very helpful to Xiao Hong’s body.”

Zhao yunshi’s face showed a hint of embarrassment.

The lowest price for treatment was eight million Yuan per treatment. Moreover, a treatment session usually required more than ten treatments.

She was only a thousand-mile rider now. In the past, she was restricted by the military Palace, and now, she was managed by her family.

Where was he going to get 80 million? furthermore, he wasn’t going to use it on necessities, but on the recovery of his demon pets.

As if she could see that she was in a difficult position, sister Li said indifferently, “”I have a recovery card with two more chances. Give it to your little red.”

Seeing that Zhao yunshi was about to reject him, sister Xin chuckled. yunshi, just take it. Sister Li has plenty of money.

‘This …’

Zhao yunshi hesitated again and again, but she still accepted it in shame.”Thank you, sister Li.”

The Zhao family was only a third-class family in Liangzhou city.

However, sister Li was from a second-class family and was very generous.

In contrast, Zhao yunshi felt inferior.

The difference between their family backgrounds was too great.

After they were done talking about Xiao Hong, big sister Li and big sister Xin assessed Xia qingchen and asked calmly, “”This is your friend?”

Zhao yunshi came back to her senses and immediately introduced him enthusiastically, “”Not bad! He’s Xia qingchen, the youngest thousand cricket cavalry in the Northwest Military Region. The commander of the city-guarding Army praised him in public last time, and his future is boundless!”

The two of them had indifferent expressions and didn’t care about this achievement at all.

Even the Commander-in-Chief of the city guarding Army could only be regarded as a family patriarch of a second-class family in Liangzhou city.

To be praised by him was a great honor in the eyes of ordinary people, but it was really nothing in their eyes.

“It’s pretty good.” Sister Li said calmly without even a smile on her face.

In addition, he didn’t say anything else. His intention of not wanting to befriend Xia qingchen was extremely clear.

Sister Xin was slightly better. She did not want to embarrass Zhao yunshi, so she tried to find a topic to talk about.”So it’s him, it’s an honor to meet you!”

After a pause, she looked at grudgy, who was beside Xia qingchen. “Is this young master Xia’s demon pet?”

Xia qingchen nodded. grudgy. Say hello.

“Hello, miss human,” said grudgy siwen.

Was it really a demon pet?

Big sister Xin was surprised. This was the first time she had seen a demon pet that looked like a mutt.

There was a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Raising such a demon pet, it really had no taste.

“Oh, it’s not bad.” Sister Xin said this against her will and looked away, no longer looking at grudgy.

Yun Shi, ” sister Li said, ” if you want to join the Skyfire society, you’ll need to be invited by three people at the same time. Apart from us, you’ll need another person.

“Isn’t it two people?” Zhao yunshi asked in surprise. In the past, two people would send out an invitation to the meeting, and a third person would enter.

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