Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

Chapter 594 - Chapter 594: Chapter 593-as expected (1)

Chapter 594: Chapter 593-as expected (1)

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How would she know that Xia qingchen was carrying a heavy load?

“Sister die, don’t force me.” There were three men beside the girl.

Two of them were the same age as the young girl, and the last one was about 21 years old, obviously older than them.

He had dark skin and a tall figure.

He was the one who stopped the girl from speaking.

“Perhaps this little brother has something he can’t tell you.” The swarthy young man cast an apologetic gaze at Xia qingchen.

The young lady seemed to be exceptionally obedient to the man’s words and immediately apologized to Xia qingchen. “I’m sorry, I spoke too much.”

Although the apology was not sincere.

“Yes.” Xia qingchen nodded and didn’t make a fuss.

“Grudgy, Lian Xing, you two wait for me outside.” The two of them were not good at movement techniques.

There was no need for him to accompany Xia qingchen.

He stepped into the cave alone.

He had just taken half a step when a strange wind swept over.

It was as if there was an invisible giant in front of him, blocking his path.

Xia qingchen was astonished.

The wind was stronger than he had imagined.

He was happy instead of worried. The harsher the conditions, the better it was for cultivation.

He calmed his mind.

He continued to move forward steadily.

Although the wind was strong, Xia qingchen had green leaves on his body and was as heavy as a mountain.

The strange wind was unable to shake his body.

“Good self-control!” The dark-skinned man was surprised. They had been cultivating here for more than a month.

He knew very well how strong the strange wind was.

Apart from him, none of his other three companions could move an inch.

“Brother Yu, he seems a little weird.” The young girl saw the clues and was shocked.

The dark-skinned man nodded,”did you see that?” How could those who dare to come to the demonic Wind Cave not have some ability?”

The young lady immediately retracted her contempt and didn’t dare to look down on Xia qingchen anymore.

However, the dark-skinned man’s tone changed.”However, it should be due to my technique.”

His three companions looked at him in surprise.

There’s still technique to deal with the strange wind?

“As far as I know, those who practice wind attribute martial arts usually have a certain level of research on the wind. They have many techniques to resist strong wind.”

“This little brother is most likely using some sort of technique to be able to walk in the strong wind with ease.”

The young girl’s eyes were filled with envy, “brother song, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Before we leave the shrine, we can consult the shrine members who cultivate wind attribute martial skills.”

The other two men also chided.

“Yup! We’re here to find a life-saving medicine for green-robed Messenger suxin. Since there’s a technique, why don’t we use it?”

“We’ve already been delayed for half a month, and we still haven’t found anything. ”

It turned out.

They had come to the wicked Wind Cave in search of the special life-saving medicine produced there.

“I didn’t finish!” The dark-skinned man said seriously. In the wicked Wind Cave, the deeper you go, the stronger the wind becomes. Ordinary skills can only deal with the strong wind outside, but are useless against the wind inside.”

it’s useless for you to master the technique. If you don’t believe me, you can follow him. As I expected, he can’t walk into the cave.

As he spoke, he led his three companions into the cave.

The strange wind blew, but only the swarthy youth was unaffected and continued forward normally.

The four of them followed behind Xia qingchen, moving forward at a pace that was neither fast nor slow.

As Xia qingchen walked, he silently circulated the [ Seven Star cloud absolutes The profoundness of this art lay in grasping the trajectory of the Qi flow.

The air current formed a huge wind.

If one wanted to travel against the wind, one had to grasp the ever-changing air flow trajectory.

It also avoided the influence of the change in the trajectory of the air flow on him.

Seven Wonders of star cloud ” was a profound martial technique that could see through the trajectory of Qi.

Only by controlling the flow of air could one see the huge wind invisibly.


Xia qingchen’s goal wasn’t to walk deeper and further.

With his current level of attainment, it was not difficult for him to reach the depths of the demonic Wind Cave in one breath.

However, that would be of no benefit to the cultivation of movement techniques.

He needed to take one step at a time and grasp the trajectory of the wind.

Two hours later.

Xia qingchen walked past the first half of the cave.

He had a good grasp of the flow of air along the way, so the more he walked, the smoother it became.

At first, the four temple members could still keep up with him.

But the further they went, the more Xia qingchen shook them off.

Soon, they were left in the dust.

“Big brother song, didn’t you say that skills aren’t very useful?” the young girl said, panting. Why is he walking faster and faster?”

The swarthy youth was also somewhat bewildered.

However, he didn’t want to lose his prestige in front of the palace Hall members, so he said, “”lt’s too early to say that.”

The Xia qingchen at this moment.

Finally, it stopped.

Further ahead, the two sides became narrower, where the strong wind was stronger and the airflow was extremely chaotic.

Xia qingchen wasn’t able to grasp the trajectory of the air currents within a short period of time. Hence, he stopped and sensed it silently.

Just as he was feeling it …

He suddenly frowned.

With his sharp senses, he could feel that there were some special air currents in the wind inside the cave.

Those trajectories would form very dangerous air blades.

If one touched it carelessly, it was very easy to be injured or even die. The Xiahou forefather has indeed introduced a good place.” Xia gingchen smiled and shook his head.

Although it was dangerous, it was more beneficial to his cultivation of movement techniques.

He stopped.

The dark-skinned youth and the others finally caught up.

He gave his three companions a look, meaning:”l didn’t say anything wrong, right? His skills have stopped here, and he can’t go any further.”

The three of them looked at the dark-skinned youth with admiration.

“Brother song, you’re right!” The girl’s envy of his skills immediately disappeared.

The other two also stopped complaining.

All of them had successfully entered the inner section, but this teenager who had mastered the technique did not dare to enter.

Those techniques did seem to be of little value.

The young man surnamed song maintained his prestige. He glanced at Xia qingchen and smiled as he walked forward. “Little brother, why don’t you continue?”

Xia qingchen closed his eyes and replied indifferently, “”My movement technique is not yet complete, it’s not suitable to enter.”

Movement technique?

Grand immortal song couldn’t help but laugh.

Three hundred feet in one step, what movement technique was there to talk about?

Naturally, he didn’t ‘expose’ Xia qingchen. He said, ‘”‘Then we’ll go in first, please excuse us.”

His three companions followed him.

When they crossed the narrow entrance, their expressions were much more serious.

“This time, we must succeed. We can’t delay the treatment of green-robed Messenger suxin’s injuries any longer,” the young girl said through gritted teeth.

The speaker did not mean it, but the listener paid attention.

su Xin?

Why did this name sound so familiar?

After pondering for a while, Xia qingchen finally remembered.

Wasn’t su Xin the female green-robed emissary who had given him the God King’s badge?

Later on, in the ruins of the Amitabha ancient temple, she was injured by the heaven devouring lump’s Lord with poison.

Could it be that he still hasn’t recovered?

A little poison shouldn’t be so difficult to cure, right?

“Wait, is green-robed Messenger suxin’s injuries very serious?” Xia qingchen asked.

The girl turned her head and looked at him strangely. “You know green-robed Messenger suxin?”

Xia qingchen didn’t want to avoid trouble. He only said, ” we’ve met once. I have great respect for you.

“Big brother song, you can’t ignore this!” The young girl covered her mouth and chuckled.

The two men also laughed secretly..

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