Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

Chapter 282 - Chapter 282: Monopolizing the good fortune (part one) 1

Chapter 282: Monopolizing the good fortune (part one) 1

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“After ten breaths, start reading the scriptures that you’ve copied by hand.” Kong Xin stood in front of the Saint Buddha and said solemnly.

Everyone tidied up their clothes and adjusted their breathing.

He then carefully read through the Scriptures he had copied.

“Gong Liang Yun first.” Kong Xin solemnly bowed to the remains of the Saint Buddha and chanted Buddhist scriptures.

Gong liangyun had a calm expression, she held the Scripture in her hands and recited it like pearls.


Every word was spoken in a Buddhist voice, with half a sentence of human meaning.

The profound Sanskrit hymn filled the world and lingered in everyone’s hearts.

They were enlightened.

The Buddha’s light around the silent sacred Buddha suddenly flowed and slowly enveloped Gong liangyun.

Her cultivation level was increasing at a visible speed.

When she finished reciting the Scriptures, Gong liangyun closed her eyes and sat down cross-legged, quietly accepting the illumination of the Buddha’s light.

Xuan Qing, who was in second place, continued to chant.

The Buddha’s light grew even brighter.

Not only did it shine on Xuan Qing, a portion of it also shone on Gong Liang

Y un.

After Xuan Qing sat down to meditate, the third person continued to chant.

The Buddhist light grew even brighter.

But in general, the closer he was to the front, the more benefits he would gain.

This was because the good fortune of the people behind would more or less split up to the people in front.

That was why Gong Liang Yun was so focused on the front and back of the position.

Time passed by slowly.

The further back the invitees were, the fewer Scriptures they copied.

The fluctuations of the Buddhist light that were triggered were even less.

The person before Xia qingchen didn’t seem to trigger any more changes in the Buddhist light.

In the end, only Xia qingchen was left.

He sighed in his heart.

This time, the Enlightenment of the sacred Buddha could come to an end.

When the light of Buddha faded, they could leave the mountain and return to their homeland.

At this moment, Xia qingchen started to recite the Scriptures.

As he listened to these specious words, Kong Xin shook his head slightly.

The Holy Buddha was a Holy monk of his generation, and his Buddhist nature was Supreme.

It was impossible for a chapter that seemed similar but was in fact very different to cause his Buddhist light to fluctuate.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Xia qingchen was blaspheming a sacred Buddha.

After all, his Scriptures were not copied, but self-written!

However …

What Kong Xin didn’t expect was that after Xia qingchen read out the first sentence …

The Buddha light on the body of the Saint Buddha suddenly burst out like boiling water.

They were like the sun, shining dazzlingly at Xia qingchen.

The Buddha’s light was more than anyone else present!

From afar, Xia qingchen, who was covered in Buddhist light, was like a Golden Buddha.

He held ancient scriptures that were not passed down and educated the people.

“How did this happen?” Kong Xin was stunned.

From ancient times until now, the Buddha’s light of the Saint Buddha had never been so intense!

How did a self-written Scripture that was not quite right cause such a huge change in the light of Buddha?

However, this was only the beginning!

Xia qingchen continued to chant Buddhist scriptures.

The Buddha’s light around the Saint Buddha was all gone and added to him.

He was like a dazzling golden man!

This was not all!

Gong liangyun, Xuan Qing, and Lu Zhong were all invited.

The Buddhist light that glowed on their bodies actually collectively abandoned them and surged into Xia qingchen’s embrace.

Gong Liang Yun and the others who were deep in their comprehension immediately woke up. “Where’s my Buddha’s light? Why is it gone?”

“What happened?”

When they noticed Xia qingchen, all of them were dumbfounded!

Xia qingchen had dominated all the Buddha light by himself.

No, it wasn’t occupying!

It was plundering!

The part that should have belonged to them had all been taken away.

However, this matter was not over yet!

The remains of the Saint Buddha who had passed away for countless years.

The dense mist on his body moved without any wind, and his eyebrows slowly unfolded.

His originally calm face actually revealed a trace of a relieved smile.

It was like a person who had been trapped in a world of suffering had finally heard of the great Dao of the world and could rest in peace. “The Holy Buddha has appeared!” Kong Xin hurriedly bowed.

He was extremely shocked.

The Saint Buddha, who had been dead for many years, was actually moving for this ancient scripture.

What Scripture was Xia qingchen chanting?

Was it the true Sutras of the gods and Buddhas?

Gong liangyun and the rest regained their senses and immediately exploded with unprecedented dissatisfaction.

Xia qingchen was snatching away their good fortune!

“Xia, stop right there …” Gong liangyun’s killing intent reappeared as she berated sternly.

However, just as he finished speaking .

Suddenly, he felt the world spinning.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he and all the invitees had been thrown out of the sacred Buddha Hall by the strong.

Kong Zhi gripped his broom and saluted with one hand. “Benefactors, please don’t make any noise and disturb benefactor Xia from transmitting the Buddhist scriptures.”

What he meant was that the few of them were in the way.

Gong liangyun said angrily, “it’s not fair!” How can Xia qingchen monopolize all the good fortune?”

The rest of the invitees were indignant.

They had spent so much effort and paid such a huge price for the invitation.

“I’ve told you not to make a racket,” Kong Zhi said calmly.

He swept the broom lightly across the ground.

Suddenly, an unparalleled strong wind swept out, sending Gong liangyun and the others flying to the middle of the mountain.

A group of monks came out and stood at the entrance of the temple.

He blocked them from entering again with his mighty body.

Gong liangyun’s chest heaved up and down as she felt deeply humiliated.

Xia qingchen, who had a low status, was treated as a distinguished guest by the Jingyuan Zen temple.

She was so noble, but she was despised like a wild dog.

She gritted her silver teeth, and a murderous aura surged between her brows.”You will regret this!”

After he finished speaking, he stepped forward and left.

Lu Zhong was so angry that his chest exploded, and his face was as red as a pig’s liver.

This trip to the Jingyuan Zen temple could have allowed his cultivation to smoothly reach the eighth vortex-level of the major constellation stage. In the end, it was actually destroyed by Xia qingchen, who came from the mountain Gate.

“You ungrateful thing, I’ve been so good to you! Yet, you repay kindness with enmity and ruin my martial cultivation!”

He jumped onto a huge rock by the road and waited with a gloomy face.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Zhao ziyu and Wang liukai, who were following the crowd down the mountain.

He immediately asked her to stay.

“Brother Zhao, brother Wang, please wait.”

The two of them turned around and stared at Lu Zhong indifferently.

Initially, they had thought that Xia qingchen and Lu Zhong were fellow disciples of the sage sect.

However, he only discovered today that Xia qingchen actually came from the sect and wasn’t on the same path as Lu Zhong.

Furthermore, the two of them had already fallen out. Why would Zhao ziyu and Wang liukai be afraid of Lu Zhong?

“What is it?” Wang liukai’s tone was cold.

Lu Zhong felt strange, why did the other party change his attitude faster than turning the page of a book?

They even had a drink together last night and had a good time.

He suppressed the confusion in his heart and stepped forward with a smile. “My Junior Brother who repays kindness with ingratitude caused us to lose our fortune. I’m willing to put righteousness before family!”

brothers, stay here. I’ll make the decision for you and teach him a lesson! Lu Zhong’s eyes were fierce.

Upon hearing this.

Zhao ziyu and Wang liukai sneered.

Wang liukai didn’t hide his contempt anymore.”A good-for-nothing like you wants to put righteousness before family?”

If they really fought, Lu Zhong would probably be hung up and beaten like a wild dog in Xia qingchen’s hands.

At this moment, the invitees were still not far away.

His chiding naturally attracted many gazes.

Lu Zhong’s expression darkened as he said, “Why do you have to speak so harshly? We were just drinking and chatting yesterday, do you have to be so ruthless?”


Wang liukai stepped forward and started scolding, “”Smooth your mother! Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, Who Do You Think You Are to drink with us?”

They were afraid of Xia qingchen and didn’t dare to not come!

What kind of trash is Lu Zhong!

They only treated it as a fart!

Lu Zhong had been scolded and beaten in public, so how could he not resist?

“You two are too much!” Lu Zhong’s arm trembled as he revealed a ferocious expression.

Yesterday, these two people had been subdued by him.. Could it be that he couldn’t do the same today?

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