He Is Warmer Than Time

Chapter 2065 - Chapter 2065: Chapter 2125-really ashamed

Chapter 2065: Chapter 2125-really ashamed

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Shen Zhaozheng’s mouth was tight, and he didn’t dare to speak.

Song ran tugged at his hand under the table. Gu jinghang held her hand behind her back and gestured for him to do the talking.

you should know why I didn’t agree, ” he continued. niannian and your nephew, Shen hanzhi, were engaged when they were children. It was a serious engagement, and it wasn’t just for fun. We always thought that niannian would be with Shen hanzhi.

However, some things happened after that, and my impression of the Shen family wasn’t very good. Fortunately, niannian was determined and broke up with Shen hanzhi, so I have nothing to do with the Shen family anymore. I didn’t expect you two to suddenly get together.”

Shen Zhaozheng was a little nervous, and even his breathing became lighter.

I’m worried that niannian will suffer some undeserved disasters if she’s with you.

Indeed, something like this had happened. His family had gone to look for her and made things difficult for her.

especially your family. Based on my understanding of them, they probably don’t support you two being together.

Dean Gu was indeed amazing. His eyes were indeed sharp when it came to problems.

“You’re not a good person and you’re nine years older than Gu Nian. Even so, Gu Nian likes it. Our family environment has been more open-minded since she was young.

Since it was her choice, her mother and I decided to respect her decision. It was her own choice, so if she were to suffer a setback in the future, she can’t blame anyone. She has to bear all the consequences alone.”

Shen Zhaozheng was so envious of her family and so respectful of the two people in front of him.

The contrast only showed how hopeless his family was.

I’m here today to tell you that this is her decision, and it’s also your decision. No matter what happens, we should share the burden. You’re a man, and you have the duty to protect her and not let her get hurt.


His eyes were so determined that Gu jinghang felt as if he was looking at his past self.

So many people opposed him being with Xiao ran, but he insisted.

This kind of persistence was rare and valuable.

Gu jinghang continued, ” I’m supportive of you two being together, but that doesn’t mean you can use me as an excuse. Your brother and I will inevitably meet at the Research Institute in the future. You two can handle everything on your own. Gu Nian’s mother and I will not get involved.

“I understand,” Shen Zhaozheng nodded.

This was very reasonable.

alright, I’ve said what I have to say. I hope you can make yourself strong enough to protect my daughter.

“I will,”

All these years in the Academy of Sciences, he had his own connections and power. He didn’t rely entirely on his family. Now that everything was open, he would work harder to climb up.

Until he had the power to stand against the world like Dean Gu, so that Gu Nian could stand behind him without getting hurt.

Gu jinghang held song ran’s hand and stood up. “If that’s the case, we’ll take our leave.”

Shen Zhaozheng sent the two of them to the car and watched it leave. Then, he turned around and went into the corridor.

Tragic, it was too tragic.

His family had been crushed in all aspects, and he was really ashamed.

On the wide road, Gu jinghang glanced at the person sitting beside him. “Do you like what I’m saying?”

Song ran looked at him with a smile. not bad. You did well.

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