Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Chapter 875 - Chapter 875: The Lord Of Moment’s Great Gift! (2)

Chapter 875: The Lord Of Moment’s Great Gift! (2)


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Materials with Time and Space Stats were undoubtedly materials that contained the Water Origin Materials. They were much more precious.

Basically, materials with spacetime Stats were rarely lower than Grade A.

Moreover, spacetime Stats materials of the same level were much more valuable and rare than other materials.

When he made this request, Chu Zhou actually did not have much hope.

This was because there were too few materials with Time and Space Stats.

There might not even be one in the Myriad Star Archipelago.

However, to Chu Zhou’s surprise, King Canglan actually nodded again. “We happen to have a copy of spacetime Stats materials in our inventory, and they were left behind by Lord Cha Na… Since you need them, I’ll give them to you.” When Chu Zhou heard this, he was overjoyed.

During this period of time, he had already thought of the exclusive weapons he wanted to refine.

His ideal exclusive weapon was a weapon that could simultaneously carry and amplify the power of various laws and ultimate techniques on his body.

Gathering the materials that contained the Five Elemental Laws only satisfied the minimum requirements for exclusive weapons. It could only refine weapons that could carry and amplify the Five Elemental Laws.

If he wanted to match the Law of Reincarnation, he still needed to smelt materials with Reincarnation Stats.

Similarly, if he wanted to match the Spacetime Law, he had to smelt materials with the Spacetime Law..

If he could find materials containing the Water Origin Materials and materials with spacetime Stats.

Then, the exclusive weapons he refined would at least be compatible with the Five Elemental Laws and the Spacetime Law at the same time.

“Young Master, do you need anything?”

As he spoke, he looked at Beibei expectantly.

Beibei was the descendant of the Lord of Moment and her young master. The person she wanted to help the most was undoubtedly Beibei.

Furthermore, this young master had inherited the talent of the Lord of Moment. He was a Universe Lord of the Spacetime Law and had unlimited potential.

Hence, she hoped to help Beibei grow up as soon as possible.

“It feels so good to have a good father!”

Dragon and the others looked at Beibei enviously.

“What do I need?”

When Beibei heard King Canglan’s words, it tilted its head and thought for a moment, not knowing what it needed.

Suddenly, its eyes lit up, as if it had thought of something wonderful and was about to drool.

“I want 10,000 pairs of roasted bird wings, 10,000 roasted beast legs, 10,000 roasted beast steaks, 10,000 bottles of fine wine…”

As it spoke, its eyes were filled with longing and its mouth watered.

King Canglan’ face darkened.

Chu Zhou also covered his face.

The corners of Dragon and the others’ mouths twitched.

They didn’t expect Beibei to be a foodie and make such a strange request.

“Cough cough, I understand what Young Master means.”

King Canglan came to a sudden realization and continued,

“Young Master, do you have doubts about cultivation? It’s fine. There’s a cultivation essay left behind by Lord Cha Na in the treasure vault of our King Star Islands. There’s also the cultivation notes of many Universe Nobility and Universe Lords that we’ve collected over the years. I’ll go get them for you now.”

“Yes! Young Master still needs absolute arts? It doesn’t matter. Although our Myriad Star Archipelago isn’t a large faction… we still have more than ten Universe Nobility level absolute arts. I’ll get them for you too, Young Master.” “No!” Beibei was stunned. Her eyes widened. When did she say that she needed to cultivate notes and ultimate techniques? She hurriedly corrected herself. “I was wrong, I was wrong. What 1 need is…”

“I understand. Young Master, you need cultivation notes above the Universe Lord level and many ultimate techniques. 1 know that.”

Before Beibei could finish, the Azurewave King said with a smile.


Beibei was anxious. It was as if she had seen the roasted bird wings and other delicacies that she was about to obtain disappear without a trace. She wanted to explain.

But a hand suddenly covered its mouth.

“Hahaha, Lord Azure, Beibei has already mentioned its needs. As you understand, sorry to trouble you.”

Chu Zhou covered Beibei’s mouth and laughed.

King Canglan looked at Chu Zhou with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll let you arrange accommodation first…”

She smiled and left in a flash.

After seeing Emperor Canglan disappear, Chu Zhou let go of Beibei’s mouth.

The King Canglan who misunderstaood Beibei disappeared and it immediately wailed painfully.

“My roasted bird wings, my roasted beast leg, my roasted beast steak, my wine…”

It looked at Chu Zhou bitterly as it wailed.

The corners of Chu Zhou’s mouth twitched slightly, indicating that he could not hear or see anything.

Soon, under the arrangement of a staff member, they lived in a garden that was filled with birds and flowers.

Emperor Canglan soon appeared before them again.

“Chu Zhou, this is a Level A8 material containing strong Water Origin Materials, Narcissus Gold.”

King Canglan placed a blue metal the size of a face plate in front of Chu Zhou.

On the surface of this piece of blue metal, blue engravings of the universe surfaced. They were mysterious and unfathomable.

If one looked carefully, one could see the phantom of an incomparably vast sea.

There was the sound of rolling waves and an extremely strong aura of the Water Origin Materials.

“Thank you!”

Chu Zhou happily accepted the Narcissus Gold.

At this moment, Emperor Canglan took out a silver-white beast skin with a solemn expression.

The moment the beast skin appeared, it immediately emitted a strong Time Law fluctuation.

The surrounding spacetime began to show signs of distortion.

A terrifying pressure spread out at the same time, making Chu Zhou and the others feel suffocated..

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