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Chapter 785 - 785 Full Attack! Invading The Zombie God Realm!

785 Full Attack! Invading The Zombie God Realm!


Just as Lin Ye was thinking, a deafening dragon roar came from the training camp.

Dragon shadows descended from the sky and swept through the sky above the Lin family.

The leader was a small golden dragon.

It was none other than Long Xiaomi.

“Yo, not bad. You actually controlled the True Dragon version of the Ten Thousand Dragon Array!”

Lin Ye’s eyes lit up.

“Human Lord, I’m ready!” Long Xiaomi looked up with a smug expression.

She remembered clearly that the Human Lord had already given her a promise.

If she won this battle, he would help her reach the Thearch-grade.

Now that she had mastered the True Dragon version of the Ten Thousand Dragon Array, she was 100% confident that she could defeat the Zombie King Army of the Zombie Divine Palace.

“Alright, let’s follow the original plan and begin.”

Lin Ye smiled and waved his finger.


A spatial door glowing with purple light appeared.

Coordinates: The periphery of the Zombie Divine Palace.

According to the information from the Succubus Race, Zhuang Shu, and Qing Ming, the five-colored zombie army was hiding here.

With Long Xiaomi’s combat strength, and her control over the five Ten Thousand Dragon Arrays, it was enough to kill the five-colored zombie army.

“Yes, my lord!”

Long Xiaomi accepted the order.

As soon as she finished speaking, she led the 50,000 True Dragon Army into the spatial door.


The spatial gate disappeared.

“Then, it’s the zombie king army!”

A virtual sand table appeared in front of Lin Ye, and the map of the Zombie God Realm appeared one by one.

“72 large maps, 365 small maps…”

“Excluding the 20-odd large maps controlled by the High Priest, Zhuang Shu, and the zombie kings that were instigated by Yang Fusheng and Yang Tianyou, there are only 50 large maps that have yet to be conquered and 237 small maps.”

“Detailed coordinates…”

His Transcendent Eye continued to analyze and judge.

Soon, he obtained concrete data from a large amount of intelligence.

“Fortunately, I’ve mastered the Ancestral Dragon Domain this time and made some achievements in the Dao of Space. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to open so many teleportation channels at once.”

Lin Ye muttered. The spatial patterns under his feet expanded and his divine sense surged into the void.


Fifty blue teleportation channels appeared in the sky above the Lin Clan.

Every teleportation channel had a different landing point.

They were targeted at the various zombie king maps of the Zombie God Realm.

“Fu Wanli, destroy them!”

“I won’t let you down!”

Fu Wanli cupped his fists.

Leading Shui Ling’er, the millions of Five Elements Spirits who had recovered their divine power turned into streams of light and surged into the fifty teleportation channels.

“Next up are the billions of ordinary zombies…”

As he spoke, his gaze turned to the million Lin Clan warriors and the main team led by Zhang Liang.

“My lord!” The members of the main team shouted.

Recently, they had been a little aggrieved. As members of the main team, they had fallen from the top to the bottom.

This made them furious.

Previously, when they entered the Dragon Cave World, they were restrained because of their cultivation.

They were helpless against the dragons, but when facing the billions of zombies?

To them, who had a lot of top-notch equipment, this was simply cutting grass.

They wished they could immediately head to the Zombie God Realm and kill everyone.

“Go, release the anger in your hearts. After this, I will give you all another chance to enter the Dream of a Thousand Years.”

Lin Ye said seriously.

“Dream of a Thousand Years?!”

Hearing this, whether it was Zhang Liang, Tru, Luo Feng, or the others.

Their eyes widened in surprise.

They had experienced this secret technique once in the beginning.

The lord would consume a thousand years of his lifespan to let them comprehend for a thousand years in their dreams.

With their current aptitude and comprehension ability, with a thousand years of comprehension experience, their cultivation realm could definitely increase greatly.

Even if they could not surpass Nightshade and Fu Wanli, they would at least not fall behind.

“It’s decided.” Lin Ye waved his hand, and boundless spatial power erupted.


The pale white spatial vortex reversed, and a large number of spatial nodes appeared.

Every node was a small map of the Zombie God Realm.

There were exactly 237 of them.

“Members of the main team, bring 10,000 elite soldiers each and flatten all the small maps!” Zhang Liang ordered.

Tru, Luo Feng, and the others immediately took action. The million soldiers split into 237 teams in an orderly manner, charging into the space whirlpool with killing intent.

The three armies entered the Zombie God Realm one after another, and the Lin Clan’s gathering ground instantly became empty.

Only Lin Ye, Long Yao, the two venerable stone battle beasts, [Mia Rao], and King Swallow were left.

“Master, what should we do?” [Mia Rao] asked.

“Since ancient times, soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals, kings against kings. We naturally have to face the Elders Council.”

Lin Ye chuckled confidently.

Currently, even if Zhuang Shu, Qing Ming, and the others did not betray the Zombie God Realm, the Lin Clan could still win.

Their trump card was only the nine Thearch-grades.

Coupled with the Black Prison Blood Killing Formation, they could at most reach the Ancestral-grade Realm.

On his side, Long Yao, the two Supreme Battle Beasts, and his main body all had the combat power of an Ancestral-grade powerhouse.

In terms of high-end combat strength, they were completely superior.

Of course, his target this time was not just Tianqiong.

The real goal was still the Elders Council itself.

Three Ancestor-grades and nearly a hundred Thearch-grade were waiting for him. If they were all refined into puppets…

Just the thought of it was incredible.

With this thought in mind, he took a step forward.


A spatial door emitting black flames opened.

The more central the teleportation array to the Zombie God Realm was, the more difficult it was.

Those who did not reach the Thearch-grade Realm would not even dare to touch these flames.

Coordinates: Zombie Divine Palace!

“Long Yao, open the way,” Lin Ye said with a smile.

“Yes, my lord.” Long Yao bowed slightly with reverence.

In the next moment, golden light erupted and his figure had already stepped into the Zombie Divine Palace.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As soon as he appeared, nine dazzling blood lights descended from the sky.


Energy exploded, and a mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

A powerful energy tide spread in all directions, blasting the patrolling golden-armored clansmen into pieces.

“Is he dead?”

“He should be dead. With the nine of us attacking together, it would be hard for him not to die.”

“This season’s fellow is too arrogant. He actually dared to directly teleport to my Zombie God Domain’s headquarters!”

“If I’m not wrong, it was done by Lin Ye.”

“Yes, only he has attacked the Zombie Divine Palace this season and locked onto the spatial coordinates here.”

“Elder Tianqiong, the enemy has already come knocking on our door. We can’t just sit and wait for death, right?”

Above the mushroom cloud, nine figures with soaring blood qi stood in the air.

He swept his gaze across the center of the explosion and then looked at the sky with the strongest aura among the nine.

“I have my own plans.”

Tianqiong’s expression was ugly.

The moment the Zombie Divine Palace was invaded, he received information from the shadow assassins at the same time.

The entire Zombie God Realm was attacked by powerful enemies at the same time.

Needless to say, these were definitely from the Lin Clan.


Before the first wave subsided, another wave came.

He looked at the center of the explosion in shock.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A vast golden light pierced through the dust and a tall figure walked out.

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