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Chapter 412 - Chapter 412: New Recruits Arrived

Chapter 412: New Recruits Arrived

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“Just now, that seemed like a platoon leader!”

Flathead Wood started, and in the rear carriage, there were new soldiers murmuring quietly to the others.

Inside these carriages, there were both new and old soldiers occupying seats in the train.

So even if the new soldiers wanted to talk, they dared not speak loudly.

“Yeah, I heard it too. It’s really impressive, so many medals!” someone nearby heard his words and immediately responded in hushed tones.

At this point, many of them still didn’t know each other well.

But it didn’t matter because whether they knew each other or not didn’t affect their shared topic of conversation.

“1 didn’t see what kind of medals they were. Did they have first-class medals?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. How is that possible? Don’t they say that first-class medals are awarded to family members? The way he looks all lively and energetic, how could he have a first-class medal? I doubt he even has a second-class one!” Someone had some knowledge about military honors, so they spoke with a confident tone.

“Regardless of the class of the medal, he’s definitely a tough guy with so many of them. Look how young he is; I feel like he can’t be much older than us!”

“I envy him. If I could return home after retiring with a uniform full of medals, that would be amazing!”

“Heh, the opportunity is probably slim. My brother retired and came home with three medals, and among those three, not a single one was third-class; they were all excellent soldier awards and commendations!”

In the carriage, a group of new soldiers huddled together, whispering among themselves.

Meanwhile, at the back of the train, the new recruits sitting next to the veteran soldiers were not exactly well-behaved themselves.

They hadn’t yet experienced military life, so they didn’t have much fear of the veteran soldiers at this point.

“Hey, Class Leader, was that guy just now really impressive?” In the rear of the train, a new recruit asked Li Bing in a hushed voice.

Li Bing turned to look at him.

Then, he chuckled.

“Yeah, he’s not bad. I taught him a lot of things last year!”


This new recruit was instantly bewildered.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one at this moment.

The new recruits sitting near the back of the train all widened their eyes and looked bewildered.

They had actually been eavesdropping earlier.

Li Bing thoroughly enjoyed the expressions on these young recruits’ faces right now.

With a smile on his face, he spoke again in a seemingly indifferent tone, “What’s the matter? Don’t doubt it. Didn’t you see him salute us first just now? Let me tell you, even though he’s your platoon leader, in front of me, if I tell him to stand at attention, he’ll have to stand at attention!”

“You’ve got nerve!”

At this moment, Zhou Qi, who was sitting opposite him, also retorted with a playful smile.

At that moment, Li Bing grinned awkwardly.

“Hehe, Class Leader, don’t spoil the fun!”

Making Wang Ye stand at attention, he really didn’t have the temperament for it.

Not to mention that Wang Ye was now a second lieutenant, but even before, when Wang Ye was the deputy Class Leader of the eighth squad, he couldn’t boss him around.

There was nothing he could do. Apart from age, he couldn’t compare in any other aspect.

As for teaching things, Zhuo Zicheng had even taught Wang Ye how to operate a combat vehicle. They had only given some guidance while Wang Ye was digging trenches, and afterward, he had been retaliated against by that petty guy Wang Ye.

“Class Leader Zhou, how old is that guy?” At this moment, someone couldn’t help but ask Zhou Qi.

He was transferred to Zhou Qi’s platoon, so he knew Zhou Qi’s name.

Zhou Qi looked over with a smile, “Don’t ask too much. Some things, knowing them now won’t do you any good. For now, just remember to be a good soldier, and if any of you end up in his platoon, don’t be mischievous, alright?”

For the new recruits, Zhou Qi’s words actually raised their curiosity even more.

“Class Leader, isn’t he the platoon leader? Does he also lead troops?” Someone couldn’t resist asking from the side.

However, before Zhou Qi could respond to this question, Li Bing, who was sitting opposite, seized the opportunity once again to show off his veteran status, “New recruits, even platoon leaders are dual-hatted. He definitely leads troops!”

Speaking of this, Li Bing looked around at the people next to him and continued, “Listen, remember Class Leader Zhou’s words. If anyone ends up in his squad, behave yourselves. Of course, not just in his squad, you should all be well-behaved in the whole platoon!”

Li Bing echoed the sentiment.

For a moment, the new recruits exchanged glances, and their curiosity about Wang Ye surged even more.

What’s the deal with this guy?

“Class Leader, can you tell us why? Is he really impressive?”

“Hehe, stop asking. You’ll know the specifics later!” Zhou Qi still didn’t respond to their questions.

In fact, at this moment, he still didn’t know why Wang Ye was putting on this act today.

Afraid of affecting Wang Ye’s plan, he didn’t plan to tell the new recruits about Wang Ye’s situation.

Moreover, these new recruits didn’t have the mood or time to ask about it now.

The road began to deteriorate.

The new recruits, for the first time, experienced the power of Flathead Wood, the military vehicle.

“Hurry up, the new recruits are coming!”

After nine months, the new recruit company became lively once again today.

Today, there were banners hanging at the entrance.

At the entrance, aside from the guards from the security platoon standing guard, there were also soldiers from the security platoon ready with gongs and drums.

Furthermore, there were some soldiers from the first company standing on the side.

“Everyone be ready, remember, smile later.

And, all of you should hide your bad habits, understand? New recruits entering the camp need to be nurtured, you know?” A cadre shouted loudly.

“Hehe, understood, we’ll definitely nurture them!”

“Haha, 1 promise these new recruits will never forget our enthusiasm for the rest of their lives!”

The experienced soldiers laughed heartily.

They trained every day, especially after the previous incident involving the Reconnaissance Company, which resulted in them being in high-intensity training for an extended period.

Now, being able to come here and see the new recruits, how could they not be delighted?

Moreover, what they were going to do today gave the experienced soldiers a sense of joy similar to a weasel wishing chickens a Happy New Year. They felt quite content inside.

“Can you all hear me?”

As Flathead Wood, the one receiving the new recruits, was just a few kilometers away from the regimental headquarters, the voice of the company commander, Jiang Huai, came through a walkie-talkie on Wang Ye’s person.


A stranger’s voice came through the walkie-talkie.

Of course, Wang Ye knew that he should be one of the other two platoon leaders.

He picked up the walkie-talkie.

“Received!” Wang Ye replied almost simultaneously with the other platoon leader.

“Alright, let me explain the arrangements for later…”

Jiang Huai began to outline the process from the moment the vehicles arrived until later.

Even though these things had been discussed in advance.

But when it came to leading new recruits, nothing could be taken lightly.

Wang Ye listened with the walkie-talkie in hand, and a few minutes later, as they approached the entrance of the new recruit company, Jiang Huai ended the conversation.

“Dong dong- clang clang-”

With drums and gongs, just like when Wang Ye and his comrades enlisted last year, as the vehicles entered the new recruit company, they started beating the drums and gongs on both sides.

They didn’t stop until the vehicle came to a halt in the square right in front of the new recruit company’s main gate.

“Come on… brothers, give me a hand!”

“Hey, take it easy, take it easy. Here, let me help you!”

As soon as Wang Ye opened the car door and got out, he saw this scene happening at the back of the vehicle.

To be honest, for some reason, Wang Ye now had an urge to kick these experienced soldiers in the butt.

Even though he was now an experienced soldier himself, seeing this situation now gave him a vivid sense of deja vu.

Of course, Wang Ye was only entertaining the thought.

The faint smile that had been on his face disappeared.

Wang Ye didn’t linger there.

He walked from the side of the vehicle toward the middle of the square.

As he walked, Wang Ye took a whistle out of his pocket.

Today, he was the duty officer for the new recruit company.

“Beep beep-”

When Wang Ye reached the middle of the square and stood in position, he blew the whistle forcefully as he gazed at the new recruits who were coming down from the parking area.

The sounds of the drums and gongs stopped instantly.

And the new recruits hurriedly looked over.

“Come on… brothers, gather over here!”

“You’re going to be assigned to your classes, hurry up and assemble!”

One by one, the experienced soldiers from the first company acted as their guides, quickly bringing the new recruits in front of Wang Ye.

After forming up and counting the numbers, Wang Ye returned to the position where the veteran platoon sergeants were standing.

Everything was the same as when Wang Ye and his comrades enlisted last year.

The only difference was that last year, they arrived in the evening, and Wu Jianfeng’s speech was brief.

Today, it was just before 4 PM.

Plus, Jiang Huai wasn’t Wu Jianfeng.

He spoke for more than ten minutes before the new recruit company began to divide the recruits into their respective platoons.

Starting from the first platoon, the platoon leader began the roll call.

One by one, after the roll call was completed, the experienced soldiers led their new recruits away.

Finally, it was Wang Ye’s turn.

What set Wang Ye apart from the others was that he didn’t have a folder when he called out names.

The platoon leader of the first platoon had called out names while standing in front of the formation, using a folder to reference the names.

But when it came to Wang Ye, he walked directly in front of the new recruit formation.

He walked past the new recruits one by one.

“You! Step out of the formation!”

Stopping in front of one new recruit, Wang Ye spoke to him with a serious expression.

“Yes!” The new recruit was clearly a bit nervous.

On the way here, everyone had been talking about Wang Ye in the car.

Some of the experienced soldiers had shared a bit of information about Wang Ye, while others hadn’t.

But regardless of whether they had spoken or not, they had definitely shared one piece of advice.

“Whoever gets assigned to his squad, just be a good soldier, stay obedient, and don’t act up!”

In this situation, now that Wang Ye was walking in front of everyone like this, to be frank, whoever he stopped in front of would feel nervous.

Of course, not everyone was unwilling to join Wang Ye’s squad.

On the contrary, many were actually looking forward to it.

New recruits who had just enlisted were filled with enthusiasm for military life.

They all wanted to make a difference in the army.

Aside from those who were coerced into the military, many of the voluntary recruits were willing to follow a platoon leader who was clearly extraordinary.

“You! Step out of the formation!”

Wang Ye called out names without much ado, moving on to the next recruit after each one.

Naturally, Wang Ye wasn’t randomly calling names.

He had already memorized the information of the ten recruits in his squad, and even when Jiang Huai was giving his speech earlier, he had been observing the formation.

By comparing the information and photos he had seen, he was able to identify all ten of the new recruits in his squad.

Currently, he was calling out the ones who had already been assigned to his squad.

He was using this method to add an air of mystery, making the new recruits feel more curious.

Soon, the roll call for the ten recruits was completed, and Wang Ye walked over to them.

At the same time, two experienced soldiers from the first company and Li Bing approached with smiles, helping to carry bags and greet the new recruits.

However, Wang Ye didn’t assist in carrying their belongings.

At this moment, Wang Ye walked in front of the formation with a stern expression, leading the ten new recruits who were feeling nervous directly towards the dormitory building.

To establish authority over them, it had to start from the very beginning.

Not only did he display his military medals, but he also had to appear a bit stern.

After all, Wang Ye hadn’t planned to play any sentimental games with them today..

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