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Chapter 1054 - Chapter 1054: I Can’t Hold It In…

Chapter 1054: I Can’t Hold It In…

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Wufu had rushed over as soon as he finished his morning training. He planned to have a meal at the main camp again. Both the main camp and the sub-camp were eating garlic bread this morning.

Shao Shuting ate at the same table as them.

After eating breakfast, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan planned to set off for their journey back.

Because of Xue Yan’s request, the generals of the various battalions did not have to send him Ott, and Shao Shuting did not dare to bring the generals ot the various battalions to appear in front of Xue Yan.

If Duke Shao was in the military camp, he would have joined them for breakfast. However, because he had something to do, he had left the military camp.

Knowing that Duke Shao was leaving the military camp early in the morning, Xue Yan had already gone to meet him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Sanfu and Wufu wanted to send them off, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan would have already set off when the sky had just slightly brightened.

“This bread is delicious, but there’s too little meat inside.” Xue Wufu said as he ate. “Xue Yan and Jiang Yue, you both are the best. I know that the ones you made for us had a lot of meat in them.”

Shao Shuting was much more refined than Xue Wufu when it came to eating. Hearing this, a warm smile appeared on his face. “Although the national treasury has given us sufficient military pay, it still can’t afford to feed all two thousand of us.’

When he first found out that Shao Shuting was the Great General, Xue Wufu was quite afraid. Now that he had been in the military camp for so long, he knew that Shao Shuting was fair in his rewards and punishments. If he did not do anything wrong, he would not be punished. In addition, he often went to Shao Shuting’s tent and always saw and talked to him. After staying in the military for a while, Xue Wufu was no longer afraid of Shao Shuting.

Therefore, when he heard Shao Shutings words, the cheerful Xue Wufu immediately said, “1 know. That’s why I’ve always felt that the food in the military camp is pretty good.”

Even though they couldn’t eat all the meat, there were meat dishes for lunch and dinner.

If it was a big day in the military camp, they would even roast a whole pig.

After breakfast, Xue Sanfu, Xue Wufu, Shao Shuting, and Shiye went to send Jiang Yue and Xue Yan to the carriage at the entrance of the military camp.

However, before he reached the entrance of the military camp, Xue Wufu burst into tears when he saw the carriage at the entrance,

Xue Wufu used both his arms to wipe his tears away. As he cried, he said, “Xue Yan, Jiang Yue, when we get home, you must tell them that Sanfu and I are doing well in the military camp and that they don’t have to worry about us…

“When you go home, you have to be good. When Sanfu and I can go home, we’ll buy you good food. We can’t buy anything for you now…

“It’s rare for you to come here…”

Xue Yan pulled Wufu aside, telling him not to cry. Jiang Yue also looked up and held Wufu’s hand, consoling him.

“Alright, I won’t cry, I won’t cry… But I can’t help it.” Xue Wufu was constantly wiping away his tears, but more and more tears fell as he looked at the two children.

The two children were going back.

He was not sure when he would be able to see them again.

However, he also understood that if they did not go back soon, his family would be worried. Therefore, even if he could not stop crying, he still let the two children quickly climb into the carriage. Then, he stood beside the carriage and cried.

He cried until he was out of breath..

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