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Chapter 725 - Chapter 725: There’s no need to be sad about parting!_1

Chapter 725: There’s no need to be sad about parting!_1

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After receiving the treasure from the world consciousness, Li Yueming said,””Rather than saying that you want to know about the Nine Regions and the Ancient Great Qian Dynasty, it’s better to say that you want to know about the world consciousness on the Nine Regions…”

“Since you’re so straightforward, I can tell you directly!”

The situation in Nine Regions was very complicated.

But to Li Yueming, they were all transparent.

He was probably the only one who could understand everything now.

Of course, he naturally wouldn’t give up everything.

He only chose to answer a few questions that the world consciousness of the Returning Heart Mainland was concerned about.

After listening to Li Yueming’s explanation, the woman possessed by the world consciousness of the Returning Heart Mainland had a complicated expression on her face. After a moment of silence, she said,””It was actually attacked by the Zergs. No wonder I haven’t heard any news for so many years!”

To a small world like it.

Being in contact with a vast macro world like Nine Regions was a mixed blessing.

There was no need to say anything good about it.

The great world could provide him with another evolution plan in addition to the evolution plan that he himself promoted.

It might even lead to the rapid development of the small world.

As for the bad side…

If the consciousness of the world or the indigenous people of the big planet were very aggressive, the weak world might become a vassal of the big planet and could only live under the sphere fence.

Therefore, it was said that Nine Regions was affected by the insect race, and the damage was serious.

To the World Will of the Returning Heart Mainland, this was undoubtedly a very good result.

After confirming that Nine Regions really wouldn’t suddenly invade the world he was in.

The woman heaved a sigh of relief.

Her beautiful eyes looked at Li Yueming and waved her hand,””In that case, I won’t keep you. As for the cultivators in the imperial prison… It’s good that you take them away, so that I won’t be in a dilemma!”

After he finished speaking.

The woman slowly walked to the tea table and sat down.

He lowered his head and fell asleep.

Li Yueming looked around and finally came to the tea cabinet in the tea room. He opened it and swept some local specialties before turning around and leaving.

When he arrived at the door, he saw Zhao Hechuan still lying there.

Li Yueming gave him a gentle blow to wake him up.””Go and bring her out!”

Zhao Hechuan was at a loss after he woke up. He looked up at the gloomy prison around him. After a while, he finally came back to his senses and remembered where he was and what had happened.

After waking up from a dream.

Zhao Hechuan hurriedly knelt on the ground, his face full of fear as he stuttered,””Before…Senior, you… Are you alright?”

One had to know that before he fainted, he had seen with his own eyes that there was a ‘Heart Saint King’ level expert guarding the 18 levels of hell!!!

When he first encountered the Sacred King of the Heart, his expectations had already sunk to rock bottom.

After all, the Heart Saint King was revered in the world. Even in the entire Returning Heart Mainland, there were not many people who could be an enemy of a Saint King.

In addition, they were still in the Heaven Prison, and the other party had an endless supply of reinforcements.

With so many unfavorable situations stacked together, Zhao Hechuan didn’t even know how to escape in a place where there was nowhere to hide.

However, Zhao Hechuan didn’t expect that when he opened his eyes again, the old senior and himself were both unharmed!

So, were all the cultivators in Nine Regions so powerful?

The moment this thought appeared in Zhao Hechuan’s mind, it sprouted like a weed.

It was just like how he could not understand the peak years of his ancestors ‘Qi Refiners.

He also found it hard to understand how Li Yueming could be so powerful.

He clearly looked no different from an ordinary person…

Of course, it didn’t matter what he thought at the moment.

The important thing was that Li Yueming had already cleaned up all the trouble in the underground prison as he had promised at the beginning. Now, he was just waiting for him to go to the prison and release all his relatives.

Thinking of this…

Zhao Hechuan forcefully gathered the distracting thoughts in his mind and immediately set off to find the dungeon where the reincarnators were imprisoned.

Li Yueming stood at the entrance of the 18th floor of the prison, but his mind was constantly searching for the mental power that the world consciousness of the Returning Heart Great Land had given him.

After confirming that there were no clues.

He controlled his soul to test it out.

The moment he touched the spiritual power, a miracle happened.

In an instant.

Li Yueming’s soul, which wasn’t considered warm, emitted a moaning sound under the nourishment of his mental power.

It was as if an incomparably refreshing power had fused into his soul, and at the same time, it had nourished his limbs and bones.

If it was someone with a weak willpower, they would have already indulged in the refreshing feeling and absorbed all their mental energy to nourish their body.

However, Li Yueming was clearly not in this category.

Therefore, he only touched the ball of pure mental power for a moment. After sensing the magical power of the mental energy ball, he stopped absorbing it immediately.

He closed his eyes and pondered for a long time.

Li Yueming couldn’t help but sigh at how rich the world’s consciousness was.

It was just a ball of spiritual energy.

No, it didn’t even need to be this big!

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