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Chapter 677 - Chapter 677: Destroy Qi, Destroy Song, Invincible in the World!_2

Chapter 677: Destroy Qi, Destroy Song, Invincible in the World!_2

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Seeing the Starmoon Troop gathering such a large number of troops and splitting them into two groups to attack the Great Qi Dynasty and Great Song Dynasty at the same time, all the people of insight in the world were dumbfounded.

They simply couldn’t understand how the brains of the Starmoon Troop’s higher-ups worked!

Logically speaking, it was impossible for a normal person to make such a brainless decision.

But now, the truth was right in front of them.

Putting aside the fact that the Star-Moon Army’s current top priority was to digest the population and territory in their stomachs.

Even if Li Yueming had nothing better to do and wanted to attack a country, he shouldn’t have split up and provoked two countries at the same time!

Back then, it was still so difficult to fight one-on-one with the Great Zhou!

Now that he was fighting on two fronts, did he think that he was not going to die fast enough?

That’s why.

When they heard the news, no one in the outside world could understand.

However, it didn’t take long for them to see a phenomenon that made them even more unable to understand.

Under normal circumstances, if the Star Moon Army was so arrogant and attacked two large countries at the same time without any concealment, the other five countries should have stood up and condemned them or even sent troops to stop the Star Moon Army.

After all, when the six countries were fighting for hegemony, no country would watch as one of them suddenly became the strongest.

The Star Moon Army’s annexation of the Great Zhou was already enough for the other five countries to be on guard against a great enemy. Now, they even showed a stance of wanting to sweep through the six countries and unify the world…

Uncle can tolerate it, but Auntie can’t tolerate it!

It was impossible for the countries to turn a blind eye to this and swallow their anger.

However, this was the problem.

This time, the Starmoon Troop had caused such a huge commotion. The millions of soldiers were extremely arrogant. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, they split into two groups and attacked the two neighboring countries at the same time.

The higher-ups of the other five countries were like roosters whose eggs had been crushed. They did not even fart!

It was truly unbelievable.

“Crazy, this is crazy. This world is crazy, and I’m crazy too!”

“Why don’t the other five nations say anything? Is the Starmoon Army that terrifying?”

“My youth is over. I suddenly feel that this world is so unfamiliar…”

“The warlords are fighting for supremacy, and the six countries are fighting for hegemony… Is the chaotic era going to end in the hands of our generation?”

As countless people in the world muttered in disbelief.

This war that concerned the fate of the entire Nine Regions finally broke out without any accident!

The first to attack was the main force of the Star-Moon Troop heading towards Da Qi.

Most of them were the garrison troops of the North Glacier Town headquarters, and they were the more elite troops of the Star Moon Army.

Now that they were fighting, their combat strength was even more ferocious.

In just a month, they had broken through six cities of the Great Qi and thrown the Great Qi into chaos.

Many of Da Qi’s high-ranking officials couldn’t figure out how the Star Moon Army dared to do this.

However, in the face of the increasingly fierce attacks, they had to accept the fact that the Starmoon Legion was not only waging war on two countries at the same time, but their preparations for war were also not as simple as just attacking cities and seizing land.

They were really prepared to attack the capital and completely destroy Da Qi!

After confirming this point.

The officials of Da Qi finally abandoned their fantasies and prepared to fight.

But at this moment.

A shocking piece of news came.

An old man with white hair and a beard suddenly appeared in the palace of Da Qi. With just one hand, he directly smashed the entire palace into pieces.

At that time, Qi Tianzi was in the palace discussing countermeasures with the ministers.

When the disaster came, it was crushed by the collapsed rubble and bricks.

By the time the guards dug through the ruins, there was only a pile of flesh left.

This sudden blow stunned Da Qi and the entire world.

What the f * ck, what kind of situation was this?

However, before they could discuss it, the same news came from the Great Song.

The Starmoon Army attacked the Great Song, but still didn’t get too big of a result.

However, the battle report from the front line still frightened all the civil and military officials of the Great Song.

Just as the Song Emperor was discussing with the ministers whether to prepare for the one-stop service of moving the capital, ceding territory, paying reparations, and seeking peace.

A crazed middle-aged scholar suddenly appeared in the palace.

With a wave of the scholar’s hand, all the civil and military officials in the Great Song Dynasty were sent flying, falling everywhere. The Emperor of the Great Song was so scared that he wet his pants on the spot. The next day, he ordered the entire country to stop resisting and surrender to the Star Moon Army.

The two events happened at almost the same time.

The higher-ups in the country were instantly disintegrated.

In a time of war, it was a sign of national subjugation for a dragon without a leader!

In other words, didn’t that mean that the war had already ended before it even started?

How was this possible?

The Six Nations had been passed down for so long, yet they didn’t even have a single ancestor to guard the world?


Back then, wasn’t the Great Zhou Dragon Emperor Ji Tian a manifestation of the trump cards of the six dynasties?

Why were they so easily defeated by the Starmoon Army?

Everything happened so suddenly that everyone in the world who heard the news went blank.

For a moment, he did not even know how to think.

They had lived for so many years and had shallow knowledge. They simply could not imagine that something like destroying two countries in a day could happen in reality!

Fortunately, Li Yueming took the initiative to step forward and said to the whole world,””Ever since the collapse of the Tiandu Dynasty, there has been an ancient ballad circulating in the Nine Prefectures that only those who exterminate the six dynasties and unify the world can ascend!”

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