Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

Chapter 1922 - Chapter 1922: My wife is a foodie

Chapter 1922: My wife is a foodie


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Did she really leave?

He left again!

Gong Bai slumped on the sofa, his hand trembling slightly as he held the note.

He thought he had already found her, but she still hadn’t? Was it just a dream?

He lowered his head to look at the note. It only said that she had left for a while, but it didn’t say that she was Huo die.

In fact, he must be dreaming. The fire butterfly was dead, and this person was the Phoenix! She was always so willful.

Gong Bai didn’t know exactly how long Huo die meant by “for a while,” but he couldn’t wait any longer. He called old K on the same day.”Huo die has left again. If you see her, please tell me.”

“She won’t be here to cause trouble for qinghuan, will she?” old K asked.

Gong Bai said,”master only has Yu qinghuan in his heart.”

After hanging up the phone, Gong Bai went to pack his luggage, planning to find Huo die.

However, he didn’t know where she had gone. How was he supposed to find her?

What if she came back right after he left?

Gong Bai sighed helplessly and stopped. He didn’t know what to do.

Was waiting the only thing he could do?

After waiting for three days, he had no mood to eat or sleep.

It seemed like she had already expected this, which was why she had told him to eat on time and rest well. She even threatened him that she would not come back if he did not listen.

At the thought of this, Gong Bai suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t be monitoring him, right? Did he eat on time and rest well these few days?

Gong Bai immediately went to the kitchen and found that there were no more ingredients, so he went out to buy some.

After buying the ingredients, he started to cook.

He picked out a few dishes with complicated processes. In order to make them well, he had to calm down and be extremely patient and careful.

He made a pot of ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’. When it was done, he opened the lid, and an alluring fragrance wafted out.

He couldn’t help but laugh,”it seems that my cooking skills are not bad. When Huo die comes back, I can make it for her to eat, Yingluo.”

“Gong Bai!” A delicate shout suddenly came from behind him.

Gong Bai turned around and was delighted to see Huo die jumping into the room.”You’re back? Where are you going-”

“When I’m not around, you’ll cook delicious food!” The fire butterfly roared in anger.

Gong Bai,”hehe.”

“Boohoo, you don’t love me anymore!” Huo die raised her hand to wipe away her tears. In her hand was a small box. She placed the small box on the counter and was unforgiving.”How could you do this?” This was too much! If I had known, I wouldn’t have come back, Yingluo.”

Gong Bai hugged her and couldn’t help saying with joy, ” “You’re finally back! I thought you weren’t coming back!”

“If I don’t come back, I’ll let you have all the food!”

With a smile, Gong Bai cupped her face and said, my wife is a foodie. If I know that you’re running around, I’ll cook at home and make you come back!

Huodie pouted, threw herself into his arms, and hugged him tightly.

Gong Bai looked at the small box on the counter, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

He patted her shoulder and asked,”where did you go?” Why are you running around again? I’m going crazy, you know? I thought you were going to disappear for another 20 years Yingluo. I’m already this old, so I might not have another 20 years. How could you bear with it?”

“Come with me!” The fire Butterfly released him.

She picked up the suitcase and pulled him out.

After entering the living room, the two of them sat on the sofa. While opening the box, Huo die said, ” “Take off your clothes!”

“Bi an?” Gong Bai asked.

Huo die glanced at him. take it off!

Gong Bai took off his clothes silently and thought, ” Could it be that she missed my body after being away for a few days?

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