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Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Let the World Burn

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In a dark world, an even darker energy storm erupted. This was an indescribably spectacular scene. Unfortunately, Roy and Sargeras, who had already left, couldn’t see it.

Another scene they couldn’t see was the faint silhouette of a gigantic creature in the center of the Void Sun when the Void flare erupted.

Through the shell of Void energy, it could be seen that this creature had a large number of arthropod-like limbs. Wrapped under these arthropods, it was curled up into a ball. Looking closer, it had enormous wings as thin as cicada wings and a pair of huge compound eyes.

This gigantic insect-shaped creature was very similar to Beelzebub’s shell that Roy had found in the Abyss…

Unfortunately, this scene flashed in the Void World like a snapshot. As the Void storm gradually subsided, only a deep sleep-like murmur remained in the Void, spreading into the distance…

The process of ‘rising’ from the Void to the material world was very short. In just an instant, Roy brought everyone into the material world.

Looking at the sparkling starry sky in the distance, Roy let out a long sigh. He had never felt that stars could be so charming.

However, before he could say anything, Sargeras suddenly roared angrily!

“No! Impossible!!” Sargeras roared with clenched fists, his eyes bursting with dazzling light. “I will never accept it!!”

After roaring, Sargeras didn’t even say goodbye. His body turned into a meteor and flew into the distant starry sky, disappearing from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Roy and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse couldn’t react in time, so they could only watch helplessly as Sargeras disappeared in front of them.

After a while, Fury said, “It seems like this titan was greatly stimulated…”

“Definitely!” Death nodded. “Being powerless in the face of the Void’s source, even we are very frustrated…”

“He’s a proud warrior, but…” War said in a deep voice. “The more arrogant and confident he is, the more unacceptable he finds this battle.”

“I hope he won’t do anything irrational…” Strife said and then turned to look at Roy. “Demon Osiris, unfortunately, we couldn’t help much. That thing… exceeds the scope of our imagination and ability.”

Roy shook his head, touched his chin, and said thoughtfully, “That’s not the case. The time you fought was too short. Due to my limited energy, I could only maintain the order fields for a limited time.”

“Even if we had a longer time, it might have been useless!” War said. “In the Void, we’re naturally at a disadvantage when fighting that kind of thing.”

Strife whistled. “Haha, maybe we can try to lure it out next time? Perhaps there’s a way to eliminate it in the material world?”

Anyone could tell that Strife was joking, but no one could relax. Putting aside whether they could bring the Void Lord into the material world, just whether there would be another chance to fight side by side was a question. The sights of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were in a completely different world from here. Now, the rune was gone. This item that could summon people across worlds was extremely precious, and the Four Horsemen couldn’t give him a second one.

“Fortunately, that thing seems to be in a deep sleep most of the time!” Fury said thoughtfully. “We made such a big commotion, but it didn’t even wake up…”

“If it had maintained consciousness, this world would have long been devoured by the Void!” Roy pointed at the distant Twisting Nether rift. “But as you can see, even so, the Void corrosion in this world is unprecedentedly serious.”

The Four Horsemen looked at the enormous rift in the Twisting Nether in shock. War whispered, “I wonder how long this world can last…”

Roy didn’t say anything, but he thought that this world could still survive for another ten to twenty thousand years.

The Void Lord’s corrosion plan against the universe had a long cycle, which might also be related to its deep sleep. After a long sleep, there might be a short period of lucidity, and the Old Gods all over the universe should have been released when it was awake. The Old Gods corroded the material world and turned everything in the material world into Void energy to transfer to the Void for the Void Lord to condense energy. This could explain how the Void Lord’s thick energy shell came about.

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly heard Death say, “Compared to this, I actually want to know how many of the things Osiris calls a Void Lord are in the Void…”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned. Fury exclaimed, “How many?! You’re saying that there’s more than one of those terrifying things?!”

Roy was also stunned. Although he subconsciously didn’t want to believe it, he realized that what Death said might be true because there was no rule that there could only be one Void Lord.

The Void World was too vast. In places out of reach, the Void was even connected to other worlds. This was actually one of the reasons why Roy could summon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse across worlds in the Void… In this case, it was hard to say how many Void Lords had been born in the Void World.

Just one was already terrifying. If there were a few more…

Everyone, including Roy, didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

War said to Roy, “It’s almost time. We have to go back. Our world is also facing the threat of the Void. Although it’s not as serious as this world, we can’t sit back and do nothing. We can only do our best to stop the corrosion of the Void.”

“Okay!” Roy nodded and didn’t say anything else. He himself was an outsider to this world, so it was understandable that the Four Horsemen were more worried about their world.

Before long, as the summoning time ended, the Four Horsemen slowly disappeared in front of Roy…

When Roy was the only one left, he sighed. Speaking of which, I’m a demon. Shouldn’t I be quick to take revenge, destroy wantonly, plunder souls, occupy a world, and continue the Eternal War with the angels wielding Holy Light? Why do I always get caught up in this big matter of saving the world?

Even so, Roy knew that some things were not subject to his will.

The matter of Void corrosion was an ultimate threat that concerned the universe and the Infinite Worlds. It would have been fine if Roy were a short-lived human. Anyway, the lifespan was short enough, and what happened tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years later was meaningless. But he was now a long-lived demon, and under his almost endless lifespan, the threat of the Void would eventually be something he needed to face. If he didn’t make plans early, he might not be able to escape death.

He had to be strong, so strong that he could ignore all threats…

Roy turned his head and looked in the direction where Sargeras had disappeared. If nothing unexpected happened, this direction should be where the Pantheon was in the starry sky. Sargeras had suffered a huge blow on this trip to the Void. Just as Roy had thought, the more long-lived people were, the more urgently they felt the threat of the Void. The world-soul titans claimed to be the defenders of the order, but they were helpless against the threat of the Void. How could the arrogant Sargeras endure this humiliation? Therefore, Roy guessed that Sargeras should have gone to the Pantheon to seek help.

However, Sargeras might be disappointed. The other world-soul titans were still immersed in seeding the universe and searching for a bright future for their race and compatriots. They had not seen the Old Gods with their own eyes, and they had not entered the Void and seen the terrifying threat. How could they feel the same way as Sargeras?

Including Aman’Thul, the world-soul titans probably still thought that they were invincible and that nothing could threaten them, right?

Sargeras’s attempt to convince the other world-soul titans was destined to be futile…

If possible, Roy really wanted to follow and see with his own eyes the scene of the conflict between Sargeras and the titans of the Pantheon. The despair and fear for the Void Lord and the distrust and lack of support from his people would completely detonate the negative emotions accumulated by Sargeras…

Thinking of this, Roy didn’t intend to go anywhere else. He stayed where he was and began a short slumber in space, waiting.

He knew that Sargeras would come to him…

Sure enough, about three months later, a powerful, violent, and angry aura appeared!

Sargeras’s colossal body appeared in this starry sky again. But unlike when he left earlier, his appearance had changed drastically.

His human form could no longer be seen, and what replaced it was a ferocious and terrifying demon form. His face, body, and limbs were all burning with fierce flames, and his legs had turned into the reverse joints and hooves of a demon. A thick demon tail hung behind him, and a ball of flames was burning at the tip of the tail. On his head shrouded in blazing flames stood a pair of huge curved demon horns.

The skull belt that Roy had given Sargeras earlier was tied around his waist, and his armor had changed its appearance to be the same demon style as the belt.

Sargeras flew here directly this time, using the pair of demon wings behind him that could cover an entire planet. When he flew over, his entire body was enveloped in raging flames, like a blazing meteor streaking across the universe.

After discovering Roy, he slowed down in space and stopped in front of him. The raging flames surged toward Roy with a suffocating pressure.

Sargeras stared at Roy, and Roy stared back at him. He even noticed the broken sword in his hand!

Gorshalach had been broken, leaving only half of the blade and the hilt in Sargeras’s hand. Even its shape had changed a lot. Gorshalach, which had originally rippled with holy radiance, had now become evil and violent.

“You… have become much stronger!” Roy said after a while.

Yes, it was indeed reasonable to say that falling made people three times stronger. Compared to Sargeras before he left, the power and aura emanating from the fallen Sargeras were much stronger.

“This is the power of falling, the power of demons!” Sargeras’s voice had become incomparably hoarse, sounding so bewitching. He smiled sinisterly. “And I need power!”

“I understand…” Roy nodded. “Why did you come to find me this time?”

Sargeras opened his right hand, which had turned into a demon claw with sharp nails. He spread his right hand toward Roy, making an inviting gesture. “Demon Osiris, I have a great plan, and I need your strength! Are you… joining?”

Plan? A ferocious smile appeared on Roy’s face. He enlarged his body and extended his right hand to shake Sargeras’s. “My pleasure!”

Let the world burn…

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