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Chapter 1333 Two Days

Chapter 1333 Two Days

Upon entering the room, Yuan and the Huang Family were greeted by a luxurious room that was far too big for them. As Princess Meiya claimed, the room could easily fit over a thousand humans. In fact, just the bed alone could fit over ten thousand humans with ease.

"I don't know what to say…" Huang Xiao Li muttered in a dazed voice.

"It wasn't too bad before we entered this room, but now that there is furniture and stuff, I really feel out of place. Is this how ants feel when they enter a human's house? I am speechless."

Princess Meiya placed Yuan and the Huang Family on the table before shrinking her size to match theirs again.

"What do you plan on doing now?" Princess Meiya suddenly asked him.

"Are you expecting me to do something?" Yuan raised an eyebrow.

She nodded and said, "While you are definitely very talented, even defeating a formidable opponent like Royal Guard Basar, you won't win the next match in your current state."

"That's nonsense! Yuan will definitely win!" Huang Xiao Li exclaimed, defending him.

Yuan smiled appreciatively and replied, "Thank you, but she's correct. My next opponent will undoubtedly be much stronger than Royal Guard Basar, and if I enter the stage in my current state, I will definitely lose."

"No way…" Huang Xiao Li was speechless.

"We still have two days before the next match." Princess Meiya said.

"Huh? Are you proposing that he enhance his strength in just two days? That's too little time! It's impossible, even for someone as talented as him!" Huang Xiao Li remarked.

Although it might sound like she was underestimating Yuan, she wasn't entirely wrong. Two days is an incredibly brief period for any cultivator, especially for someone at Yuan's level of cultivation.

Had Huang Xiao Li uttered anything to the contrary, she would have sounded absurd. After all, even if one were to gorge themselves on treasures, the absorption of spiritual energy from those treasures would still necessitate time.

Achieving substantial growth required the consumption of potent treasures, and the more formidable the treasure, the lengthier the process of absorption.

At Yuan's level, if he wanted to see any significant growth, he would need more than two days. Unfortunately, that was all the time he had.

"I don't know how much help I'll be—if I'll even be of any help— but I will stay here with you for the next two days if you ever have any questions." Princess Meiya said.

"Ah, please don't expect me to give you any treasures, okay? I am already interfering with the tournament by helping you, which could get me in trouble with my father. The most I can do is give you guidance."

Yuan smiled, "Don't worry, I won't ask you to do anything unreasonable. And thank you."

Princess Meiya nodded, and she said, "Then let's get started. Given the limited time of two days, there are only two methods I can think of that will provide you with a significant boost in strength."

"One—achieve enlightenment for your current techniques, or two—consume treasures and absorb as much as you can in these two days," Princess Meiya presented the two viable options to Yuan.

"Achieving enlightenment is easier said than done… That's not something you can do just because you need to…" Huang Xiao Li shook her head.

"I concur that the first method is unreliable and, frankly, nearly impossible. Therefore, we must opt for the second option. Hopefully, you have some treasures on you..." Princess Meiya glanced at Yuan.

"I do have a few in mind." He nodded.

"Is it really okay to consume treasures?" Huang Chen suddenly spoke out. "We're technically still in the middle of a tournament, after all."

Huang Chen was worried that Yuan might break some kind of rule by consuming treasures during the tournament period.

"It's fine. He's only forbidden from using treasures during his fight." Princess Meiya reassured that Yuan's safe, and she turned to look at Yuan before continuing, "With that being said, any treasure that you consume and don't finish absorbing before you step on the stage will be erased, so you'll waste anything that you don't finish."

"Thanks for the heads up." Yuan nodded.

Yuan proceeded to take a seat and started to look through all of his spatial rings and storage pouches for any potential treasures he could use to strengthen himself.

'I have plenty of treasures that will increase my spiritual energy, but since I am bottlenecked at peak Spirit King, it wouldn't make sense to consume any of these, as it would only be a waste of resources.'

He quickly ignored all of the treasures that would only improve his cultivation and focused solely on those that could boost his bloodline or physique.

'I could also temper my body, but I don't have anything that will give me any significant boost in two days…'

After a brief pause, Yuan realized something.

'No… wait a moment…'

He retrieved a transparent gourd filled with golden liquid that came from the Golden Celestial Tree.

'Feng Feng told me that its liquid could be used to temper one's body. I didn't use it before because it could've forced me to ascend, but now that I think about it, my cultivation is limited to Spirit King because of my physique, so I shouldn't be able to breakthrough even if I used it.'

'Even if I somehow manage to breakthrough Spirit King and become a Spirit Emperor or Spirit Sovereign, I should be fine because I am currently inside the Stairway to Heaven and I already plan on getting to the Fourth Heaven.'

"What is that liquid?" Huang Xiao Li asked with curiosity written all over her face.

"Liquid from a Golden Celestial Tree." Yuan nonchalantly responded.

While Huang Xiao Li didn't react to it, Princess Meiya, on the other hand, expressed immense shock.

"Did you just say liquid from a Golden Celestial Tree?! But there's so much liquid! How old must a Golden Celestial Tree be to yield such a substantial amount?" exclaimed Princess Meiya in astonishment.

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