Cultivation: I Can Add Descriptors To My Body

Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: Late-Stage Foundation Establishment Realm

Chapter 80: Late-Stage Foundation Establishment Realm

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There were still three months before the sect competition.

During this period of time, the various large sects were also testing each other.

As the number one sect in the South Heaven, Divine Will Sect occupied an excellent position and became a priority target for other sects.

However, this did not mean that there were no conflicts between the other sects.

Similarly, during this period, Divine Will Sect had also sent disciples to stir up trouble in other sects.

Of course, the real highlight was the sect competition and the real war after the sect competition!

Every sect was accumulating strength, and the sect competition was an opportunity to show it.

According to Lu Lan, there were still other variables in the sect competition.

That was, there would be even more powerful forces appearing.

He was leading this competition.

The sect war in the East Continent and the promotion of the sect were also closely related to them!

With Lu Lan’s explanation, Li Ming once again witnessed the vastness of the cultivation world.

But at the same time, it also made Li Ming yearn for something in his heart.

Li Ming yearned for the world outside Divine Will Sect, the Heavenly South, and even the East Continent.

He also wanted to know how big the world outside was.

And how many geniuses are there?

Even the end point of cultivation was whether it was to ascend to immortality!

These were all unknown, and it was precisely these unknowns that made countless cultivators yearn for them.

Li Ming was no exception.

He was just one of the tens of thousands of cultivators.

He was just an illusory member of the masses.

Ants would always look up to mountains, and this was the case for these cultivators.

That night, Li Ming was refining pills while chatting with Lu Lan.

He had gained a lot of knowledge.

At the same time, two Tier 3 pills, the Earth Spirit Pill, were also refined.

Alchemy was clearly a piece of cake for Li Ming and his team.

The next day.

Li Ming got up early and started his morning exercise.

Ever since he took the Marrow Cleansing Pill and completely transformed his body, he had improved greatly.

Li Ming circulated the Golden Crow Body Refining Decree again. This time, he clearly felt an incomparable sense of smoothness!

With the addition of the entry ‘Wild Growth’, his cultivation progress was obviously very fast.

Every punch was filled with shocking power!

At the same time, the power in his body began to surge like waves!

Even the foundation establishment stone platform in his dantian shook.

Although the feeling of body refinement was painful, after experiencing the cleansing of the marrow and bones, this pain was even more so.

Li Ming ignored him.

Instead, every punch, every kick, every movement became unusually smooth and smooth.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi gathered and was continuously absorbed into his body.

It allowed Li Ming to refine his body and Qi at the same time.

His conjured physique was not delayed.

This feeling was naturally incomparably wonderful.

Spiritual energy flowed through every inch of his body, gathering all four meridians and eight meridians. The effect of body tempering was to stabilize his flesh and blood, strengthen his body, and temper his internal organs.

Internal and external cultivation can correct inner qi.

Unknowingly, Li Ming had been dancing in the courtyard for four hours.

When the Golden Crow True Fire was exposed from his body, he was like a scorching sun!

As Li Ming restrained his movements, his gestures gradually slowed down.

In the next moment, Li Ming opened his eyes and swung his arms!


A dull sound burst out from the inside!

It was as if an ancient bell that had been sleeping for a long time had rung in Li Ming’s body!

Accompanied by this dull sound, the Golden Crow Body Refinement Realm broke through again!

He directly entered the fifth level!

With the addition of the words ‘Savage Growth’ and ‘Greedy Feast,’ it actually pushed it to the sixth level!

At the same time, his body and Qi refinement cultivation had also entered the late-stage Foundation Establishment realm!


Li Ming did not expect that after cleansing the marrow and bones, it would actually achieve such a good effect.

He had actually done it to such an extent.

Li Ming was indeed very surprised.

Moreover, at this rate, the Golden Crow Body that had been integrated with the Ancient Spirit Mysterious Art was completely enough to support the Golden Core realm.

At least for now, Li Ming didn’t have to worry.

Cultivation increased, instantly refreshing and refreshing

“Not bad.”

“I didn’t expect you to reach the late stage of the foundation establishment stage in such a short time. You’re even faster than Chen Qingke.”

“Your talent is really enviable.”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

He turned around and saw that the Great Elder had already appeared behind him.

Looking at the Great Elder, Li Ming immediately became respectful.

After all, this was his guide.

Li Ming was also very respectful to him. Moreover, it was a Nascent Soul cultivator!

“Greetings, First Elder.”

Li Ming bowed, and the Great Elder also raised his hand slightly. You are now the sect’s worship, these disciples of the ritual number is not used.”

“This time, my junior brothers have already prepared all the pills, herbs, and pill formulas they need.”

“Besides that, I also need medicinal pills. However, it might be a little difficult.”

Li Ming didn’t stand on ceremony when he heard First Elder’s words.

“No problem.’”‘

“However, Great Elder, have you prepared their rewards?”

“Fifty thousand spirit stones each!”

“If it’s less, I won’t do it!”

Li Ming’s valiant and valiant posture also made First Elder laugh helplessly.

This kid was talented and had a good mentality.

If he could maintain this mentality on the path of cultivation, it would not be bad.

“Don’t worry, they won’t lack spirit stones.”

“I came here personally because the pill I need is close to the fifth grade.”

“This pill is special. If your mental power is not strong enough, it will be very difficult to complete. However, a fourth grade alchemist can also refine it, but the success rate is not high.”

“That’s why I prepared ten sets of medicinal ingredients.” The First Elder said that Li Ming was also surprised.

A pill that was close to the fifth grade?

This piqued Li Ming’s interest.

He wasn’t afraid of a fourth-grade medicinal pill, but Head Elder’s was the one that was truly challenging.

Li Ming was indeed curious.

Looking at the pill formula, Li Ming also began to size it up.

Tier 4 pill, Spirit Injecting Pill.

This spirit was not spiritual energy, but a soul. It corresponded to the First Elder who had the cultivation of the Nascent Soul Realm!

It was also aimed at the Nascent Soul in his body!

Therefore, this pill was extremely important!

At the same time, it also stimulated Li Ming’s desire to win.

“Great Elder, don’t worry. I will do my best.”

“I won’t waste these herbs.”

Li Ming counted the items. Seeing that the Great Elder had left, Li Ming was not in a hurry to refine the pills.

Instead, he sat down to meditate and recuperate.

His cultivation had just broken through and reached the late stage of the foundation establishment realm. Naturally, he needed time to settle down.

Only in this way would he be steady when refining pills and would not make any mistakes.

After all, he needed to refine eight fourth-grade medicinal pills this time, as well as the First Elder’s medicinal pills that were close to fifth-grade. This was also the first challenge in Li Ming’s career as an apothecary.

Naturally, he had to be fully prepared!

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