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Chapter 2831 - Chapter 2831 Childish, but I Like It!

Chapter 2831 Childish, but I Like It!

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“Father Goudan, do you have the authority to freely enter and exit the Wielder’s small black room?” Song Shuhang asked.

If he really had such authority, then it would be incredibly valuable!

As long as they didn’t encounter a special existence like Senior White, who could come and go freely in the Wielder’s small black room, once the enemy was locked inside, even the very source of their existence would be cut off. Not only would they be unable to get out, but people outside would also forget about them. Even rescue efforts would be futile.

And as long as there were enough customers in the Wielder’s small black room, it would be a huge fortune!

In an instant, Song Shuhang’s mind conjured dozens of ways to make money, including bail money, reform-through-labor compensation, and special communication fees for contacting the outside world.

He had even thought about how to cooperate with Father Goudan and drafted a contract.

The speed of the brain of an Eighth Stage Profound Sage was that powerful and reliable!

“No, I haven’t,” Father Goudan shook his head and said. “But I’m the ruler of the Netherworld. If I imbue you with a layer of the aura of the origin power of the ruler of the Netherworld, as soon as you appear in the world, you will attract heavenly punishment or be captured into the Heavenly Dao Prison.”

“What if I attract the heavenly punishment?” Song Shuhang asked bitterly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” Father Goudan’s affirmative reply gave him great confidence.

Divine punishment was something that even Senior White Two couldn’t avoid, but in Goudan’s father’s eyes, it was a trivial matter that could be easily dealt with.

“If you attract divine punishment, I’ll just change the nickname in the Cultivation chat client to ‘I have a dog egg at home.’ Anyway, your dog egg is redundant,” Father Goudan continued.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Is this the solution you’re so confident in, Father Goudan?

The solution you mentioned is to let divine punishment strike me into ashes?

You’re going to lose me, this troublesome mammoth.

Cheng Goudan was also speechless.

From his tone, even if Song Goudan died, Father Goudan wouldn’t consider changing her daoist name back.

“There’s only a 50% chance that you’ll attract divine punishment, but there’s a 50% chance that you’ll successfully sneak into the Heavenly Dao Prison space. In short, you win either way,” Father Goudan said impatiently.

“Thank you, Father Goudan, but I don’t need it.” Song Shuhang refused firmly. “If I really want to use the aura of the ruler of the Netherworld to sneak into the Heavenly Dao Prison, I can do it myself. After all, I’m now a representative ruler of the Netherworld.”

Father Goudan was speechless.

“Moreover, I have other methods to enter the Wielder’s small black room.” With that, Song Shuhang waved his sleeve, and a turtle shell immortal boat flew out.

This was an item he had obtained from a bet with the three-eyed youth. This immortal boat was made from the turtle shell of the giant turtle of disaster, and during the gambling event, it had been filled with energy by the three-eyed youth. It now had the ability to enter and exit the Wielder’s small black room and could be used five times.

Song Shuhang only had three chances left to use it. After the bet was completed, he hadn’t had time to return the turtle shell immortal boat to the three-eyed senior.

Now, it could come in handy.

“There is an uncomfortable smell on this immortal boat,” Father Goudan frowned. In his current state, he was staying in the Netherworld Realm by possessing Song Four’s body to go home and take a look.

Therefore, although he and Song Shuhang’s main body were in two different worlds, through the connection with Song Four, Father Goudan could sense the situation around Song Shuhang’s main body.

“It’s Senior Three-Eyed’s scent,” Song Shuhang replied.

“The thing you won from him?” Father Goudan beamed.

As long as it was something Song Shuhang won from the three-eyed youth, even if it had the smell of the three-eyed youth, Father Goudan would feel that it was like smelling stinky tofu. It was acceptable!

“I didn’t win it. It’s a prop from the previous bet. I forgot to return it,” Song Shuhang explained.

“Isn’t that even better?” Father Goudan laughed.

Since you forgot to return it, then don’t return it.

Why should he return the mission item that he had obtained with his own abilities, right?

“Come, come, come. I’ll help you wipe off the personal mark of Three-Eyed Boy on the turtle shell immortal boat and let this immortal boat change its surname to Song. Three-Eyed’s things are ours; don’t be polite with him,” Father Goudan said enthusiastically.

“No need, no need. This is not appropriate.” Song Shuhang waved his hand repeatedly.

He didn’t want to get involved with Father Goudan and Three-Eyed.

Moreover, Senior Three-Eyed is already so unlucky. He had to cherish him and not hurt him anymore.

Even if he wanted his immortal boat, he could just add it to the bet next time. There was no need to use such a despicable method.

“You’re welcome. What’s there to be polite about between you and me?” Father Goudan said.

While speaking, Father Goudan’s power used Song Four as a transit point, crossing the Netherworld Realm and arriving in Song Shuhang’s ‘Overlord Realm.’

Next, Father Goudan’s power poured into the turtle shell immortal boat and began to erase the mark of the three-eyed youth.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

On the side, Fairy Cheng Lin saw him in a daze and couldn’t help but remind him, “Don’t just stand there, Song Goudan. Hurry up and contact the Three-Eyed Ruler and broadcast this scene to him. Father Goudan will have to take the blame for erasing the immortal boat’s mark!”

[You don’t have to contact me. I’m watching.] The voice of the three-eyed youth suddenly rang out in the air!

Previously, Father Goudan possessed Song Four and went to the Netherworld Realm to ‘go home and take a look.’ Senior Three-Eyed was the same.

Therefore, Father Goudan’s actions were seen by the three-eyed youth.

“You want to erase my mark? Damn it! Father Goudan!” the three-eyed senior shouted.

Father Goudan wasn’t angry but laughed instead.

As he spoke, he changed his nickname on the cultivation chat app to ‘My Family Has Three Eggs.’

Two Cheng Goudan and one Three-Eyed Goudan.

“Childish!” the three-eyed senior youth said.

“I’m happy to.” Father Goudan beamed with joy, his two dragon whiskers curling up high.

The power of the two rulers of the Netherworld crossed planes and competed on a small turtle shell immortal boat.

Cheng Lin was speechless.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Even a wisp of power was enough to cause devastating damage to the world.

“I can’t let them continue to cause trouble in my Tyrant’s World. My Tyrant’s World is a new world…I can’t withstand the torment of two rulers of the Netherworld,” Song Shuhang said.

He had just obtained the ‘Overlord Realm Lord’ throne. He didn’t want to lose it so quickly.

“Essence Soul Leaving Body!” Song Shuhang’s primordial spirit projection came out of his main body again.

The main body continued to cultivate, comprehend the Dao, and gain enlightenment.

His Essence Soul projection entered the turtle shell immortal boat.

The turtle shell immortal boat was activated, and with the consciousness and strength of the two rulers of the Netherworld, he stepped on the accelerator. He charged into the Heavenly Dao Prison!

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