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Chapter 2829 - Chapter 2829 Father Goudan, Help Me!

Chapter 2829 Father Goudan, Help Me!

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Faced with the virtuous lamia’s secret signal, the ghost fairy opened the scroll, her long eyelashes slightly drooping.

Then, she began to improvise wind-themed poems.

Five-character quatrains, seven-character quatrains, narrative poems, lyric poems, modern poems…

The ghost fairy used Song Shuhang’s voice and recited twelve poems related to the “noisy wind.”

Song Shuhang and the virtuous lamia were both stunned.

At the same time, Song Shuhang discovered a problem. The pendant fairies on his body were increasingly unwilling to use their own “original voices” to speak. In the past, only the virtuous lamia had this issue. Later, Fairy Creation was also infected, and now the ghost fairy had become one of them. She would rather use Song Shuhang’s voice than speak herself.

After reciting the twelve poems, the ghost spirit fairy closed the scroll.

The virtuous lamia, Fairy Creation, and the black-skinned Soft Feather clapped their hands repeatedly. It seemed like they had met with a secret code?

After closing the scroll, the ghost spirit fairy arrived in front of Song Shuhang.

She stretched out her hand and gently knocked on Song Shuhang’s chest, as if she were politely knocking on the door.

Song Shuhang was confused.

In the next moment, an illusory door suddenly appeared on his chest!

The ghost fairy calmly raised the huge book in her hand and pressed it against the illusory door.

The door slowly opened.

Then, the ghost fairy gracefully entered the door and closed it.

When she closed the door, she politely waved at Song Shuhang, the virtuous lamia, Fairy Creation, and Black Panther.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

After the ghost fairy closed the door, Song Shuhang quickly stretched out his hand and pressed it on his chest.

What was that illusory door just now?

“It’s the materialization of the ghost spirit contract,” Pavilion Master Chu explained softly above his head.

“A ghost spirit contract? But it wasn’t like this in the past,” Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

Pavilion Master Chu’s hair stood on end slightly. She said lazily, “In the past, your ghost fairy spirit only had you as a home. Now, she has two homes and needs to switch between them. Therefore, she naturally has to lock the door before she leaves the house to prevent her home from being stolen…”

She vaguely remembered that Song Shuhang’s ghost fairy spirit had signed a temporary agreement with Su Clan’s Sixteen. Right now, Su Clan’s Sixteen was also the ghost fairy’s other home.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Although he felt that there was something wrong with this explanation, he also felt that Pavilion Master Chu’s explanation was very reasonable. He simply couldn’t refute it.

“You’d better take a good look at the cultivation technique that the scholar sent over first,” Pavilion Master Chu said in a daze.

“That’s true,” Song Shuhang nodded.

He had to first try and see if he could cultivate the Forgotten Divine Technique.

If he could successfully cultivate it and push it to the Second Stage Realm, he could condense some of the Forgotten Divine Technique’s spiritual power and receive Scholar Fish Bone’s Virtuous Golden Lotus to avoid the tribulation.

After saying that, he perked up and read the opening of the Forgotten Divine Technique from beginning to end again. At the same time, he secretly prepared to activate the Primordial Language Law.

But this time, just as his attention fell on the opening of the Forgotten Divine Technique, he suddenly had an idea.

The ancient text cultivation technique that was originally like a heavenly book in his eyes suddenly seemed to come alive.

Every word, phrase, and sentence seemed to have a life of its own, actively revealing its own information to him.

Song Shuhang easily read the opening chapter of the Forgotten Divine Technique and instantly understood its meaning!

One had to know that every divine technique was like a classical Chinese text, very obscure and difficult to read. However, Song Shuhang had only seen it once and had already mastered it.

It was as if he had already grasped this cultivation technique from the beginning.

“Could it be…” Song Shuhang’s heart skipped a beat.

He quickly contacted Scholar Fish-liver and asked, “Senior, is this Forgotten Divine Art actually a saber technique?”

Scholar Drunken Eye was startled.

Saber techniques, my ass. They were not saber cultivators.

“Isn’t it a saber technique?” Song Shuhang was stunned. “If it wasn’t a saber technique, then why did I immediately understand its meaning and grasp the opening chapter after reading it once?”

“Complete mastery of the opening chapter? Are you dreaming?” Scholar Drunken Eye widened his eyes.

“No, I’m not dreaming,” Song Shuhang said with certainty. “I’ve carefully recalled it again. I completely understand the opening of the Forgotten Divine Technique.”

“Let me test you,” Scholar Drunken Eye said.

“Please give me a question,” Song Shuhang said.

Scholar Drunken Eye pondered for a moment, then randomly picked a cultivation description from the beginning of his cultivation technique and asked a question.

Opposite him, Song Shuhang answered smoothly as if he were cheating.

After answering more than ten questions in a row, Scholar Drunken Eye was amazed.

“How is it, Scholar? My comprehension ability is not bad, right? It seems that I have a good compatibility with this cultivation technique,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“Shuhang… Did you cultivate our cultivation technique in the past?” Scholar Drunken Eye suddenly said. “The last three questions I asked just now weren’t just about the content of the opening chapter, but also about the second part of the cultivation technique of our sect. Shuhang, you answered them fluently from beginning to end. However, I only sent you the opening chapter.”

Song Shuhang was speechless.

He had only read the beginning, but he could even answer the rest of the content fluently?

Song Shuhang didn’t think that he was a genius in the field of cultivation theories. Therefore, he couldn’t possibly deduce the second part of the Forgotten Divine Technique according to the opening chapter.

Even if he had the hardware foundation for this deduction, he lacked the data. His software configuration couldn’t keep up… Deducing cultivation techniques was simply too much for him.

So… Was it a ghost fairy spirit?

Song Shuhang gently pressed his chest.

After the ghost spirit fairy returned home, he suddenly knew the contents of the Forgotten Divine Technique like the back of his hand.

Thinking back carefully, it seemed that the ghost spirit fairy had once cultivated with the scholar for a period of time? Or did she follow the scholar into a secret realm?

“Perhaps I’ve guessed the reason,” Song Shuhang replied. “Anyway, let’s put this problem aside for now. I’ll try to take this opportunity to practice the Forgotten Divine Technique.”

He wanted to take advantage of the fact that the ghost fairy’s knowledge and his understanding of the cultivation technique were still there to see if he could cultivate the technique to the Second Stage in one go.

After replying to the scholar, Song Shuhang directly sat cross-legged.

According to the memory and understanding of the Forgotten Divine Technique in his head, he began to try to cultivate the opening chapter.

With the foundation of the Eighth Stage Realm and the hardware foundation, it was not difficult to cultivate the opening chapter of the Forgotten Divine Technique.

The entire cultivation process was like a hot knife through butter.

Then, as he practiced, Song Shuhang… was distracted.

During the process of practicing the divine technique, Song Shuhang suddenly discovered some key points.

Thus, while he was having an epiphany, comprehending the Dao, and cultivating, he opened the “cultivation chat” function and contacted Father Goudan. Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s life was often so busy, simple, and boring.

“Father Goudan, do you have the data of the Wielder’s small black room?” Song Shuhang begged.

If he remembered correctly, the Wielder’s small black room was the work of Wielder’s Eggface Daddy.

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