Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 242 - Chapter 242: Flower Language

Chapter 242: Flower Language

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She didn’t know where to look, so she tucked her hair behind her ear and pretended to look down at the flowers.” What, what flowers are these? So beautiful!”

The bouquet in Ji Jing’s hand was not a common style. The shades of white and purple matched each other, fresh, elegant, and rich. Ji Jing knew that there were violets and tulips in the middle, but she did not recognize the one in the middle.

“It’s a tung flower, but it grows in the demon world and looks different from the tung flowers in the human world.”Ming Ze said.

There were too many expensive and exotic flowers in this world, but Ming Ze chose a tung flower after much consideration because Ji Jing had mentioned it. He hoped to make Ji Jing happy.

Tong flower. Ji Jing instantly understood Ming Ze’s intentions. It was because she had mentioned the sycamore tree that Ming Ze had chosen a tung flower.

Just like every time in the past, Ming Ze would always use his own way to make every regret of hers complete.

“Ming Ze…” Ji Jing’s eyes were filled with warmth. She blinked and ran into Ming Ze’s arms.

Ming Ze was caught off guard and took a step back. He touched the boughs of the boughs behind him. Pink, purple, and colorful petals suddenly fell down enthusiastically.

In the sunshine and rain of flowers, Ming Ze smiled and brushed away the petals for Ji Jing. What he didn’t tell Ji Jing was that the flower language of the tung flowers was the first awakening of love.

As for this point, he would save it for later.

“Sob, sob, sob. It’s good to be in love!” The tall girl almost cried out in excitement when she saw this romantic scene.

“Is this a school idol drama…” The chubby boy was a little dazed. He couldn’t help but take a photo of this beautiful scene with his camera.

Unfortunately, Ji Jing wasn’t in their filming schedule, so the camera couldn’t  be used. He sent it to his account as a record.

However, he did not expect that a simple Short videos would cause a heated discussion among his classmates in his friend list. Even more surprisingly, it was included by the blogger who edited it. After a night, it went straight to the hot search:

[Our worthless and golden youth.]

“What a passionate and beautiful youth. I’m so envious. My high school seems to have passed so easily.”

“Oh my god, that pair with 1:40 is so good-looking!

“Is 1:40 really not filming an idol drama? Did the sunshine, the school, and the beautiful flowers really exist?”

“No, it’s my alma mater who was filming a Short videos. In the end, the cameraman accidentally captured it. It’s not even part of the promotional video!”

“The students of our school are here. It’s already going crazy in school. Hahaha, it was really an accident. The original blogger is a classmate of our school’s publicity department.”

“The vines on their heads are very common in C City, but I’ve never seen such a good -looking pair.”

“Linjiang High School! My dream school!” ‘ Someone else’s high school life…”

“It’s good to be young.”

“How did the 1.40 minutes couple get out of school so early? There’s a script, right?”

‘ Because it was an exam that day, and the girl in the video is a top student who just transferred here. She handed in the transfer exam in advance, so of course, this ordinary mid-term exam…’

“Alright, that’s enough. Stop talking! I can’t suppress my jealousy anymore! Why was there someone who was so good at her studies and so good-looking? She even had a boyfriend?!”

“You have a refreshing student temperament.”

In the quiet corner of the comments section, there were occasionally a few comments of different styles.

“Isn’t this the little Daoist that I’m paying attention to! Why did she go to school?”

“I recognized her too. So she’s still studying. No wonder she stopped livestreaming.”

“When is she coming back? I won’t be able to find a streamer who can calculate so accurately anymore.”

However, these comments were drowned out by the heated discussion and were not eye-catching at all.

Ji Jing would never have thought that she and Ming Ze had already been ‘talked about’ by the netizens. They even called her a beautiful campus romance that only existed in novels.

She had collected the flowers and was happily following Ming Ze to eat. She had just finished her exams, so of course she had to celebrate.

After every major exam, the students would have a vengeful party. Even the top students of Linjiang High School were no exception. The school also understood the students ‘feelings. They arranged many activities on the school anniversary to let the students have fun..

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