Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 2121 10xBoost

Chapter 2121  10xBoost

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 22:44

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Celestial Mystic Dimension

Pondering if Karl had used the oversight in the Master's plan to his advantage to get rid of them with their undead legion and the other mischiefs, Wyatt felt that Karl killing the Masters was more him being at the right place at the right time than a onesided victory that the Circle's propaganda had spread in Clown Mask's future vision. "Henricks, you old bastard, where are you hiding my daughter, you son of bitch?"

"Ransom, calm yourself….. trap us to our deaths."

Once again, Wyatt's thoughts were interrupted by the retarded duo that did not know to act their age. He stared at the two of them, and then at the undead demigods, seeing they were not far from gathering in a battle array formation, Wyatt decided it was time for him to act. With that thought, Wyatt's human morphed into a blood-red humanoid, and it chanted aloud with a deep voice, "Celestial Blood Curse Domain!" coloring the whole mystic dimension into a sinister red shade. This time, while entering the blood curse incarnation as a blood rule slave Wyatt once again got help from the blood rule stream because of his wounded soul.

Since Wyatt had yet to complete his side of the deal, the blood rule stream as a creditor had to make sure that it's debtor would not default by dying so it helped Wyatt once again without him asking. Because it knew Wyatt was good for it. This time Wyatt deployed the celestial blood curse domain instead of the celestial blood fate domain because his opponents were undead. They did not have blood. The method used to cultivate this undead had their circulatory system pump a potent sludge of toxins instead of blood. This was just an additional method to make the undead recover faster, be more durable, and be insanely lethal in combat. This way their attackers would have to watch out for the toxins in the undead system when attacking them. Karl and the Masters seem to have gone the extra mile to make sure their undead demigods weren't just a mob but deadly force that can take down every obstacle in their path. Considering how the Masters planned to use the undead demigods to explore the unranked dungeons that have been sealed for thousands of years, Wyatt thought it was only logical. After all, nobody knew what transformation the unranked dungeon had gone through after thousands of years of being sealed. Since there wasn't a single drop of blood in the undead's body, Wyatt's blood fate plunder meaning was useless against them. This was why he decided to use the blood curse meaning to deploy a celestial domain. Yes, just like the blood fate plunder meaning the blood curse meaning would also be useless against the undead but that was only true if Wyatt planned to curse the undead through their blood. However, Wyatt had different plans. The SSS-rank blood curse he incubated in his soul was a blood curse that enhanced his combat power by cursing his blood. Wyatt planned to use this SSS-rank blood curse to fight the undead. With just one SSS-rank blood curse powering his blood curse incarnation from Wyatt was just as strong as a new demigod that was to say he wasn't as strong as anyone of the undead demigod present so how did he plan to fight the seven hundred undead demigods by himself. The answer was simple, he planned to use the effect of the celestial blood curse domain to enhance the prowess of his SSS-rank blood curse. Within the Celestial blood curse domain all blood curses gained a 1000% boost.

That was to say the strength of the SSS-rank blood curse was enhanced by the 10 times. Not just the SSS-rank blood curse but also his blood rule slave's blood curse incarnation form also gained a 1000% boost. In a regular blood curse domain, all blood curses would gain a 200% boost but within the celestial blood curse domain it was 5 times higher. Showing the difference between a celestial and a mortal. The difference was just too big. Celestial Rule Domain wasn't meant for mortals, it was the power of the Celestials. This was why the Royal Instructor and the rest would never succeed in their pursuit to create an original celestial rule domain. This also made Wyatt dread and appreciate the Deviant Devil's strength even more, it was able to fight a celestial blood rule slave on equal footing. He wondered if it was time for him to return to the blood rule source and check who won. 'Not yet,' he thought feeling that their battle would not have concluded this quickly. If he went there now, he would just be walking to his death. After all, the location where he buried his pseudo-calamity soul gem was right below their battlefield. It was already a miracle that about one-third of the pseudo-calamity soul gems he buried were still intact and not destroyed by the tremors and aftershocks from their battle. Later, Wyatt wondered about the card apprentice who had left behind the records of the celestial rule domain. He could not help but think if there were card apprentices who possessed the power of celestials in the past just like him. Just the thought that there were card apprentices in the past who possessed the power of celestials like him gave Wyatt chills. After all, there weren't even records of individuals that possessed the power of celestial in the dark races, or was that information not for the regular masses?

That would not be surprising considering that the Ruler-class strong in the dark realm tend to monopolize the best for themselves. But what was surprising to Wyatt was the card society's decline. What changed, why did the once glorious card apprentice community fall to this extent? Was the damage to the card apprentice community after the first Demon war bigger than the new generation thought it was or was there something else? 

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