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Lu Siyu sold everything that she took from the Lu family. She sold it in a hurry and deliberately lowered the price after being seen through. She only sold it for a total of four million yuan and still owed a million yuan to the loan sharks.

The debt collection agency incessantly called her, and they even sent people to Luo City to find her. Lu Siyu had to hide and evade every day.

With no way out, she resorted to another crooked plan. After all, she had previously spent five million to buy the Love Charm from Lu Miao.

Although Lu Miao had the antidote, last time the incident happened suddenly and she wasn’t prepared. This time, she would learn from her lesson and make money early.

As for her reputation, it was already thoroughly tarnished, so she wasn’t afraid of making it even worse.

However, without the support of her entertainment industry agent and the identity of the young miss from the Lu family, she had no chance to get close to those wealthy magnates now.

She could only frequent bars, hoping to meet someone there. But after several days of searching, she didn’t come across any prominent tycoons. Unable to sustain herself any longer, she reluctantly picked a man who appeared wealthy while dressed in luxury goods.

Little did she know, that man was a gigolo who married into his wife’s family and lived off her wealth.

Soon, his wife discovered the affair and confronted Lu Siyu and him.

The man’s wife was formidable and immediately tied them together. She hung signs around their necks that labeled them as adulterers and a third party, then threw them into a car and paraded them through the streets, touring every corner of Luo city

Milk tea splattered from the cup, landing on Lu Siyu’s head, face, and clothes, leaving her embarrassed and disheveled.

Lu Siyu felt the urge to die. She unleashed a torrent of curses at the useless man.

Onlookers captured videos and shared them online, causing it to trend. In no time, astute netizens recognized Lu Siyu.

The entire internet was filled with criticism against her. Many people saw through her tactics of targeting wealthy individuals. The wives of those wealthy men even formed an alliance against mistresses, spreading information about Lu Siyu’s use of drugs to ensnare men. They sent the damning evidence to everyone in their circle, preventing any more victims.

It completely cut off Lu Siyu’s path of drugging others in the future.

Even the die-hard fans who clung to supporting her were finally too ashamed to continue, and they began to abandon her.

After being publicly humiliated, Lu Siyu had nowhere to turn. In the end, she was left to wander the streets, unable to shake off the man.

The day of the college entrance exams arrived quickly. Unsurprisingly, Lu Miao scored a perfect 750 points.

As soon as the scores were released, the admissions offices of various universities bombarded Lu Miao’s phone.

Admissions officers from Peking University and Tsinghua University even rushed to Luo City overnight and waited outside the gates of Lingyue Manor.

When the day broke and they saw Lu Miao’s face, they swarmed her.

Peking University’s student recruitment teacher said,” Student Lu Miao, I heard that you have a younger brother called Gu Jinxi who is also taking the college entrance examination this year. We’ve checked his results. Although he still doesn’t meet our school’s admission score, as long as you’re willing to come to Peking University, we can give you an additional admission quota so that you can study in the same school in the future and take care of each other.”

The student recruitment teacher from Tsinghua University rolled his eyes at him.” You’re only giving me one admission spot. How can you be so stingy? Student Lu Miao, other than giving you an extra place, Tsinghua University will also exempt you from all tuition fees and give you a high scholarship. We will also provide you with a high-quality house next to the school. You can bring your family and friends to the capital.”

The Peking University student recruitment teacher refused to be outdone.” I thought you guys were very generous, but that’s all. Our Peking University can build on the foundation of your Tsinghua University and set up a research group for Lu Miao. The school will allocate research funds every year, and Lu Miao can research whatever she wants.”

“Ha, if you can, we can too…”

The two teachers from Tsinghua University and Peking University’s student recruitment office were just short of snatching her away.

The teachers from the other universities ‘recruitment offices who had rushed over were in tears. Tsinghua and Peking Universities were really going all out. They had come just to be cannon fodder.

Lu Miao felt a headache coming from the group of people. She said directly,”

All of you can go back. I’m not going to Tsinghua Nor Peking University.”

All the teachers were dumbfounded, especially the two from the prestigious university.

The Peking University student recruitment teacher was stunned for a moment before asking carefully,” Student Lu Miao, are you planning to study abroad?”

However, as far as he knew, after the International Mathematical Olympiad, famous universities like MIT and Stanford wanted to make an exception and accept her, but Lu Miao had already rejected them.

Moreover, if she really wanted to study abroad, she wouldn’t have to wait until now or take the college entrance examination.

“No, I have a university that I like.”Lu Miao replied.

“Which one?”

Not only representatives from Tsinghua and Peking University, but also admissions officers from other schools perked up their ears, eager to know which university could make Lu Miao, a genius, reject so many outstanding institutions both domestically and internationally.

Lu Miao just wanted to get rid of them quickly and responded straightforwardly, “Xi’an University of Technology.”

All the admissions officers were momentarily taken aback. As one of the top defense engineering universities, Xi’an University of Technology was undoubtedly strong, but compared to Tsinghua and Peking University, it was still slightly inferior.

They hadn’t expected that the university defeating Tsinghua and renowned international institutions would turn out to be Xi’an University of Technology!

After bidding farewell to the admissions officers, Lu Miao finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, she soon regretted being so straightforward. As soon as the admissions officers left, President Chen from Peking University arrived that afternoon, accompanied by Professor Wen and Professor Sun. President Chen from Tsinghua University also came, bringing along Shen Muhuan’s grandfather.

Both Professor Wen and Professor Sun were Peking University alumni, while Shen Muhuan’s grandfather was a professor at Tsinghua University.

The group of elderly men exchanged sharp glares, exchanged barbs, and disparaged each other’s institutions while trying to convince her with various enticing offers. Each one earnestly attempted to change her mind.

On the first day, they couldn’t persuade her. On the second day, Professor Shen forcefully brought Shen Muhuan along to act as a persuader.

Xi’an University of Technology hadn’t dared to hope for Lu Miao’s enrollment. Yet, upon hearing her intentions, even the university president personally visited her with admissions officers.

Lu Miao gazed at her own doorstep, which had been traversed by countless visitors, and let out a deep sigh. She genuinely wondered if, at this rate, her doorstep might end up completely worn out.

When the deadline for submitting her university preferences arrived, Lu Miao promptly submitted her choices..

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