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Chapter 703 - Chapter 703 The Other Side of Zuo Hancheng (3)

Chapter 703 The Other Side of Zuo Hancheng (3)

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Hearing her sigh, Zuo Hancheng smiled faintly.””So what does this have to do with an assassination?”

” Let’s not talk about how well you’re doing in the underworld. There are many people who are secretly jealous of you. It’s not strange for them to hire some people from the underworld to get rid of you. Besides, you used to have a power in America that I’m not particularly clear about ”

” You thought that the danger behind you was coming for you, right?” Anhao said as she looked at him from the corner of her eyes.” You didn’t expect it to be me. Otherwise, why did you only observe the movements behind you when you discovered it so early? Why didn’t you immediately alert the enemy and turn around before the other party made a move?””

“Good observation skills.” Zuo Hancheng’s expression remained calm as he looked at the cross-section of the simulation on the screen with a smile in his eyes. As he looked at it, he said,””Since you know, you should protect yourself carefully. The protection that Mrs. Zuo can bring you is actually proportional to the danger she can bring you.”

“In that case, why haven’t I seen anyone appear within my sight to assassinate you?”Anhao asked with a face full of gossip.

Aiyaya, this kind of explosive news that only she could get from Zuo Hancheng was really too hot. When she first learned from Old General Qi that Zuo Hancheng had been involved in the underworld in the United States when he was young, she was shocked at that time, but now she felt that it was super hot. She always felt that Zuo Hancheng’s seemingly calm surface was hiding an extraordinary and bloody past.

Looking at Zuo Hancheng, who seemed so calm and gentle, who would have thought that he had another side to him?

However, he had always hidden it well. His temperament was calm, extraordinary, and clear, revealing his rationality, wisdom, temperament, and self-restraint. Therefore, no one would have thought that he would be able to do so.

Even Anhao was curious about what Zuo Hancheng was like when he first took over Shengling Group.

However, before the seeds of curiosity in An Xin’s heart could take root, Zuo Hancheng had already put his arm around her waist and whispered into her ear in the same ambiguous way,””Usually, those who try to approach us in the dark for unknown reasons will be secretly taken away before they enter our sight.”

Did that mean that those people had no chance to get close to him?

This topic was temporarily stopped when the leader of the construction department who was giving a speech on stage mentioned Anhao’s name. Anhao knew that it was indeed better to talk about this topic as little as possible. If Zuo Hancheng did not take the initiative to mention it, she would not ask too much.

The person speaking on the stage was another leader of the construction department other than Minister Qin. He was talking about the names of the people involved in the simulation design on the screen and everyone’s results. When he mentioned her name, he naturally mentioned that she was the director of the design department. He also mentioned that Director Gu had led the entire design department to create this amazing design result. He also announced a series of matters regarding the stadium and cultural center that were about to start construction.

Zi Ran had already been called to her colleagues ‘side. Anhao looked at the simulation renderings on the screen and felt her heart surge. This was her first job after returning to China, and it was also her first result after returning to A City. This feeling was different from the architectural drawings she had made during her internship in the United States, even though she had also received praise.

However, standing beside Zuo Hancheng, she felt that It felt like he was handing in his homework again.

“I didn’t waste my three years in Boston, did I?”Seeing that Zuo Hancheng did not praise her, Anhao took the initiative to whisper into his ear.

Zuo Hancheng looked down at her and chuckled.” It’s not bad. So, Mrs. Zuo, when do you plan to start planning the reconstruction plan of Shengling Group?””

“Are you really going to let the us undertake the reconstruction design of Shengling Group?”

“When have I ever joked?”

From afar, although the colleagues from the design department had verbally sided with Gu Anhao to gain Zuo Hancheng’s favor, they were now looking over from afar. They saw Gu Anhao being held in Zuo Hancheng’s arms and whispering to each other in an inconspicuous place in the crowd. Her actions and expressions looked natural and intimate, and it did not seem like they could put on an act.

Therefore, a few female colleagues who were secretly jealous and thought that everything was just an act were disillusioned.

President Zuo . He was indeed very good to Gu Anhao

The next day, Anhao slept in and took advantage of Zuo Hancheng’s flight to Shanghai for a meeting that morning. Although A City was not far from Shanghai and the flight would take at most two hours, the meeting was in the afternoon and evening. Even if it only took a whole day, Zuo Hancheng would definitely not come back tonight.

Ever since she moved to the famous city of Henghai, Anhao’s life had been controlled by various kinds of people.

After returning from the celebration party last night, she had received a call from Chunchun. She had always wanted to find time to see Chunchun, and today she finally found the opportunity. After all, Chunchun rarely returned to A City these past few years. Although she had met the legendary devil, she still did not know much about him. According to Chunchun’s call yesterday, it seemed that her company was going to C City for a holiday and was passing through A City. Therefore, the devil allowed her to rest in A City for two days before continuing on her journey.

Anhao took a taxi to the address Chunchun gave her. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Huang Amao standing at the intersection. He was wearing an intern police uniform and leaning against the car as if he was waiting for her.

Anhao and Huang Amao had been so busy after the Mo family incident that they hadn’t seen each other for a while. Anhao walked over and Huang Amao turned to look at her and complained,””Is Su Chunchun’s brain fried? Haven’t you been back for a long time? I thought she would go back to visit her parents. The car was almost at the Su family’s old residence, but she suddenly told me that she was staying at the Maple Forest Villa. She didn’t even know that she had a villa! I had to turn so far to come here. Fortunately, I wasn’t late!”

Anhao turned around and glanced at the villa complex.”Chunchun’s family runs a company, after all, just like your parents. Haven’t you asked her about this before?”

“Who would have the mood to ask these questions when they were in school? After all, how many of the people who can study in A High are small characters in their families?”Huang Ah-Mao glanced inside as he spoke.”But Su Chunchun is too unreasonable. She hasn’t seen us for so long, and the two of us took the initiative to look for her. In the end, this big sister didn’t even leave the house or come out to pick us up.”

“I guess he has something to do. After all, he just came back and can only stay in A City for two days.”Anhao glanced at the time and saw that there were still ten minutes left before the agreed time. She wasn’t in a hurry to go in and look for Chunchun. She turned to look at the police uniform Huang Amao was wearing.”You changed into your uniform? Did he go from being an operator to an intern police officer?”

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