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Chapter 645 - Chapter 645: The Battle of Pajama with Zuo Hancheng (1)

Chapter 645: The Battle of Pajama with Zuo Hancheng (1)


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” Guest room or second bedroom, your choice.” Zuo Hancheng suddenly said.

Seeing that he had actually made a concession, Anhao naturally got out of the car happily. Just when she thought that she had already discovered Zuo Hancheng’s trap bit by bit, she did not know that she had walked into the trap that Zuo Hancheng had set for her. It was a trap within a trap.

She was an unpredictable wild cat, so she would never have the chance to escape his sight again.

When she entered Zuo Hancheng’s house, Anhao remembered what he had just said.

The road home was not far.

She thought that he would bring her back to Liu Jing Garden after saying those words. In the end, he still came to Heng Hai City.

To her, Liu Jing Garden was their real home. At least in her heart, that was their wedding home.

So, what did he mean when he said that the road home was not far, no matter how far it was?

It was late, so Anhao did not probe further. Because Zuo Hancheng lived downstairs, Anhao chose a clean and tidy guest room on the second floor. It seemed that there was a cleaning lady who came to clean his room regularly.

After resting for a while, she decided to go downstairs to get some water and bring it upstairs. However, she noticed that Zuo Hancheng was not in the living room. Instead, his computer was on and he was sitting on the sofa.

Anhao walked over to take a look. All she could see was a mailbox with a minimized window. There were also some tender documents and application data forms sent by others on the table. She didn’t look at them carefully. When her gaze fell on the mailbox with the minimized window, she remembered that she seemed to have cut off contact with Mr. V during the few days she was hospitalized.

Moreover, the resort seemed to have opened to the public in the next few days. Although she had already lined up and was only waiting for the design, she had not contacted Mr. V for so many days. Mr. V must have thought that there was something wrong with her disappearance.

Anhao went to get a glass of water and rushed upstairs. At this time, Zuo Hancheng came out of the bedroom and said to her,””You really have a soft spot for the second floor.”

This was not the first time he had used such sarcastic words to mock her. Anhao’s lips twitched and ignored him. She turned around and saw that Zuo Hancheng had changed into the simple and comfortable clothes that he wore at home. The feeling of them suddenly living together for no reason and looking like a loving couple from before was so intense that Anhao ran back to her room on the second floor.

After returning to her room, she picked up her phone and opened her email. There were some unread emails, but she didn’t see any from Mr. V.

Mobai had also helped her patch up her phone. Her missed calls and unread messages had automatically entered her phone, but there was still no news of Mr. V.

Was Mr. V really very busy, or did he already know that the seaside villa could not be renovated in the near future, so he was not in a hurry to ask about the progress of the design even though he had not contacted her for more than a week?

Anhao laid on the bed and looked at the phone screen. She felt that Mr. V’s money was really hard to earn.

The boss was so cold. If she kept asking questions, it would be a little too difficult to deal with. It would be annoying.

However, the progress of the renovation was affected. She had already gone to arrange it. Should she design it now and then wait for Mr. V to approve the design draft before getting the money, or should she wait until half a year later before the renovation?

Ah, ah, ah, her money. It was really a natural disaster and a man-made disaster.

Anhao took out her phone and typed,””Mr. V, I can finish the design draft in half a month. Should I send it to you directly?”

After typing, she hesitated for a moment before deleting all of them. She threw her phone aside, flipped over, and lay on the bed.

It was really not easy to make money. She had to constantly control her boss’s mood. If she disturbed him or annoyed him, the money would be gone.

She suddenly understood why the people from the government would be so respectful to a businessman like Zuo Hancheng.

800 million!

Moreover, this was not the first time that Zuo Hancheng and the government had cooperated. It was not as simple as 800 million yuan this time.

A wealthy man like him was the backer of all the government officials in the prosperous cities in this coastal area. Who else could they curry favor with other than Zuo Hancheng?

What was the use of having power? Money was his father.

Just like now, she couldn’t sleep at night for 50,000 yuan…

He was afraid that the money would fly away if he was not careful.

She had accidentally fallen asleep in the bar. She was still very sleepy before she got into the car. Now that she was lying on the comfortable bed, she could not fall asleep for some reason.

Perhaps it was because this was Zuo Hancheng’s place, or perhaps it was because Zuo Hancheng was downstairs.

It was already past eleven o’clock at night, and Anhao did not bring any change of clothes. After all, she was suddenly discharged from the hospital and came here all of a sudden. She did not prepare anything, not even taking her toothpaste and toothbrush. She would just stay in her room obediently and wait for Zuo Hancheng to go to work tomorrow before she went out to buy things.

With that thought in mind, Anhao sat up and picked up her phone to check her email again.

Nowadays, mobile phones had an online display function. If an email that you had been in contact with for a long time was online, a small green dot would appear on her side.

Mr. V’s email is actually online?

Anhao, who was still feeling a little conflicted just now, suddenly felt much better. She continued to type on her phone.”Mr. V, are you resting?”

A minute later, there was no reply.

Three minutes later, there was no reply.

Fifteen minutes later, there was no reply…

Anhao’s initially excited little heart instantly died out. She sighed and fell onto the bed, staring at her phone in frustration.

How could she be so concise in her message?

She should have typed a few more words to express what she wanted to say. At the very least, she should have told the other party that she was willing to hand over the design as soon as possible. She should have held back the 50,000 yuan!

Gu Anhao, you pig head, did you fall silly when you jumped down from the hotel? Or was his brain damaged by Zuo Hancheng?

She sighed. If she sent another message, she would definitely be hated by others. She threw her phone aside, angry that she did not cherish the opportunity to say the first sentence. She was so angry that she rolled around on the bed for a long time.

It was only when she heard footsteps outside the door that she stopped abruptly. She looked up and saw the door suddenly pushed open. Anhao immediately sat up with a guarded expression. She raised her hand to cover her chest and looked at Zuo Hancheng, who had suddenly entered her room.

“What are you doing?” Anhao stared at him.

Zuo Hancheng looked at her warily and threw a laptop to her.

Anhao was surprised that he would actually give her a computer. Although she was a designer, computers were indeed essential in her life…

Moreover, this did not seem to be the one she saw downstairs. This should be Zuo Hancheng’s other backup computer.

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