Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby

Chapter 282 - Chapter 282: Hubby, Hubby, You’re the Best (3)

Chapter 282: Hubby, Hubby, You’re the Best (3)

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“Grandpa, if you want to talk about Sister-in-law, it’s your business. But you have to see clearly why Sister-in-law slept so late last night. And my brother, what happened last night that made him stay up until three in the morning to rest? You should know in your heart, right?”

Zuo Yue, who was sitting not far away and trimming her nails, suddenly spoke.

The old man’s face instantly turned cold. He did not look at Zuo Yue but continued to look coldly at Gu Anhao.”Why are there so many people speaking up for you when you’re sleeping in? What kind of bewitching soup did you give them?”

When Anhao first came in, she was planning to borrow a rubber band from Zuo Yue to tie her hair up. However, when she came in, she was reprimanded by the old man, so she had no choice but to stop.

Anhao was no longer as unprepared as she was yesterday when faced with the old man’s serious criticism. She smiled and was about to speak when she suddenly saw Chengxin walk in from outside the door.

Chengxin had not left yet!

Was she planning to stay here to make her presence known since Zuo Hancheng had returned? Or was it because the old master insisted on chasing him away and decided to stay here and wait for an empty seat?

Anhao’s mind was racing, but before she could say anything, Zuo Hancheng had already walked forward slowly and said,””Anhao was a little frightened last night, and her pregnancy was a little serious this morning. I asked her to stay in the room and rest for a few more hours.’

The moment Zuo Hancheng spoke, Chengxin, who had changed into a white dress, walked in. Her face was almost the same color as her dress.

Everyone knew exactly what Gu Anhao was referring to when she said that she had suffered a little shock last night.

The old man also frowned and was quite dissatisfied with Zuo Hancheng’s words. In the blink of an eye, he saw that Chengxin, who had walked to his side, did not look too good. He frowned and said, “Hancheng, since the matter has already passed, there’s no need to mention it again.”

Anhao was a little confused as she listened. She did not know why Zuo Hancheng’s simple words had caused Chengxin and the old man’s expressions to change.

However, from the corner of his eye, he saw Zuo Yue’s eyes were filled with joy.

Zuo’s mother, Xu Yuan, also looked calmly in Chengxin’s direction.

Anhao had a rough idea of what to do. Perhaps Zuo Hancheng had already uncovered the truth before he went back to rest last night.

Therefore, when Chengxin heard that she was frightened, her expression made it seem as if she was the one who was frightened.

Since the old man had said that there was no need to mention it, Zuo Hancheng, as a man with good manners, naturally would not hold on to it. He only curled his lips coldly.

Seeing this, Chengxin felt that she was in a disadvantageous position. Seeing that the old man had actually said something soft to protect her, she couldn’t hold it in for a moment. She suddenly walked forward and said to Anhao,”Miss Gu, I’m very sorry about what happened last night. I didn’t hear you clearly and didn’t understand the true meaning of your words. I mistakenly thought that you asked me to wait for you outside, and in the end, it caused such a joke.”

Logically speaking, any normal person could see that Chengxin was looking for a way out. Facing the elders of the Zuo family and her husband, anyone would give Chengxin a way out to show their kindness.

However, the person in front of Chengxin was Gu Anhao.

Who was Gu Anhao? She had been bullied too much in the Gu family these few years and had long been trained to be full of thorns. If anyone dared to splash water on her, she would boil it before splashing it back.

It would not be easy to find a way out of this situation.

After Chengxin finished speaking, Anhao looked at her in confusion.””What exactly did I say to make you misunderstand?”

Unexpectedly, Gu Anhao did not give him any face and asked him a question in return. Chengxin’s expression froze. It was obvious that she was not prepared and did not have a good script. She was stammering for a moment.

“Didn’t you say…lf you feel cold, come in and get a coat..

Anhao looked at him strangely.””My coat is in the suitcase, and the suitcase is in the bedroom. Why would I come back here to get my coat? ‘I didn’t say such words at all. Moreover, Miss Cheng is so young that her ears aren’t bad. It’s impossible for her to mishear my words. I didn’t say it, so why do you insist that you misheard and misunderstood?”‘

Chengxin’s face turned ashen. She clasped her hands tightly together and looked at Gu Anhao. There was a hint of grievance and bullying in her eyes.

“Miss Cheng, please don’t look at me like that. I’m afraid. Last night, you had this aggrieved look in your eyes. In the end, when Grandpa saw this look in your eyes, he scolded me. Even my dead mother was scolded. If you look at me like that now, I’m afraid that Grandpa’s walking stick will hit me.”


Zuo Yue couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She sat on the sofa and held her stomach as she snickered. However, the gasping sound of her holding her mouth still made the old man and Chengxin’s expressions turn uglier and uglier.

“Alright, the wind was so strong last night. It’s not surprising that Chengxin misheard you.”The old man suddenly opened his mouth and cleared his throat at the same time.”What are you all standing there for? I went to the dining room for lunch. Some people didn’t have breakfast. If you’re still not hungry, you can go back to sleep. Coincidentally, I saw some people who came into our Zuo family with ill intentions and lost my appetite.”

“It just so happens that Anhao’s appetite isn’t that good either. It’s not easy for her to return to the Zuo family, but this family banquet isn’t a real family banquet. There are always outsiders around, and she feels awkward sitting together to eat, so I brought her out to eat.”Zuo Hancheng suddenly said.

The old man’s footsteps suddenly froze. He turned around and looked at him.”Hancheng, what do you mean?”

Zuo Hancheng did not give Old Master Zuo a chance to speak. He grabbed Anhao’s hand and brushed past Chengxin, whose face was stiff and pale.

Of course, Anhao saw the cold look on the old man’s face and the embarrassment in Chengxin’s eyes that could no longer be concealed.

Just as the two of them were about to leave the house, the old man suddenly jabbed his walking stick on the ground.”Stop right there!”

Zuo Hancheng stopped in his tracks but did not turn back. He held Anhao’s hand tightly and did not have any intention of letting go.

“Are you not even willing to have a good meal with grandfather?” Old Master Zuo turned around and looked at him.” We were in a hurry last night, so we didn’t even have a chance to talk properly. You want to take Gu Anhao out for dinner today? Are you trying to piss me off?””

Zuo Hancheng still did not turn around. He said calmly and coldly,””Since you haven’t returned for five years, you’ve brought Anhao back now. You’re supposed to come back to show filial piety to the old master, but don’t you know what you’re doing?”

The old man’s expression froze. He looked at Zuo Hancheng’s back and then at Chengxin, who was standing at the side with a wronged and unwilling look in her eyes. There was a trace of hesitation on his face..

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