Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 740 - Don’t Worry, You Can’t Escape Even if You Die.

Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 740 Don’t Worry, You Can’t Escape Even if You Die.

Uehara Naraku had long thought of Ancient One.

Ancient One came into contact with dark energy to resist Dormammu’s invasion, which caused her to fall into a long-term inner dispute for a long time.

Because she had chosen to come into contact with dark energy, Ancient One could not trust her own heart, nor could she set an example for other sorcerers. She was even worried that one day she might fall under the temptation of Dormammu.

Until Ancient One accepted Stephen Strange as Sorcerer Supreme’s successor, she chose the method of physical death and left the earth, living in the universe as a soul.

Look at this Sorcerer Supreme’s moral quality!

Ancient One was the leader of sorcerers. Just a little contact with the dark energy could make her choose to die physically and live in a soul state for eternity…

And then look at the big guys in Akatsuki…

Basically, they were all the supervillains of various worlds or leaders of the superpowers of various worlds, and their conduct was more or less a bit unclean.

Fortunately, Uehara Naraku brought these villains into the Akatsuki and then led them to the right path. Now it just happens that Ancient One joins the Akatsuki, so let these guys see what personal quality was…

Of course.

There was another reason.

Uehara Naraku has been using the black hole universe to gather the world he has experienced. The black hole universe has already established a divided galaxy, and each galaxy needs a manager.

The manager of the ninja world was naturally the former leader of Akatsuki, Nagato. This was one of the two people that Uehara Naraku respected the most!

The managers of the pirate world were currently the Akatsuki Organization’s Highest Council led by Konan and Kaguya, including former Yonko(Four Emperors) Kaido and Big Mom, Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Marine Hero Garp, and naturally there were other members…

For example, a member of the Akatsuki Organization’s super VIP elders like Kisame…

In addition, there are also Sasuke, Naruto, and other working workers…

Among them, Konan and Kisame, who occupied a lot of votes, had nothing to do every day. They basically tour the pirate world. Sasuke and his good friend Portgas D. Ace were busy for the pirate world’s peace…

There was no manager in the Overload World.

Uehara Naraku purely treated that world as a wild place. After all, most of it was a game world with only one real planet.

The manager of Shinigami’s world was Kabuto.

In the past, Kabuto was Uehara Naraku’s favorite subordinate. Even now, Kabuto still provided Uehara Naraku with his own student, Ichimaru Gin, to order around!

Uehara Naraku also planned to find an opportunity in the future for Kabuto’s teacher, Orochimaru, to come out and pretend to be a Hydra or something…

Now, it was time for the Marvel World.

As the largest world that Uehara Naraku had experienced, there were many planets in the Marvel World. Uehara Naraku even wanted to put the entire Marvel Universe into his own universe.


This also required a manager.

The strength of Akatsuki Organization members was relatively lacking. So Uehara Naraku’s gaze was basically aimed at a few fellows with decent strength in the Marvel World… Ancient One was undoubtedly the first choice.

At least it can be seen…

Ancient One’s character was reliable.

Uehara Naraku thinks that Ancient One has a good character and wants to rope her into Akatsuki Organization. He secretly wishes that she will become the manager of Marvel World in the future…

However, there was a problem here…

Uehara Naraku has taken a fancy to Ancient One’s character…

However, Ancient One could not see through Uehara Naraku’s character!

After all, the future Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange and the future Avengers had a deep hatred for Uehara Naraku, as if Uehara Naraku would do many excessive things to them in the future…

Ancient One pinched the ring with her finger and frowned slightly, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t accept your invitation. Sorcerer Supreme must ensure fairness. He/She should not join any organization…”

After saying that, Ancient One raised her head and was about to return the ring to Uehara Naraku, but he was rejected by Uehara Naraku.

“Take the ring first!”

Uehara Naraku raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile, “Through this ring, you might be able to discover other powers… No matter what kind of power it is, it is still brighter than Dormammu’s power, right?”


Ancient One’s brows furrowed even tighter, but in the next second, they relaxed, “It seems that it is not only the Sorcerer Supreme who is monitoring the darkness of this world…”

It was just that…

Uehara Naraku’s words made Ancient One more and more vigilant!

There was still a faint smile on the corners of Uehara Naraku’s mouth, but his smile made people faintly see the hidden danger under the smile.

“Do you want to feel it?”

Uehara Naraku watched as Ancient One kept the ring and continued with a chuckle, “It just so happens that they have left this place. We can try our best to fight here now…”

The battle just now was simply Uehara Naraku playing around.

Apart from Thanos, those future Avengers might not even be able to bear the momentum of his explosive power. Now that those annoying fellows have left…


Ancient One’s expression instantly became serious.

Ancient One extended her left hand and placed her petite palm on her chest. A powerful amount of magic power suddenly burst out from her body!

This power…

It was completely different from before!

Ancient One slapped the air in front of her. The entire mirror dimension was rolling like waves on the sea!


The air in the mirror dimension was rolling!

A powerful shockwave spread out in all directions with Ancient One as the center. The huge force brought by this shockwave crashed into Uehara Naraku!

Uehara Naraku punched the air!

The air began to crack under this punch!

The entire mirror dimension trembled under this punch, and an even stronger impact swept toward Ancient One!

“This power…”

Ancient One’s expression became even more nervous. She flipped her palm and formed a seal. She slapped a palm in front of her, and a prismatic spatial barrier appeared in front of her!

This punch from Uehara Naraku was enough to split open the entire United States!

Even if Ancient One used a spatial barrier, she knew it was useless!


As expected…

The spatial barrier immediately shattered!

What Ancient One needed was only this bit of time. She flipped her palm again and made the same gesture. An even thicker spatial barrier finally blocked the aftermath of this punch…

When had Ancient One ever encountered an enemy like Uehara Naraku in the past?

This guy was able to fight against a Sorcerer Supreme, who had exerted her mental energy to the extreme just by relying on his powerful physical attack!

“You blocked the first punch well…”

Uehara Naraku’s laughter fell into Ancient One’s ears, “Then, what would you use to block the second punch?”


The thick spatial barrier in front of Ancient One suddenly shattered!

Uehara Naraku’s figure charged through a pile of spatial barrier fragments and charged toward Ancient One!

“So fast…”

Ancient One’s arm instantly flipped over, and her body suddenly turned into a series of afterimages as she disappeared from where she was. Her hands still did not stop to move when she was escaping from Uehara Naraku’s close-range attack!

A spatial door quietly appeared beneath her feet!

This was also a commonly used method by sorcerers… Using the spatial door flexibly, they could play with most people in the palm of their hands!

“Black Hole: Annihilation.”

Uehara Naraku opened his five fingers and aimed at the spatial door under Ancient One’s feet. He immediately sensed Ancient One’s thoughts and cut off her thoughts.

The next moment.

A pitch-black light shot out from Uehara Naraku’s palm, instantly destroying the spatial door beneath Ancient One’s feet!


Ancient One’s expression became even uglier!

Her body quietly turned into a series of afterimages!

Only by moving at such a high speed to the form of a clone could she avoid Uehara Naraku’s close combat attack. The problem was that this guy was not only good at fighting!

Along with the formation of afterimages…

An endless number of Ancient One clones appeared in the air!

Compared to the shadow clones of the ninja world, it was simply not enough!

“Flames, burn!”

Uehara Naraku raised his palm again, and a scorching wave of fire instantly drowned out all of Ancient One’s clones!

Uehara Naraku’s figure instantly disappeared from where he stood. Using the fire as a cover, he slapped Ancient One’s shoulder!


A soul was slapped out!

Ancient One’s soul was directly slapped out by Uehara Naraku!

At this moment, Ancient One faintly felt that the world was somewhat absurd. She had never thought that someone would actually use this move on her!


They were different…

The only reason Uehara Naraku was able to slap out her soul was because he had an extremely terrifying spiritual power. He could use brute force to punch out a person’s soul!

The two people once again competed.

The flames burned everything in the air!

Under the control of Ancient One, the waves on the ground swept over and drowned the flames!

Scorching steam began to spread through the entire mirror dimension!

After the future Avengers left this place, the entire mirror dimension became the battlefield for Uehara Naraku and Ancient One!


Uehara Naraku raised his hand to create a gust of wind, instantly blowing away the mist in the mirror dimension. His palm suddenly aimed at Ancient One!

“Hado #90: Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin)!”

A square-shaped pillar imprisoned Ancient One’s soul!

Uehara Naraku possessed enough power to deal with Ancient One’s soul form. When they fought at the soul level, Uehara Naraku was even stronger!

The accumulation of thousands of years in Shinigami’s world, as well as the spiritual energy of the entire Shinigami world, was enough to make Uehara Naraku’s soul so strong that it made his scalp tingle!


Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin) was slapped away by Ancient One!

The look in Sorcerer Supreme’s eyes became complicated.




Ancient One counted Uehara Naraku’s abilities bit by bit.

This guy really has no blind spots in all directions…

In this battle, Ancient One did not use any of Sorcerer Supreme’s ordinary magic, because she knew that it would be of no use and would only be a waste of power…

“Forget it, let’s end it here…”

Just as Ancient One was still thinking, Uehara Naraku suddenly called to stop the battle, “Something went wrong. The war outside is almost over…”

The Battle of New York!

This was what Uehara Naraku was most concerned about right now.

Because the Battle of New York was the origin of his rise as a superhero from S.H.I.E.L.D., he also wants to use Akatsuki’s identity to start acting and let the entire earth accept Akatsuki’s existence.


There was some doubt in Ancient One’s eyes. Her eyes gradually lit up. She began to use her magic power to observe the outside world.

There was indeed a problem in the Battle of New York.

No, it should be said that there was a problem with Chitauri.

As the Akatsuki organization joined the battlefield, even if they restrained their power, they still inevitably launched a massacre against the invading Chitauri…

Chitauri’s mothership…

It was accidentally hit by a blue Cero.

All the Chitauri who invaded the earth seemed to have been disconnected. After their neural networks were cut off, they completely lost their lives…

The War…

It suddenly ended.

No, it should be said that it was just the end of a war.

“I have to deal with the aftermath.”

Uehara Naraku raised his hand and released a gravitational force that pulled Ancient One’s soul!

Uehara Naraku pulled Ancient One’s soul with one hand and Ancient One’s body with the other, merging them into one. This feeling made Ancient One’s thoughts become more and more strange…

How could she have such a day?

Wasn’t she the one who projected other people’s souls into reality?

“I’ll be leaving first.”

Uehara Naraku raised his palm and slammed it against the mirror dimension’s spatial barrier instantly shattering it, “I hope that you can carefully consider the matter of inviting you to join Akatsuki.”

A passage was directly opened!

Breaking through the spatial barrier with brute force was more imposing than using magic power to open the spatial gate in this dimension!

One relied on his own strength…

One uses magic to trick others…

After Uehara Naraku walked through the spatial passageway, he slowly turned his head back and watched as the spatial barrier closed up behind him.

Uehara Naraku and Ancient One looked across the closing spatial barrier. Their expressions were different and their thoughts were also different.

Uehara Naraku waved goodbye to Ancient One. His smile grew wider and wider, “Even if you only have your soul left, you won’t be able to escape. Death is never the end…”

Not to mention…

Even if Ancient One dies in the future…

It just so happens that Uehara Naraku could directly capture her soul…

The other reason why Uehara Naraku ended this battle was also because he felt the strength of Ancient One’s soul… Of course, the most important thing was…

Someone comes to return the Time Stone.

Time was just so unpredictable.

“What a busy life…”

For the future Avengers, they might have borrowed the Time Stone for a long time. However, the person who came to return the Time Stone arrived the next second they left.

“Let’s first deal with the Cosmic Cube.”

Uehara Naraku slowly raised his head and looked at the spatial channel that the Cosmic Cube was still running. His figure instantly disappeared from the top of the New York Temple.

“Then the Time Stone and the Mind Stone…”

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