Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 10960 - Chapter 10959: The Great Battle!

Chapter 10959: The Great Battle!

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“There’s no need to get too involved. However, it’s not impossible to take this opportunity to feel the pulse of the Heaven’s Gate,” Tianji said.

” The Elysium is too mysterious. With such a behemoth right under our noses, even if we have a good relationship now, it’s hard to guarantee that there won’t be friction in the future.”

“Know yourself and know your enemy. This is an opportunity.”

“If that’s the case, Tianji, talk to Zhao Xian. The intelligence department will contact Elysium and tell them that we’re willing to provide information support.”

Tianji immediately nodded.

Lin Yi went through the core tasks with Xu Anshan and the others before returning to his usual self.

However, he wasn’t slacking off. He had serious business to attend to.

He was going to see Guan Zhengxuan.

In the secret stronghold of the Pantheon.

” You got rid of the tumor in the Gods Palace in one fell swoop. You’ve contributed greatly. Not bad.”

In the eyes of a big shot like him, the matter of the Gods Palace was actually not a big deal. He did not care too much whether those spies were eliminated or not.

What he cared about was Lin Yi’s ability.

Not only did he eliminate the spies within the Pantheon Palace, but he also killed Liang Yan and successfully supported his own people to take over. The entire process was flawless. It seemed simple, but it was not.

Such excellent planning and planning skills were definitely a huge bonus for an undercover.

“It’s all thanks to Old Guan’s leadership and Brother Li’s cooperation,” Lin Yi replied humbly.

Guan Zhengxuan laughed.” You should be humble when you need to. This time, it should be your credit. You should remember it. No one can take it away from you.”

“Old Guan, I have an immature idea about the spy plan.” Lin Yi brought up the main topic after a round of bragging.


” I’ve heard that the Inner Court pays special attention to Ancient God cultivators. If I become an Ancient God cultivator, the success rate of my undercover operation will be much higher!”

Guan Zhengxuan’s eyes twitched as he looked at Lin Yi suspiciously.

“Old Guan, did I say something wrong?” Lin Yi rubbed his nose as he looked at the man’s face.

Guan Zhengxuan looked at him strangely. Have you come into contact with an Ancient God cultivator?”

The moment he heard Lin Yi say the word ‘Ancient God’, he instinctively prepared to attack. This was the reaction of a God Realm master.

Fortunately, he suppressed his instincts.

Lin Yi shook his head.” Not really. I heard that ancient god cultivators are very rare, but with your status, you should be able to get some information. Put some effort into disguising yourself. I think it shouldn’t be a problem to fool the people from the inner court.”

” An innocent and interesting idea.”

“But if it’s done well, it might really have a miraculous effect!” Guan Zhengxuan’s lips curled up.

He knew the difficulty of the infiltration plan. If he wanted to achieve the desired effect, it was far from enough to rely on following the steps.

Lin Yi’s suggestion sounded ridiculous, but it wasn’t impossible.

Guan Zhengxuan frowned.” You haven’t even seen an Ancient God cultivator. How do you know if you’re pretending? The people from the Inner Court aren’t idiots that can be easily fooled.”

“I believe in Elder Guan’s judgment.” Lin Yi chuckled.

Guan Zhengxuan smiled when he heard the flattery.

“What do you think?” Guan Zhengxuan turned to Li Duomo.

In the entire Pantheon Hall, Li Duomo was the person he trusted the most.

” I don’t think so.” Li Duomo thought for a moment and said,” If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t be so sure. But with Brother Lin’s ability, I think we can give it a try.”

Although his attitude wasn’t enough to influence Guan Zhengxuan’s decision, it was still effective.

Sure enough, Guan Zhengxuan thought for a moment and finally decided,”Then let’s give it a try.”

“Thank you, Elder Guan.”

Lin Yi sighed in relief.

According to Jiang Xiaoshang, as long as this matter was successful, he would be able to go straight to the Heavenly Hearing Hall and skip the Gods Review Ceremony.

Unexpectedly, Guan Zhengxuan changed the topic.” The infiltration plan is of great importance. We need to conduct an internal screening of the participants. We’ll use the gods ‘review ceremony as a formality. You cooperate.”

Lin Yi blinked.

This is not going according to the rules?

He was clearly already moved, but he still insisted on the gods ‘review. Wasn’t the other party being too cautious?

The problem was that he couldn’t refuse to cooperate at this point. Otherwise, if he aroused Guan Zhengxuan’s suspicion, he might not even be able to leave the room today.

After all, the other party’s level was there. Even if his strength was restricted in the Divine Kingdom on land, it was still no small matter.

Even though Lin Yi’s luck had been reforged to the third level, and he was confident that he could fight Kong Shenglin, he didn’t have the confidence to face Guan Zhengxuan.

“Okay,” Lin Yi could only nod his head under the gaze of the other party.

“Don’t be nervous. It’s just a simple formality.”

“Is everything ready?” Guan Zhengxuan nodded and turned to Li Duomo.

“I’m ready.”

Li Duomo looked at Lin Yi.

As the manager of the gods ‘review ceremony, even if he was only responsible for running errands, he knew that this ceremony was definitely not as easy as Guan Zhengxuan said.

If there were any problems during the process, the person being examined would most likely die on the spot.

Even if he was lucky enough to escape, Guan Zhengxuan would not let him live.

No matter what the reason was, as long as Lin Yi couldn’t get past the Gods, Guan Zhengxuan would definitely kill him.

This was a matter of great importance. One was not afraid of killing ten thousand people by mistake, but one was afraid of missing out.

If things really got to that point, he wouldn’t be able to help Lin Yi even if he wanted to.

Lin Yi smiled and gave him a reassuring look.

“Then let’s begin,” Guan Zhengxuan ordered.

“Yes, please follow me.”

Li Duomo immediately led the two of them to an empty secret hall.

As soon as he entered, Lin Yi felt a strong god aura. His heart tightened.

The aura of the gods here didn’t really come from the gods themselves. Instead, it was because of a mysterious array formation in front of them that had a circle of god tokens.

Any one of them was a treasure that everyone dreamed of.

At this moment, the value of their existence was only to receive the divine thoughts of the gods.

Guan Zhengxuan hesitated for a moment. In the end, he still gave a reminder.” When you enter later, there will be two divine thoughts descending. Do not resist them. Show them everything you have.”

“Everyone has some things that they don’t want to talk about. You don’t have to worry. The two gods won’t be so bored to pry into your privacy..”

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