Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 441 - Chapter 441: Counterattack Begins

Chapter 441: Counterattack Begins

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Black Asura and the Dark Night Tribe members were currently positioned in the rear, waiting for Ye Li’s signal.

He intended to set a trap for the Dark Race members and zombies… and take them all by surprise.

Baiyuan stared at Ye Li with anger in his eyes, not having felt this furious in a long time.

“Human, today it’s either your death or mine!”


With a wind-breaking sound, Baiyuan vanished from his original spot.

Baiyuan was indeed incredibly fast, something that Ye Li had to acknowledge. If it weren’t for his Heavenly Spirit Eyes, he might not have been able to keep up with Baiyuan’s speed.

However, the world had always been unfair.

Since Baiyuan wanted to confront him head-on, Ye Li was willing to oblige.


Another wind-breaking sound, and Ye Li left only an afterimage in his previous location.


The sound of weapons clashing suddenly filled the dim sky with glimmers of frosty light.

But how could the Dark Ancient Spear compare to the Dragon-slaying Blade?

In a single strike, the Dark Ancient Spear was reduced to powder!


Baiyuan’s pupils constricted as he couldn’t believe his Dark Ancient Spear had been turned into dust with a single blow.

He wanted to retreat several hundred meters, but Ye Li wouldn’t give him the chance.

Baiyuan was very fast, really fast!

But Ye Li’s Swift Steps were even faster.


Ye Li slashed at Baiyuan’s back. How to describe this strike?

It was indescribable. But one thing was certain: after this attack, Baiyuan would disappear forever from this world.

Silence, a deadly silence.

Ye Li remained airborne, holding the sword, standing tall, and giving off an imposing presence.

He seemed like a god descending from the heavens, a celestial being in the mortal world.

Seeing Baiyuan’s death, the Dark Race members no longer dared to continue fighting and frantically retreated.

Upon witnessing this, Xiao Cang and Tang Xiao shouted, “Chase them!”

It was a well-known strategy not to chase a defeated enemy, but in this situation, nobody cared about that old saying. They went for it!

The Apocalypse Legion was formidable, and wherever they went, rivers of blood flowed.

After returning the Dragon-slaying Blade to his system space, Ye Li suddenly remembered something.

He quickly shouted, “Don’t touch the zombies!”

The gene warriors of Sky Blue Base were confused. They couldn’t understand why Ye Li was saying this.

Ye Li landed and looked at the countless zombie bodies piled up. He felt a pang of sadness.

Life, fate, and luck!

“You can kill the other Dark Race members, but don’t touch the Dark Night Tribe. You know the consequences if you do,” Ye Li said slowly to Xiao Cang and Tang Xiao.

Xiao Cang and Tang Xiao didn’t dare to disobey Ye Li’s order. They immediately passed the command to the genetic warriors of Sky Blue Base.

Ye Li secretly gave an order to the Apocalypse Legion. He opened his mind and activated the synthesis grid in his brain. It was time for synthesis.

After several days and nights of fighting, the zombies had once again become cannon fodder. Plus, many had died just now. There weren’t many zombies left for Ye Li.

However, the numbers were still quite substantial. Ye Li didn’t know how long he had been synthesizing, having lost track of time. His face was becoming increasingly spirited.

“All Da has evolved into a tenth-tier zombie!”

“Bai Wawa has evolved into a tenth-tier zombie!”

“Hongye has evolved into a tenth-tier zombie!”

“Yutong has evolved into a tenth-tier zombie!”

“All Qi has evolved into a tenth-tier zombie!”

“Bone Maiden has been upgraded to a level-ten zombie!”

“Long Yu has evolved into a tenth-tier zombie!”

“The eighteen clawed zombies have evolved into ninth-tier zombies!”

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