Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3354: Hong Taichen

Chapter 3354: Hong Taichen

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The Eternal Moon Ancient Site was located in the mountains.

It was as if in the previous civilization, the cultivation forces liked to build their headquarters on the mountains so they could absorb the Spiritual Qi in the famous mountains.

Originally, this ancient site was buried deep underground, but in the past hundred years, there had been continuous earthquakes and intense activity in the crust, causing many buried ancient sites to reappear. Now, it was finally this ancient site’s turn.

Now, only a corner was revealed, which happened to be the location of the mountain gate. From the outside, the way in was very wide, which could accommodate a few cars to travel side by side.

Ling Han arrived at the foot of the mountain gate. This was an arch made of stone, and the words “Eternal Moon Sect” were written on the top.

He paused for a moment, then strode past the mountain gate.


A strange feeling arose in Ling Han. It was as if after stepping into the mountain gate, he had entered into another space.

He looked up the mountain again, and couldn’t help but be surprised. This was because the mountaintop that could originally be seen clearly was now a blur, so far away that it seemed to be on the horizon.

It was as if the distance had been magnified by hundreds or thousands of times.

Was it a formation?

Ling Han nodded. If it wasn’t for the protection of the formation, how could this ancient site, which had been buried underground for so many years, still be so intact? Looking around, the surroundings were covered in trees. If they had been pressed down solidly, how could they have survived?

He touched the purple pendant on his neck and thought that with his comprehension of formations, it should not be difficult to crack even a grandmaster-level formation.

However, these Elementary, Middle, High and Grandmaster-level formations were all categorized by the current Formation Masters. In the previous civilization, they probably wouldn’t be distributed like this. Moreover, the upper limit of the field of formations would be much higher.Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update

Just from the Enlightenment Tier onwards, there were at least two more cultivation levels—Mystery Realm Tier and Core Formation Tier. Perhaps there were even more cultivation levels between the two cultivation levels, and perhaps the Core Formation Tier was not the end. Otherwise, would Chen Fengyan still need to go into seclusion all the time?

As he walked up the mountain, his eyesight became more and more limited. He could only see about 300 meters ahead.

This was nothing to an ordinary person. In any case, after reaching this distance, his vision would also begin to blur. However, to Ling Han, this was unacceptable, because if an elite suddenly charged over from 300 meters away, they would instantly appear in front of him.

…Especially for Inscription Tier, one could reach three times the speed of sound. How long would it take to cross 300 meters?

About 0.3 seconds!

Fortunately, there were only a few Inscription Tier cultivators in the Dark North Nation after all. Just because Hong Tianbu advanced into the Inscription Tier and a few more Inscription Tiers had appeared in the Demon Race, one couldn’t think that Inscription Tier cultivators were common.

The mountain path was very long, and there was nothing special about the trees on both sides. They were not Treasure Trees. After walking for about twenty minutes, the scenery on both sides of the mountain path finally changed. It was originally filled with trees, but now, there were many buildings.

These buildings were all small bungalows. Some were built of stone, while others were built of wood.

Back then, this might have been the residence of the Eternal Moon Sect’s disciples, but the people living here should be ordinary disciples.

Ling Han had just thought about whether he should go in and take a look when he saw three people walk out of a small bungalow. They all shook their heads, and when they saw Ling Han, all of them revealed fierce looks.

Other adventurers.

Ling Han had no interest in starting a meaningless battle, so he smiled at the three of them and continued to walk forward.

Forget it. This was the residence of ordinary disciples. There shouldn’t be anything valuable. Moreover, he was so late. The valuable items had probably been picked up by others.

After another twenty minutes, the number of buildings on both sides gradually decreased, but the quality was higher. Two- and three-story buildings and courtyards appeared.

The residence of higher level disciples?

With a thought, he carried the fat pig away from the main path and walked towards these buildings.

These buildings were not protected by a formation, so Ling Han easily climbed over the wall and entered. This was a two-story building, and it even had an attached courtyard. However, this courtyard had long since been abandoned, and even the pond had dried up.

Ling Han walked around the building, and discovered that it was in a complete mess. He didn’t know if this was the case back then, or if it had already been searched when the ancient site had been unearthed.

He shook his head and left the building to search for new ones.

There might be treasures that had been missed.

He searched the courtyards one by one, but he did not find anything.

It was very normal. It would be strange if he could find treasures casually.

After searching through more than 20 courtyards, even Ling Han felt a little numb. However, when he entered into a new courtyard, he couldn’t help but be stunned, because there was a person here.

Hearing the sound of him entering, that person turned around and looked towards Ling Han.

He was a good-looking man in his thirties with a medium build. From the way he was dressed, he must have come from a wealthy family. He also had that pampered aura that most people would find difficult to possess.

“Ling Han?” That person actually recognized him. He moved his body slightly, and said, “I’m really sorry, I came here first. You should go somewhere else.”

Hearing this, Ling Han knew that this man had definitely discovered something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to chase him away.

He smiled, walking around. “You recognize me?”

“Hehe, the champion of the Hunting Competition, who doesn’t know you?” That person also laughed, and moved his body without batting an eyelid, always using his body to block Ling Han’s gaze.

“This is an ancient site. It has been passed down since ancient times, and no one has the right to claim ownership,” Ling Han said.

That person’s expression changed, and he said, “Ling Han, are you going to fight with me?”

“Ancient sites are all about seizing treasures. There’s no reason for anyone to give in to anyone. Besides, I don’t even know you,” Ling Han said with a smile.

That person took a deep breath and said, “In that case, I’ll tell you! My name is Hong Taichen!”

“Hong?” Ling Han was slightly surprised. “What’s your relationship with Hong Tianbu?”

Hong Taichen revealed a proud expression. “Hong Tianbu is my cousin!”

Ling Han’s face lit up, and he said, “If you were the descendant of General Xuanyuan, perhaps I would still give you face, but the Hong Clan, heh.”

He strode forward.

“Stop! Stop!” Hong Taichen hurriedly called out. He was a Fifth Change Blood Transformation cultivator, and his cultivation level was even higher than Ling Han’s. However, he knew that he was no match for Ling Han at all, so he hurriedly took out a Talisman Weapon to use as a deterrent.

“Throw it,” Ling Han said with a smile.

Hong Taichen gritted his teeth and put away his Talisman Weapon. He even moved his body to the side and said, “There’s a treasure tree here, but it’s protected by the formation. If we forcefully break the formation, the treasure tree will be destroyed.”

With that, he leaped and ran off.

Eh, when did the Hong Clan become so amiable?

Ling Han gave an ‘oh’, and immediately reacted. The other party was willing to be honest with him because he didn’t want him to recklessly destroy the Treasure Tree, and this Hong Taichen had definitely gone to get reinforcements. At that time, as long as he was suppressed, he would naturally be able to take back the Treasure Tree.

He ignored him and looked at the Treasure Tree.

According to the information stored in the optical computer, Ling Han immediately recognized that this was the Red-Furred Fruit Tree..

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