After Giving up, the Fake Young Lady Was Group-Pampered

Chapter 262 - Chapter 262: Only I Didn’t Faint

Chapter 262: Only I Didn’t Faint

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“My life… I can give you my life too. I’ll do anything you want! Instead of waiting for death here, I’m willing to give my life to you!”

“Warden, the situation isn’t good if this continues. Yue Xin might die,” a man said in the surveillance room.

The warden glanced at him. “Where did you see that she was going to die?”

“Isn’t it quite obvious? Other than Yue Xin’s team, everyone else, be it wolves or anyone else, has been hunted. When the game is about to end tomorrow, these people who have lost their mobility will be converted into money. Yue Xin’s team will definitely fight for the distribution of resources. At that time, Yue Xin will inevitably be injured in the chaos. Then, others will realize that Yue Xin doesn’t have any special rights to be protected. Wouldn’t she be dead!” At this point, the assistant was a little excited. If Yue Xin died, would they be able to see the power of transmigration?

However, a voice refuted the assistant’s words. His words were filled with fear for Yue Xin. “You’re wrong. Not only will she not die, but she wants more than what’s in front of her.”

The assistant said, “But I saw that many people in her team were not convinced by her. Didn’t they already cause trouble twice just now? Yue Xin was really too naive to want to form a team of desperadoes. Hahahaha… Aiyo, Warden, why did you hit me?”

Warden: “You’re really stupid. Think about it carefully. How is Yue Xin now compared to back then?”

After the warden’s reminder, the little assistant was deep in thought. “It seems that Yue Xin isn’t so attentive to the people behind her. Yue Xin must have felt that she had too many helpers, so she became arrogant. A proud army will definitely lose! ”

“Are you retarded? How did you get to your current position? I’ll die of anger listening to you!” The warden was very speechless.

The assistant said, “Warden, have you forgotten? Everyone else who came for the interview that day fainted from fear. I was the only one who didn’t faint.

That’s why you chose me.”

The warden was speechless. Forget it, he couldn’t be bothered to say anything.

“But why did Yue Xin do it on purpose? I don’t understand.” The little assistant continued to mutter under the terrifying aura emitted by the warden. He looked reckless, but he was not completely reckless.

The warden ignored his assistant and only looked at the screen in front of him. Yue Xin’s gaze happened to fall on the nearby pinhole camera. It looked like she was looking at him. Was this a coincidence?

“Do you feel that Yue Xin’s methods are a little similar to Yi Chengxuan’s?”

The assistant was lying in the cabinet and rummaging through snacks when he replied, “Huh? Does it look like it? I think.. I can’t sense anything. Warden, do you want potato chips?”

Of course, the assistant did not receive a response from the warden. He could only sit in his seat with the potato chips and eat them alone. His gaze accidentally landed on the number of viewers in the upper right corner of Yue Xin’s monitoring interface and he was shocked. This number was so much more than on the first day! F*ck! There was also profit. One o, two os… so many os! Tycoon, are you serious about spending two million to ask Yue Xin’s horoscope?

“Warden, are these rich people idiots?”

The warden rolled his eyes. “Are you an idiot? Have you never seen a rich man chase after celebrities?”

The assistant nodded honestly. “I’ve never seen him.”

Yue Xin did not react to the desperate young man. It could even be said that she disdained him completely. She looked into the distance. No one knew what she was doing, and no one could guess what she wanted.

“Is your life valuable? If I save you, how can you guarantee that you won’t betray me in the future?” Yue Xin said this in a calm tone. She looked like she was refusing, but it made the young man’s eyes light up.

As long as he proved his value and proved that he would not betray her, Yue

Xin would save him and he could live! But how could he prove it? Seeing that Yue Xin was about to turn around and leave, the young man panicked. He was standing at the edge of the cliff with hands behind him that wanted to push him off the cliff. The only life-saving rope was on Yue Xin. He had to hold on to this rope!

He shouted at Yue Xin, who had already turned around, “I’ll do anything you ask. I definitely won’t betray you. I’ll listen to you. Please save me…

“There’s no evidence. You have to prove it to me. If you can’t even think of a way to prove it, you don’t seem to have the value of being saved by me once.”

With that, Yue Xin left without any reluctance. It was already time for dinner. She was going to eat. She had to eat. If she wasn’t full, it would affect her thinking. However, Yue Xin knew that even if she had already left, there would still be a pair of eyes watching her..

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